Swann Outdoor Camera SWIFI-CAMW-GL Wireless 1080P For Smart Home

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Swann Outdoor Camera is a rare variety among the world of cameras. Whether you know the features of it, but you fall for the beauty of it. It is designed especially for matching the quality of your home decore.

Its imagery at 1080P is sharp and clear. Two-way audios are giving you the command to converse or scare off someone. Motion detection and facial recognition equipping your security manifolds. 

Its wire-free system gives you the liberty to play the device anywhere. It is a standalone cam, that stores recording in an SD card or the cloud. At an affordable price of $119.99, it is giving you many surveillance solutions.


Swann Outdoor Camera 8Buying Guide For Any Wireless 1080P Smart Outdoor Camera

Please check a device on the following counts.

Digital camera– An IP camera is a digital camera that functions on the laws of Internet Protocol (IP) networks instead of analogue electric signals. IP cameras capture in megapixels which are better versions for higher picture quality. 

Power-over-Ethernet– In PoE technology, you don’t require a separate power cable and ethernet cable for each camera. It keeps the system smoother as there is a lesser number of wires. 

Resolution– With digital IP cameras, the resolution is specified by the number of pixels. When pixels are more, then the resolution is high. A high resolution means better picture quality. Always pick a high-resolution camera.

Waterproofing– Check if the outdoor camera is compatible in stormy weather. IP66 layers are a must for cameras. It happens often that cameras develop glitches in strong weather conditions. Any good outdoor camera is weather resistant.

Night-Vision– Mostly, cameras have inbuilt IR LEDs or array lights fixed in them. They keep the camera light illuminating when darkness engulfs. They are a must.

Wireless & WiFi– When cameras are wireless & wifi Accessible, then no clusters of wire around and it is always easy to access them online through any router installed in the range. It gives you the freedom to monitor from any remote location.

Recording– Check if cameras have a slot for an SD Card. Also find that you can preserve recording in the cloud or not.

Warranty– Warranty and company support are important. Cameras are always installed at key points. When they go out of order, then it is a threat to security. There comes the condition of warranty or company support as handy. A good company has always customer-friendly policies.


Swann Outdoor Camera 9


  • Full HD Quality
  • Heat & Motion Sensing
  • Protection 24/7
  • Facial Recognition
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Wire-Free
  • WiFi
  • 2-Way Audio
  • SD card & Cloud Recording
  • IP65 compatible


  • Works with selected devices
  • SD card not included


Swann Outdoor Camera 3

Design Of Swann Outdoor Camera

The dimensions of the cam are 2.17 x 2 x 3.3 cubic inches, and it is 1.15 pounds heavy.

Swann cam is a box-shaped cam in white colour. The front covering is in black. The front part of the cam is having LEd lights for night vision, PIR sensors, Motion sensors, and a microphone.


Swann Outdoor Camera 17


On the backside of it, there is a slot for an SD card, an ethernet port, a power jack, and a reset button.  


Swann Outdoor Camera 13Features Of Swann Outdoor Camera

 Let’s take its futures one by one.

Wide Angle Coverage– The ultra-wide 180 degree+ view shows the activity at the edges other cameras miss so that you can have fewer cameras around your property bringing down the cost of home security.


Swann Outdoor Camera 14Heat & Motion Sensing– Detects moving warm objects, like people and cars, triggering recording and push notifications so you can act immediately to prevent unwanted activity. Weatherproof design withstands rain, snow, and heat around the year.

Round The Clock protection-  It sees in the dark up to 26ft (8m) with powerful infrared night vision, which automatically turns on when the lights are off. You can also talk to visitors, warn intruders or sound the siren to act quickly. You can also monitor pets, nannies, or babies on a mobile app. Thus you are in the protection round the clock.


Swann Outdoor Camera 16

Smart Surveillance– Compatible with Alexa-enabled smart devices such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, and 4K Fire TV. Also compatible with Google Assistant, Chromecast, and Google Home Hub. Use the Swann Security app to view live videos and receive push notifications.

Easy Installation– Wire-free, worry-free. 100% wireless. Enjoy security in minutes with easy installation and no cables needed. 


Swann Outdoor Camera 2Warranty– It covers a 12-month warranty. Moreover, the company gives lifetime support for the maintenance of its products.

Facial Recognition– Know the people you care about are safe, with facial recognition (for up to 10 people) to trigger recording & personalized push notifications.


Swann Outdoor Camera 11

Two-Way Talk– The camera has a microphone & speaker. You can talk back with people near the camera. Scare off intruders or ask the deliveryman to hide the package somewhere safe.


Swann Outdoor Camera 12

Supports Alexa Voice Command– Enjoy hands-free security using voice commands. Stream video from your camera via Google Assistant & Chromecast, Google Nest Hub, or Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show, or 4K Fire TV.

Waterproofing– Mount the camera outdoors. Weatherproof design, IP65 rating. Built to withstand rain, snow & heat, all year round.


Swann Outdoor Camera 4Unboxing


Swann Outdoor Camera 6

  • Wire-Free Security Camera
  • Magnetic Mounting Stand
  • USB to Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Mounting Screws & Plugs
  • 3M Adhesive Strip
  • Operating Instructions
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers

How To Install?

To install the cam, you have to mount the magnetic stand at your desired location. Once the camera base is fixed, you can fit the camera easily. The installation is easy, so anyone can do it. 


Swann Outdoor Camera 10

To download the app, firstly open the google play store on your browser, then search for the “Swann Security App”. Now download the app and install it. After installation of the app, add the camera by scanning the QR Code. Follow the commands, and you will connect with the cam. 


Swann Outdoor Camera 18


Swann Outdoor Camera 19

Users’ Review About The Swann Outdoor Cam

Amazon Customer reviews it as-

  • Set up could not have been easier – just scan the QR code, screw mounts into the wall. video quality is not great, but you don’t need it to be. It’s clear enough to make out who/what something is. 
  • The detection range is perfect as well. We have not missed a notification when someone is at our door or even when an animal crosses our driveway. 
  • The battery life lasts us 1 month+ and has had zero issues watching the playback or downloading and exporting video recordings. The wireless is a huge benefit too. It saves you from having to run wiring throughout your house.

Casey Found it terrible-

  • The company got its start and is based out of NJ. Sold out to a Chinese conglomerate. Bought one cam as a tester. Followed all instructions for pairing. Cam got stuck on a firmware update that never finished. Support website terrible, circular links, never found the support needed, impossible to reach any interactive support. Glad I only bought one. Dropped it in the trash.

Billy M Roberts suggest-

  • All is great however when service goes down for more than 24 hrs they have to be relink other than that they are perfect.

Greg Mach Is upset-

  • I dislike this camera. Doesn’t do anything it is supposed to. The wifi signal is weak. You cannot view recordings since they updated the software.
  • Strongly advise buying a hardwired camera from a different company. Wish I returned sooner. Hate this product.

Should I Buy It? 

You have to purchase the product cautiously. As we have mixed reactions from the users. Though the version is recently updated and this review is about the latest version. It has all great features and other products of the same company are popular. You can initially buy one piece as a demo and after getting satisfaction, you can think of more.


The device is weather-resistant, produces sharp day and night video, and allows motion detection, local storage, and cloud storage. It’s easy to install and supports Alexa voice commands that allow you to view the video on a compatible device. Remote monitoring protects you and your property alike.

Swann outdoor camera review is an explanation of its features and benefits. I hope, it would have helped you. Kindly update us with your remarks.

Thank You.

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