Free Download UYC Pro For PC [Windows 8/10/11] & For MAC

UYC Pro For PC is super emphatic software that associates CCTV Devices from different locations. This UYC Pro For PC app connects many devices from different locations and shows them to us from remote areas. It is accessible from anywhere. The download button for this app is given for Windows OS and Mac OS.

The installation process for Windows OS has been detailed with expressions and images. It is expressed in 3 steps

Download For PC Windows OS

Download For Mac OS

In the first step, the login process has been narrated. In the second step, the login to the app has been mentioned. In the third and final step, the device addition and monitoring have been shown. 

The download button is given for Windows and Mac OS. The file is in a compressed format and to download and install, we have to squeeze the file first. 

Why Is a CCTV App Important?

CCTV app is powerful software that can associate many CCTV devices with this application and give you access from any remote location. CCTV app issues full security and safety. It connects to devices installed at different locations and shows them up from any foreign place.

Suppose, you have multiple locations and you want to cover every location from your office. You can only get this access when you take the services of a CMS Wizard.

A CMS can record data, playback, and transfer it to different devices. It can record on the server. You can also keep manual recordings. It has sensors that can sense dubious and suspicious activities. it will make you speak, listen and monitor. 

Know About UVC App

google play store app page 25

UYC Pro For PC is a very useful CMS security app. It equips you with powerful monitoring and control. You have multiple locations and you can watch every location through this app.

You can instruct your employee or person in charge. You can communicate with them, you can pass instructions, you can listen to them and you can operate the device from your place.

You can zoom in on an object or you can shout at someone. The senses which are used in this device are powerful. They can sense any dubious thing. They give you added advantage by keeping you alert all the time.  

Features & Functions Of UYC Pro For PC Application

Features and functions are the backbones of any product. If they are great, the product is great. If attributes are abysmal, the product is abysmal.

  • logo of the app 26..This product uses advanced data technology
  • It continuously adjusts data from low networking areas and gives you continuous videos. 
  • There is no time gap between video capturing and video relaying. 
  • You get videos in real-time. 
  • The product allows you to operate the device from any remote location
  • You can zoom in on an object, speak to someone, listen to them and monitor activities. 
  • The app supports manual recording and cloud server recording. 
  • You can put the recording on the server and keep the data safe. 
  • The app supports conversation between the person on the app’s side and the person on the device side. 
  • They can communicate a message and listen to someone. 
  • This product is used to alert people on the camera side. 
  • When used to see some suspicious or dubious activities you can alert others. 
  • The sensor is strong. The audio detection and motion detection of the software is sharp. 
  • It can save you and alert you from threats
  • You can define a sensitive zone and mark that zone. 
  • When someone enters that sensitive zone you receive alert messages and alarms. 
  • The PTZ camera supports the software. 
  • This device can connect more than 15 devices at a time. 

These are some important characteristics.

Install UYC Pro For Windows OS

UYC Pro software link button is given below. To download and install this app, you have to click the link. The setup file is given in a compressed form. 

You have to decompress the file before loading it on Windows PC. The installation process has been narrated in three steps. These steps are graced with images and expressions. 

The first step covers the installation of the software. The second step comprises the login in part. In the last and third steps, we will guide users to add devices and monitor them. 

Download For PC Windows OS

Install UYC Pro For Mac OS

The download button for Mac OS is given below. When you click it, we will get the application setup file for Mac Operating System. You can easily download it and install it for this operating system. 

After the installation, you have to log in to the app and add the device. The process is almost the same as shown in Windows action. Learn the process by following the similar methodology you will be able to install, login and add for Apple PC. 

Download For Mac OS

Install UYC, Login & Connect Devices For Windows OS

Get the link button. Click it and open the setup file. Extricate it and run it to load on Windows PC. The three-step process is shown below. 

The first step is the installation part. The second step is the log-in part. The third step is the device addition part.

Step-1 Install The Software

To get the app, you have to press the link button. The setup file is given in a squeezed form. You have to extricate the file to run the application file on Windows OS. This page will open.

homepage of the app 1

Close all other windows before going to install it. The Agreement is also mentioned here. Read it carefully before going for installation. After that press the next button. You will reach the next stage.

select the features to install 2

Some special features and storage process is shown in the window. Tick them if you want to additionally install these features. Leave them unticked, if you don’t want to get them. Press the next button.

chose the path & folder 3

The path and the destination of the folder are given here. If you are not sure about the location of the folder, press the Browse button.

Press Install for the next action. It will begin to load the file.

UYC Pro is installing 4

The app is installing the file. It loads its content on the selected folder. When it empties all its content, it will send a notification.

app installed successfully 5

You receive this confirmation from the software. It means the app is properly installed.

The step-1 is finished. Press the finish button. Now we will go for signing in the application file.

Step-2 Log In To The UYC Software

Open the installed software. You will reach here.

create a password 6

To log in, the file will ask you to create a unique password. Generate a powerful password.

Password is generated 6.

The password is generated and filled in. Press the next button. It will take you towards the next stage.

answer for password protection 7

There are three questions given here. They are given password protection. Answer them and remember these answers. They will be handy when you forget the password. Press the finish button.

login the app 7

This page will appear. It will log in and take you to the homepage of the application file. The login process is over.

We will go to the next step. This step is for Device Addition & Monitoring.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

We have to add the device. For that, log the app in and open the homepage.

homepage of the app 8

Press the “+Add” button. The new page will open. It will ask you to connect the devices.

You have to give the IP address, port, username, and password. Give them and press the add button.

add the device 9

After giving all these details, press the Add button. It will connect to the gadget. The device will appear on the screen.

This way monitoring begins. We become able to track activities and pass instructions.


The advantages of this software are many. If you want to use UYC Pro For PC app with an optimal effect, you have to know its features and functions. They are given in the post. You will also find the complete installation process for Windows OS. 

The process is given step by step. They are suffused with images and explanations. Get the download button to get the app free. 

If you have any queries about the procedure of its working and functioning, please mention them in the comment section. You will get a response from our technical team.

Thank You. 


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