How to Download Clearview Direct app on the Laptop or MAC

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We are here to render the free download of Clearview Direct CMS App users. Apart from the download, we have also provided the details and essential information for our readers and the CCTV camera users to help them access the live video streaming from the surveillance systems.

We have discussed every aspect of the software in detail for our clients.

This article provides information related to every aspect of the software to assist the users in learning about the app. Along with all these details we have also described the functions of the CMS software.

We have also discussed the details of the procedure for installing the Clearview Direct for PC software on the Computer.

The IC Realtime Company is the developer of this CMS software to assist its clients and customers in accessing their CCTV cameras.

It is a leading global brand of CCTV camera manufacturer based in Florida, USA. The company’s brand has been ranked 1st in the list of CEPro Magazine CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis for the years 2012 -2017. IC Real Tech Company is the parent or holding company of IC Realtime.

Clearview Direct CMS App (Windows 7/8/10/11 & Mac OS)

We have described and explained every essential aspect of the software along with the free download for Windows as well as Mac OS and Android as well as the iOS operating system.

We have also explained much information that is vital for the installation of CMS on a PC or smartphone.

Clearview Direct's Logo
Clearview Direct’s Logo

The article is providing the procedure to install the application on the PC for Windows and macOS users along with illustrated images.

Read carefully the process of installing the app along with the system requirement information. Below we have provided the details for Windows and macOS users.

What is SmartICRSS Software?

SmartICRSS is developed and provided by the IC Realtime Company. This software helps and assists CCTV camera users of IC brand to connect and manage the security cameras on a PC or smartphone.

The application has been developed by the IC Realtime Company. The app is available for free to download on Windows as well as macOS and iOS as well as Android operating systems.

Functions Of The Clearview Direct CMS

This section of the article provides information about the software for the user clients to help them learn more about the application. Let us learn this information for a better understanding of the software. We have listed the functions of the software below for our readers and clients as follows:

  • Real-time monitoring and video surveillance.
  • Equipped with Alarm push notification.
  • Create as well as manage E-maps of devices.
  • Playback the recorded videos.
  • PTZ control.
  • Capture snapshots and manually record videos.
  • Supports the Talkback functions.
  • Smart search enables the user to search for a particular object in the video.

Minimum System Requirements For Installation Of Clearview Direct

This section of the article is very important for downloading and installing the CMS on a PC or smartphone. Without fulfilling the requirements the software will not run on the PC or smartphone. Below we have illustrated the details in the form of a table for the CCTV camera users.

Minimum System Requirement For Windows & macOS

ParticularWindows Operating SystemMac Operating System
Operating SystemWindows 7 or above versionmacOS 11 or the latest version
Space Requirement142 MB87 MB
RAM Needed4 GB4 GB
Processor RequirementIntel Core i3Apple M1 Chip
The version of The CMS2.0032

Minimum System Requirement For Android and iOS

ParticularAndroidiOS System Requirements
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 or later version of AndroidiOS 8.0 or the latest version
Space on Hard Disk73 MB256 MB
RAM Needed3 GB3 GB

ICRSS Pro CMS App (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Below we have provided the download link for the installation of the software for Windows PC. The application’s installation file is in compressed format. Read the installation process provided below in the article for correct and error-free installation.

ICRSS Pro CMS App (Mac OS)

Here is also the free download of the CMS for macOS user clients to help them connect and link their IC CCTV camera to the Mac PC for surveillance. The link to download the software is provided below for CCTV camera users.

ICRSS Pro App (Android)

We have also provided the details with the link to install the app for Android smartphone users for free. The link is provided below for the CCTV camera users to install it. Click the link to proceed to the download of the CMS on the mobile phone.

ICRSS Pro App (iOS/iPhone/iPad)

The company has not neglected the iOS operating system users can also get access to their surveillance camera on the iPhone and iPad without any difficulty. Click the link provided below to proceed to install the CMS.

Steps to Install ICRSS CMS on a Windows OS

As we have mentioned earlier, the software file is in compressed format. First, decompress the file with WinRAR.

Then after extracting the folder open it and double-click on the installation application file. Then follow the instructions provided below carefully for connecting the CCTV camera.

1. The Installation Process

Here installation wizard will appear on the screen, select the function of the software, then click on the “Next” button.

Select the functions of the software
Select the functions of the software

Now assign the installation directory by clicking on the “Browse” button or leave it default. Then click on the “Install” button to proceed further.

Select the directory folder
Select the directory folder

The progress will begin on the screen of the installation, wait for the installation to complete.

Installation process
Installation process

When the process of installation is completed successfully, click on the “Finish” button.

Finish the installation process
Finish the installation process

Here firewall access window will appear on the screen, select the option as shown below and click on the “Allow access” button.

Provide the firewall access
Provide the firewall access

Create a password for the CMS then click on the “Next” button.

Create a password
Create a password

Now answer the listed security-related questions, it will help the user in case he forgets the password. Click on the “Finish” button.

Answer the security question
Answer the security question

3. Log On to the Software

The login screen will open on the PC, then enter the default username as “admin” and create a password. Then click on the “Login” button.

Logging into the CMS
Logging into the CMS

The software will automatically redirect the users first to the device manager, here click on the “+Add” button.

Device Manager of the app
Device Manager of the app

3. Add & Connect The Cameras On the App

Now enter the device credentials like device name, a method to add (in my case I choose IP/Domain), IP address, port, username, and password. Then click on the “Add” button.

Add and connect the device
Add and connect the device

The added device will appear on the screen of the device manager, now click on the icon to log on to the connected device. Then click on the “OK” button.

Logging into the connected device
Logging into the connected device

4. Live view of CCTV camera on Software

To access the live view from the devices first, go to the home and click on the “Live View” option.

Proceed to access the live view
Proceed to access the live view

Now double-click on the added device to access the connected device. Here we have provided the sample live view below in the image for the users.

Watch live feeds from remote locations
Sample of the live video


The subject of the Realtime ICRSS Pro App is delivered with every detail about the different aspects of the software for the user clients and readers to learn in detail.

We have provided the procedure for connecting and controlling the devices on the application. The article has also provided the procedure to install as well as connect the CCTV camera on a PC.

This article describes the aspect of the application to help the readers and users learn more about the CMS software without any difficulty. We have covered the details such as the functions of the software and the minimum requirements for the installation of the CMS.

For any query or problem related to the software feel free to contact us in the comment section below. We hope the rendered information on the subject is helpful.

Thank You.


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