Use Sannce Home On Computer Free Download Mac/Windows

Get in detail more information about the use of Sannce Home free download link. This application helps to connect the Sannce CCTV cameras to your PC.

The software free download link is available for free for Windows and Mac OS.

Get the download link of Sannce Home on Computer now. Click on the above-provided links which support your operating system.

The downloaded file will be in compressed format. Use an extraction tool to extract the compressed file. Read the steps of installation carefully.

Get Sannce Software on Windows & Mac Computers

We provide you with the free download link here to connect the Sannce CCTV setup to your PC.

Using this application you can connect and control the CCTV cameras on the PC without any difficulty. The download link is provided below.

Sannce Home App logo
Sannce Home logo

Get the download link of this CMS for Windows and Mac OS below. And remember to extract the compressed file using the extraction tool. Then start the installation procedure as listed below and follow the steps very carefully.

What is Sannce Software/CMS?

Sannce Company has designed this application to connect their CCTV cameras on PC. This CMS additionally assists to control the CCTV cameras from a remote location as well.

Features of Sannce CMS App

We will learn about the features of this software. These functions of the application provide us with a glimpse of insight into what the software is about and what functions can be performed. Here is the list of features below:-

  • Motion detection.
  • Alarm notification.
  • Video playback facility.
  • Real-Time Monitoring.
  • Snapshots.
  • Record audio and video.
  • and more.

Sannce Home Software on Windows 11/10/8/7

Get the software by providing the link below to download. Click on the link to download the CMS for Windows after that move to the installation of the CMS.

Sannce Home App (Mac OS)

For Mac users, the download link is available and provided by the organization.

Download the CMS on Mac by clicking on the link provided below. Just read the installation procedure carefully for Windows and it is also similar for MAC OS. Now easy installation and connection of CCTV cameras on Mac.

Installation Procedure of This CMS Software on Windows PC

Get the download file for Windows and Mac OS according to your operating system requirements. Extract the software using WinRAR or some other extraction tool and save it on your PC.

1. Step – Start the Installation 

After extraction of the downloaded file is completed, click on the saved file on your PC. A features selection window will appear on the screen, select the features as shown in the image below.

Then select the destination folder by clicking on the “Browse” button or leave it as default. Click on the “Install” button.

Select features and folder for CMS
Select features and folders for CMS

Installation progress will begin on Windows or Mac OS, wait for the progress to complete.

Installation progress
Installation progress

Now select the option “Launch EXE file” and “Create desktop icon” then click on the “Finish” button.

installation is finished
Finish the installation

The login panel will open, enter the username and password then click on the “Login” button.

Login Screen of the CMS
Login Screen of the CMS

Now enter the security questions answer as per your choice to increase security.

Enter the answer of security questions
Enter the answer to security questions

2. Step – Add devices to the software

The home screen of CMS on Windows and Mac OS will open, click on the “Device Management” option.

Device Management of CMS
Device Management of CMS

Now the device manager screen will appear to select the region where you want to log in, then click on the “Login” button.

Select the region and log in the application
Select the region and log in to the application

3. Step – Live view of CCTV Cameras

Now automatically the device will be added to the software. Click on the device to watch the live view.

Added device list
Added device list

A sample screenshot of the live view on Windows OS is shown below.

Sannce Home on Mac
Live view of CCTV camera on Mac and Windows OS


We have provided you with this Sannce Home CMS App to connect the Sannce CCTV camera setup on your PC.

You can view as well as control the CCTV cameras through this software on Mac or Windows OS. This provides a wide variety of functions to improve your personal security.

Enhance the security of your family, residence, and premises by installing CCTV cameras, and also get those cameras on your PC using this software.

We hope that the information rendered regarding this article is useful for you. For any other query please contact us by commenting below in the comment section.

Thank You.

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