POE IP Ultra HD ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera For Home

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ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera is a brand from world-renowned ANNKE INNOVATION (HK) CO. LIMITED. ANNKE system is among the best systems for your smart home. It gives you 7*24 coverage, two-way talk, noise-canceling audio, access control, motion detection, and notification signals to keep you safe. Since it is a 4K and 8MP device, its picture quality is superb.


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 13

It is also IP67 certified so it can be used in tough weather conditions. It is powered with EXIR technology which helps us give excellent night vision images. Besides the improved night vision, C800 supports the H.265+ video format, which is great for keeping the files smaller, but without affecting the video quality. $99.99 is a very reasonable price for this item on Amazon. On the Walmart website, you can find this camera with certain schemes @ $94.99.

Buying Guide For Smart Outdoor Camera

IP Protocols Support- Check whether your camera supports ONVIF or RTSP protocols. It will make your device comfortable with other devices.

PoE Function- You don’t need to lay wiring separately for the power cable and ethernet cable. You can transmit power over the data cable itself. 

Weatherproofing- IP 66, or IP 65 compatible device means ready to use in inclement weather conditions. Look for your device compatibility.


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 8

Resolution-  With digital IP cameras, the resolution is specified by the number of pixels. Currently, we recommend a minimum of 2 MegaPixels. 3MP is the standard but 4MP cameras are quickly becoming mainstream.  

Night-Vision- To allow it to capture views in dark or night we require night-vision. For that IR LEDs, Array lights, Spotlight, or Floodlight are attached to it. Check the quality of night vision before buying the camera.


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 1

Recording- Look for SD Card slots and their capacities in standalone cameras. Also, look for the cloud storage facilities and their charges.

Wifi- When the equipment is wifi compatible, it is an added advantage to you. You don’t require wiring and router connection through LAN Cable.

Warranty- Always ask for warranty conditions and after-sales service facility. When they are satisfactory, then it is a good purchase.


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 10


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera has many benefits.

  • 4K ULTRA HD with Sony Sensor
  •  sharpest images at 3840 X 2160 pixels both day & night
  • easy setup and stand-alone
  • advanced H.265+ coding and audio recording
  • supports 256GB TF Cards
  • outdoor IP67 weatherproof
  • EXIR 2.0 night-vision tech with smart IR
  • noise canceling audio


  • TF Cards are not included in the system
  • when zooming the camera multiple times, images get blurred

Design Of ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 

It is a white cylindrical shape camera with dimensions 8.62 x 4.88 x 4.72 cubic inches. It weighs around 1.34pounds. On the front side, there are 2 big-sized IR lights studded in it. On the rear side, there is a slot available for TF cards. It is built with hard metal and it is also IP67 compatible.


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 2

The IP67 weatherproof rating & rugged corrosion-resistance housing ensure the PoE video camera works extremely in all extreme weather (-22 °F – 140 °F). The IP appliance can endure violent impacts, perfect for all outdoor & indoor installations.

Features Of ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera

It is a very rich featured cam.

  • 4K ULTRA HD with Sony Sensor– The Sony CMOS image sensor, advanced EXIR 2.0-night vision tech, 120 dB true WDR & 3D DNR, all enable the 4K 8MP Ultra HD PoE bullet security system to deliver the sharpest images at 3840 X 2160 pixels both day & night (even in 0.01 lux darkness). Protects your home and business day & night.

ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 6

  • EASY SETUP & STAND ALONE– Unlike analogue CCTV cams, these PoE (Power over Ethernet) security cams only need one ethernet cable to transmit video signals and get a power supply simultaneously. Thus, you don’t have to worry about plugging in and image quality problems caused by long coaxial cables. Safe, stable, and reliable transmission is always guaranteed. Not Work with Analog Signals via BNC Cable.
  • ADVANCED H.265+ CODING & AUDIO RECORDING– Annke PoE IP security camera provides smooth stream, records more videos, and consumes less bandwidth with the latest H.265+ coding. The built-in microphone with the environment noise filtering records clear voice, providing vivid videos with sound without just silent live stream or playback.

ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 3

  • SUPPORTS UP TO 256 GB TF CARD– The Ethernet bullet surveillance camera has a TF card slot, enabling users to insert an up to 256 GB TF card (not included) to the camera for recording videos. Users can also connect the camera to an NVR with just a network cable for both data & power transmission and get 24/7 recording all year round.
  • OUTDOOR IP67 WEATHERPROOF– The heavy-duty metal security camera is durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures from -22°F to 140°F. Built with a higher level of weatherproof features than IP66. No water/fog will get into the camera.
  • AUDIO RECORDING– The Ethernet IP cam has a built-in microphone for recording vivid sound. View, record, and playback videos with voice without just boring silent videos.
  • SENSORS– Customize any vital area of your property to get alerted only when motion events happened in the marked areas.

ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 9

  • REMOTE ACTION– Access and control the cam via your phones, PCs, and tablets for Super HD stream and playback.
  • Night-Vision– Enhanced low light capability with the latest 1/2.5″. SONY IMX274 image sensor, Improved recognition of objects in low light conditions, allows to record color video at lower brightness (not completely dark) and restores true colors. EXIR LED allows getting a clearer image (black &white) than an ordinary infrared LED. The default mode is black & white, 2 modes to choose from, manually switch Starlight color night vision is suitable for areas with night lighting conditions.

ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 7

How To Install And Operate?

To install the equipment at a location, we mount the cam stand at the desired place, tighten it with the screw, then fix the camera. After that, we adjust the angle of the device. Now it is ready for viewing.


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 11


ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 12

To make it ready for online viewing we open Google play and search for the App “Annke Vision”  

Follow the following instructions to install the App and view the equipment online-

  1. Download the Annke App on your mobile with your registered Email.
  2. Select your country region carefully as you can’t change it later on.
  3. Select the Add Device ‘+’ sign.
  4. Scan the QR code and select next.
  5. With the help of the Annke Vision service, you will be able to see the location online.

How Users Rate This Camera?

Users have mixed responses. But predominantly they are in the favour of the quality of the device.

Code Wrangler responded

  •  ANNKE support is pretty much worthless. This camera seems to run the same software as Hikvision, so you can get substream and mainstream URLs for your security software. I rolled my own in Java and OpenCV, so I can use my CV and ML routines. With FFMPEG you can just copy the H265+ stream to a file without decode/encode steps allowing you to run several cams on a single-board computer like an Odroid XU4 unlike Blue Iris, etc. Make sure you use TCP instead of UDP or you get some weird green artefacts in the recorded videos with FFMPEG.
  • I used a 120W PoE 1G switch in the attic, so I can run several types of equipment without issue. I drilled a 3/4″ hole in my soffit and ran the flat type cat 6 cables. Then I covered the hole with aluminium tape and painted it. It will be easy to pull out the wiring or replace the system in the future if needed.
  • I added a nighttime pic, so you can see the pixels one of the reviews complained about. It only happens in total darkness. For this price point, I guess it’s OK.

HockeyFreak conveys his viewpoint

  • I like the camera, good quality, toolless adjustment, sharp picture. Why on earth would they send it out without a waterproof lid and rubber seals for the network connector? I’ve installed thousands of these types of devices, and they ALL come with them. They claim it is an accessory, or it doesn’t need it because it is built so much better. It looks the same as all the others. Even all their description pictures show it with the lid. I would include pictures showing it but there’s nowhere to upload them. Look at the pictures.
  • Edit: seller contacted me and offered to solve the problem. Great customer service.

ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera 14

Win-Win Vine Voice has opined

  • I first set up my 8 channels security system a few years ago. At that time, 1080p was the best resolution I could get. Everything is still working until now, however, recently, I’ve lost several packages due to a package thief and the camera was able to catch the thief in action, however, its resolution is not high enough for me to print out his picture and his face. I decided to purchase this 4k version camera to replace the existing one at my front entry door. There’s a big difference in picture quality and clarity in the captured footage. With the enhanced resolution, I can zoom in on people’s faces as they’re entering the recording zone and be able to recognize and see their faces. It’s still a little pricey, but I guess if it does the job well then it’s worth it.

Should I Buy It?

Compare it with any 4K 8MP camera, you will find it very good in performance. The price is also justifiable and on the lower side. Other 8MP cameras are dearer than it. The EXIR technology is an effective way to better the night vision. It remarkably improves the quality. All in all, it is going to be a profitable purchase for you. You can go for it.


The Annke C800 is one of these cameras which offers an unbelievable amount of detail both during the day and during the night, there’s a well-designed app for remote monitoring and support for most third-party software Other than that, the C800 is perfectly capable of withstanding the outdoor conditions and supports PoE.

But, there are a few conditions that need to be met to get a perfect view during the night: don’t point light sources at the camera. If this won’t be a problem around your house, then the Annke C800 will perform well and should be a good home security addition.


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