Wansview App For PC Free Download Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Learn in detail about the Wansview App here. You will get the download button for this CMS Application, the installation and configuration procedure and the monitoring method.

Wansview App gives us the security surveillance app for Windows and Mac OS. It is a useful CMS designed by Shenzhen Wansview Technology company.

Wansview for PC App helps you to maintain surveillance on your residence as well as office premises.

We are going to discuss the procedure to install the Wansview App for PC free download. Installation steps and procedures are very simple for Windows and Mac OS user clients.

The installation process is provided below to help the users to operate this app without any problem.

Wansview App (Windows 7/8/10/11 & Mac OS)

Wansview App is rendered and developed by the Shenzhen Wansview Technology company.

It is available for Windows as well as Mac OS user clients. The download links of the Wansview App are available for free below in the article.

Wansview app logo
Wansview App Logo

Download the Wansview App to connect the Wansview CCTV camera on PCs.

The installation procedure is available below in the article on the Wansview installation procedure.

Read the installation of Wansview carefully.

What is the Wansview CMS Application?

Wansview is developed by the Shenzhen Wansview Technology Company.

This CMS software provides the capability to monitor your premises from remote locations on a PC.

Wansview Software also helps to connect as well as control the CCTV cameras from remote locations through internet connections.

Features of this CMS

Here we are going to highlight some of the features of this application.

Both versions of this CMS i.e. for Windows and Mac clients provide a variety of features and functions to make you understand how the software runs on a PC. Features of this CMS are as follows:

  • Live streaming on 3G/4G/WiFi network.
  • Supports live streaming and recording of videos.
  • Provides a platform to run recorded videos.
  • Provides PTZ control and access.

Wansview App (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Here is the download link of the Wansview App for Windows OS user clients.

Click on the link below to download the Wansview files.

The downloaded file of the Wansview CMS App is in a compressed format and you need to extract the folder by using an extraction tool.

Wansview App (Mac OS)

Shenzhen Wansview Technology Company provides the Wansview App for Mac OS user clients as well.

Below is the link to download it. We have provided the download link for Mac clients.

Just download the file of the Wansview App on a Mac PC now by clicking on the link below.

Installation Process of Wansview CMS App on a Windows PC

Download the software for Windows and Mac client and the downloaded file will be in compressed format.

Extract the downloaded file using a compression tool. After extracting the downloaded file, open the file and click on the application software.

Installation of the Wansview App on a Windows OS

After starting the application, a window will appear in the installation directory.

Here select the destination folder by clicking on the “Browse” button where you want to install to file of the software or leave it as default.

Then click on the “Next” button.

select destination location of the app
Select the installation path

Now the screen will appear for creating a start menu shortcut then click on the “Next” button.

select the menu folder and path of the folder
Start Menu shortcut

Then the screen will appear to create a desktop icon just click on the “Next” button.

choose additional task
Create a desktop icon

After this just click on the “Install” button to start the installation.

app is ready to install
Start the installation

The installation progress will begin just to wait to get it completed.

installation in progress
Installation progress

After completing the installation just click on the “Finish” button.

installation process complete
Create a desktop icon

Add devices on the Wansview App

Now the home screen will appear as shown below.

Homescreen of the app
The home screen

To add the device online click on the “Add device” button to connect devices with software then a new window will open on the screen click on the “Search” button, then select the device.

After that enter the password then click the “Add” button. Now window prompt will appear to click on the “OK” button.

add device online
Add devices online

If you want to add the device manually enter the device details into the new screen.

Then click on the “Add” button then click on the “OK” button.

Camera added
Add the device manually

Now the device is displayed on the screen. Right-click on the device then click on the “Play” button.

added camera list
Device added on the home screen

Live view on the Wansview App

Get the live view of the added devices on the Wansview App.

camera appears online
Live view on Wansview App


It is the best CCTV software for monitoring and controlling the Wansview CCTV cameras on a PC.

This is free software provided by Shenzhen Wansview Technology Company. Enjoy it for PC free download.

So this is all about the article. We hope this information is helpful to you.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the CCTV on your PC please feel free to write us in the comment box below.

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