NVMS Lite 2.1 Download: How To Install NVMS on PC/Mac

Get and learn in detail about the process of how to install NVMS on PC/Mac OS. NVMS Lite 2.1 Download is free of cost and one of the best software for TVT CCTV cameras.

This CMS provides the live View of TVT cameras on your computer. This is available for Windows and MAC OS so download it according to the operating system’s requirement.

Get here the free link for Windows and Mac OS for this CMS. The downloaded file is in the compressed format and it must be extracted before installing the software by using a compressed file extraction tool.

This the best solution to watch TVT’s CCTV cameras and also good to manage cameras using PC.

NVMS Lite 2.1 Download: How To Install the this on PC/Mac

This CMS is for controlling and administering your CCTV cameras setup on PC. This helps you to keep surveillance on your area, residence, and office premises. The software is only available for Windows operating systems in the market. But we have provided the Mac OS users with other CMS i.e., NVMS 1000.

NVMS Lite 2.1 Download
NVMS Lite logo

We provide below the free download link for this software on Windows OS. Read the steps of the installation process clearly to understand how to install on your laptop/computer. Read and follow the steps very carefully while installing the CMS on Windows OS.

What is NVMS Lite 2.1 on PC?

This is a software designed and developed by the Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Company. This allows you to get you CCTV camera on your desktop screen and control those cameras. This is the best CMS introduced by the Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Company.

Features of the NVMS Software

Here is a list of features provided by in the CMS for Windows. Features help us to provide detailed insight regarding this CMS. Features also help us to understand the benefits of the application.

  • Provides PTZ Control.
  • Live Stream on WiFi, 3G, and also on 4G networks.
  • Snapshots capture from a live recording.
  • Playback recorded videos.
  • Alarm alert system.

Download on Windows

Get the free link on Windows here. This is one of the best software to control CCTV cameras of TVT on the Windows Operating system. The download link of the application is given below, click on the link download to have this amazing CCTV CMS.

Extract the downloaded file of the application on Windows using an extraction tool. Read the process give below clearly to install and view your CCTV cameras live session on this CMS. Open the folder where you saved the downloaded file of this software on Windows to start the installation process.

Download on Mac

Shenzhen TVT Digital Technology Company has also provided software for Mac OS for its Mac user clients. We have provided below link for Mac. Click on the link below to get this software for MAC OS’

You can also use the NVMS 1000 on your MAC PC. We have provided you with software for Mac clients. This is the alternate version for MAC users. Therefore, you can also install this CMS on Mac by clicking on the link provided below.

Method of Installation of this software

As we have provided above the free link of the software for Windows and Mac operating system. Get the version of CMS according to your operating system requirement. The file of CMS on Windows is in the compressed format. Extract the file and open the folder then click on the application file.

1. Step- How to install the this on PC

After starting the software application on Windows a window will appear on the screen to select the language on which you want to run the application. Then click on the “OK” button.

Select language for this software
Select language

The initializing progress will appear on the screen, wait for completion.

Initializing installation
Initializing installation

Now the terms and agreement window will appear, click on the option “I accept terms and agreement” then click on the “Next” button.

Terms and agreement of the CMS
Terms and agreement

The installation directory screen will appear, select the destination folder where you want to install the CMS on PC by clicking on the “Browse” button or leave it as default then click on the “Next” button.

Installation Directory of software
Installation Directory of software

Here you can see the installation progress has begun, wait for the process to get completed.

Installation Directory of software
Installation progress of the Software

After completion of the installation, select the option “Launch CMS” to start the on Windows on after clicking on the “Finish” button.

NVMS Lite on Windows
Launch the software on Windows

Now the login panel will appear on the screen, enter the username and password and select all option given as shown in the image. Then click on the “Login” button.

The Default User name and password

Username – “admin”

Password – “123456″

Login panel of NVMS Lite 2.1 on Windows
Login screen of application

2nd Step – Add devices on Windows

The Home tab will open automatically on the screen of the application on Windows. Click on the “Add, Edit or Delete Device” option in the Resource Management section of Windows.

Resource Management
Resource Management

Device manager screen will appear on the screen, click on the “Add” option to add devices on the CMS.

Device Manager of this software
Device Manager

Click on the option “Manually Add” then click on the section of IP Address/IP Range/Domain Name/Serial Number. In my case, I chose Serial No., Enter the serial No. correctly then enter the username and password in their respective section. Click on the “Connection” option under the Connection section. A window will appear on the screen, informing about the connection test. As the connection test gets completed click on the “OK” button.

Add devices on this application
Add devices

The status of your device will be displayed on the device manager screen of Windows.

List of the added device on Windows
List of the added device on Windows

3. Step – Live view of CCTV Cameras on Mac and Windows OS

Go to the home tab again and Click on the “Live view” option on the Live view section.

Start the Live view of cameras
Start the Live view of cameras

Here is a sample screenshot of a live view of CCTV Cameras on Windows OS.

Live view of CCTV cameras on NVMS Lite 2.1
Live view of CCTV cameras Windows OS


We have discussed in detail the procedure to be followed to install and run this softwareThis helps to connect the CCTV cameras of TVT on PC. This software is of the beneficial software for TVT CCTV camera setup. This application has many function and advantages for TVT CCTV cameras users.

We also appreciate that company also provide the application for Mac OS. But we also have provided the best solution available to the TVT CCTV users working on Mac OS.

We are glad that you have learned about the “NVSM Lite 2.1 Download: How to install NVMS on PC” topic here. If you have any questions or problems regarding the software you can contact us by commenting on the section of Comment.

11 thoughts on “NVMS Lite 2.1 Download: How To Install NVMS on PC/Mac”

    1. you should use NVMS-1000. Secondly please update your DVR firmware version. it is very easy. Contact your support in your Area.

  1. Can I download the software in the company to install? Thanks a lot.
    (Free use in commercial place or not)

    1. Please Watch the video carefully https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr20xG7Fd9w
      It seems like you’re experiencing an issue with NVMS Lite on your MacBook. To help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem, follow these general steps:
      Check System Requirements:
      Ensure your MacBook meets NVMS Lite’s requirements.

      Update Software:
      Update macOS and NVMS Lite to the latest versions.

      Confirm NVMS Lite is compatible with your macOS version.

      Reinstall NVMS Lite:
      Uninstall and reinstall NVMS Lite.

      Check app permissions in System Preferences.

      Log Files:
      Check Console app for error messages or logs.

      Contact Support:
      Reach out to TVT support for assistance.

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