Installation of TrackView on Computer (Windows 7/8/10 & MAC)

Learning in detail about the CCTV camera software is necessary to learn the functions and capabilities of the software. Here we are to render the TrackView for PC with free download and information related to its installation and other aspects.

This application holds many essential and vital functions and capabilities to help the user clients protect their premises from all different kinds of threats.

We ensure to provide the details about the CMS’s features and other aspects with an explanation on each topic in this article to help our readers and the CCTV camera user clients to gain beneficial knowledge related to the software to help them in access the live video streaming on the CMS.

Here, the article provides a free download of the CMS for PC users and provides other valuable information related to the installation and steps involved in connecting the devices on the software.

We have ensured to provide the detail below in the article, proceed below to read the full article carefully.

TrackView For PC Download Window 7/8/10 & Mac OS Free

Concerning software availability, it is available for the Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS (iPhone and iPad) operating systems. We have provided the downloads of the application for the respective operating systems of PC and smartphones along with the guidelines about the minimum system requirements.

Logo of TrackView App
Logo of App

We have also provided the steps and method of installation for the TrackView software users to help download and install the CMS on their Windows as well as Mac PCs. The details are rendered below in the article after the download link section for our beloved readers and clients.

What is TrackView PC CMS?

This is a CCTV camera software developed by Cybrook Inc. This application helps CCTV camera users to access the live video surveillance footage from the security camera on their PC or smartphone. This app is one of the best CMS applications in the market.

Features & Capabilities of the TrackView CMS

We are here to discuss and explain the different functions related to the application to help the user and readers learn with in-depth knowledge about the software. We have ensured to cover many details regarding the features of the app in this section of the article.

Below we have listed the detailed feature and capabilities of the software for the CCTV camera users to learn more about this application.

  • Has family finder as well as GPS locator function.
  • Enables the user to communicate with a two-way communication facility.
  • Provides night vision mode to view clear in dark zone area.
  • Equipped with sound as well as motion detection alarm.
  • Provides cloud storage facility to store recorded videos.
  • Access from a remote location at any network speed.
  • Render high video quality on 3G/4G network speed.

Minimum System Requirement Information For TrackView

Here is the most crucial information for the installation of the CMS on the respective operating systems of PC and smartphone. These requirements are necessary for running the CMS client without any difficulty on the PC or smartphone. Below is the table of the requirement to help the user clients learn in detail about the operating system requirements.

ParticularOperating SystemSpace RequirementRAM NeededProcessor RequirementVersion
WindowsWindows 8/10 OS35.1 MB of Space 4 GBIntel Core i34.1.6.0
Mac OSmacOS 11 Version65 MB of Space4 GBApple M1 Chip4.1.6.0
AndroidAndroid 4.2 Version18 MB of Space3 GB of RAM3.6.48
iOSiOS 9.0 Version34.1 MB of Space3 GB RAM is required2.0.3

Download TrackView Free For Windows OS

We are glad to render a free download of the software for the Windows OS user clients to enable them to access the CCTV camera on their PC without any difficulty and technical problems. The download is provided below, we have also provided the installation process of the application for PC below in the article.

Download Free CMS (TrackView) for macOS 

Here this section provides the link to download and install the software for the macOS user clients. The macOS user can access as well as keep surveillance on their premises through this application by connecting the CCTV cameras. Get the software from the link provided below.

Download & Install the TrackView App for Android

Here is the free download of the application for android smartphone user clients. The company has not neglected any of the famous operating system user clients to render them with the CMS to access the CCTV camera for surveillance from remote locations. Below the link to install the app on the smartphone.

Install The Application on iPhone and iPad

We are glad to announce that the company has also provided an app for the iPhone as well as iPad users to help them connect their video surveillance camera on their website without any hindrances. The link is provided below for the iOS operating system.

Procedure & Steps To Install The CMS on PC

Here are the details related to the installation of the CMS for Windows and Mac OS user clients to help them connect their video surveillance system to the app. First of all download and extract the file using a file decompression tool. Then open the extracted folder and double-click the installation file of the software.

The installation wizard will appear on the screen, follow the steps illustrated below for installing the CMS.

1. Step Setup Wizard of the Software

The License agreement window will appear on the screen, click on the “I accept agreement” option to install the CMS.

Accept the agreement of the TrackView
Accept the agreement of the CMS

Then select the folder by click on the “Browse” to install the file of the software or leave it as default. Then proceed and click on the “Next” button.

Assign the directory folder to install
Assign the directory folder to install

Here create a start menu folder for the TrackView app. Then click on the “Next” button to proceed further.

Create start menu folder of the CMS
Create start menu folder of the CMS

Here create a shortcut on the desktop for opening the CMS client. Then click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Create a shortcut for TrackView App
Create a shortcut for App

After completing the process the application is ready to install, just press the “Install” button to begin the process.

Ready for the installation
Ready for the installation

Wait for the installation progress to end, then click on the “Finish” button to close the installation wizard.

Launch the CMS (TrackView)
Launch the CMS 

2. Step Log in With Gmail ID

Now log into the CMS using the Gmail ID to access the device connected through the ID.

Log in with google account
Log in with a google account

The home screen of the software will appear on the screen, wait for the devices to load on the CMS.

Home screen of the application
The home screen of the application

3. Step Live Video Surveillance on Windows

Here is the sample live view of the CCTV camera on the TrackView for Windows and macOS user clients.

TrackView for Windows
Sample live video footage on TrackView for Windows & macOS user clients


The article on the subject of TrackView For PC Download Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS Free” covers every detail and information related to the software that is necessary for the clients to learn while installing and connecting the CCTV camera on the application. This software has many unique functions and capabilities to render the best surveillance and security to its users.

We have highlighted in the article these functions as well as features along with the download links of the application for the different operating systems of PC and smartphones. We have also rendered the detail related to the installation steps with illustrated images to help the clients in the installation of the CMS.

We hope and expect that the article is helpful for the CCTV camera users. For further complaints or queries, comment in the section provided below of this article.

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