Download Sannce Cam For PC Free For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Learn in detail about the Download Sannce Cam App free link to control your CCTV cameras. This is one of the best CCTV CMS software for Windows OS user clients.

Sannce helps to provide surveillance from a remote location.

The details related to the download of the Sannce Cam CMS App free link are elaborated for Windows OS user clients.

The installation process is provided below in this article to help the Sannce CCTV camera user connect it to the Sannce Cam on a Windows 11/10/8/7 PC.

Read below the Sannce Cam for PC installation steps with caution.

Sannce Cam (Windows 7/8/10/11 & Mac)

With the download Sannce Cam App for PC free link, you can get the Sannce Cam CMS for Windows OS. Just read the installation steps carefully to download the Sannce App for free. It is only available for Windows OS.

Sannce App logo
Sannce Cam App Logo

With the Sannce CCTV camera user clients will be able to control as well as manage their CCTV cameras easily.

The download link is provided for Sannce Cam CMS for Windows OS below along with the installation guide.

What is the Sannce Cam App?

Sannce Cam is developed, designed and rendered by the Shenzhen Kean Digital Company for its Sannce CCTV system.

Sannce Cam allows connecting as well as controlling the Sannce CCTV cameras on PC. Sannce Company has provided the best solution for the Sannce CCTV system in the market.

Features of this App

Let us now discuss the features of this CMS to know and learn what functions and services do it provide to the user to monitor and control the CCTV cameras.

Here are some of the features listed below:

  • Support log-in with cloud technology.
  • Support remote playback.
  • Support manually searching devices in LAN.
  • Supports in PTZ Camera controlling administration.
  • Provide access from remote locations.
  • Support real-time alarms and instant messages.
  • Support two-way audio function.

Sannce Cam (Windows OS)

Shenzhen Kean Digital Company has provided the Sannce for Windows OS user clients for free.

The Sannce Cam is provided to connect the CCTV camera on the PC to help the Sannce CCTV camera user connect it to the PC. Read the installation procedure of Sannce Cam.

Sannce Cam (Mac OS)

The Sannce Company is not providing the Sannce Cam for Mac OS is not providing any software for Mac clients.

However, we will help the Mac OS user client to connect the CCTV system with Sannce using an emulator. Just read the article carefully below to understand how to use the app for Mac using an emulator software.

We will use here the BlueStacks Emulator App.

Installation & Configuration of the Sannce Cam on a Windows OS

Download the file of Sannce Cam and uncompress the file as it will be in a compressed format using extraction software.

1. Step # Installation of the CMS

A window will appear on-screen to select the language, choose the language in which you want to run the software then click on the “OK” button.

Sannce CaSelect the languagem for PC
Select the language

Now installation directory window will appear on the screen, select the destination folder where you want to install the software file or you can leave it to default then click on the “Next” button.

select destination location
Installation directory

Start Menu folder creation window will appear on the screen just click on the “Next” button.

give path and folder of the app
Create the start menu folder

Here a window will appear for creating a shortcut icon, select all the options by marking the box.

Now click on the “Next”  button to proceed to the next step.

select additional tasks
Create a shortcut icon

The installation is ready to click on the “Install” button.

app is ready to install
Start the installation

Wait for the installation to complete of installation for Windows OS.

app installation in progress
Installation progress

After installation is over click on the “Finish” button on the screen.

app installation complete
Finish installation

2. Step # 2 Add devices on the software on Windows

When the software opens on PC click on the “Device Set” option to add new devices on PC.

the home screen of the app
The home screen

A new window panel will open on the screen, click on the “Add” button to add a device on the device manager of the software.

device manager of the software
Device manager

Now a new panel will appear on the screen, here enter the device details with IP address, port, username, password and DID then click on the “OK” button.

add devices to the application
Add devices

3. Step # Live view on Windows OS

Now go to the home screen of the software. Then click on the device being displayed on the device list and now you enjoy the live view on PC of your CCTV cameras.

get live locations from anywhere
Live view on Sannce Cam

Installation Guide of Sannce Cam on Mac OS Using Emulator

Here we will use an emulator to run the app on a Mac PC.

This method works for Mac OS without any error. With the emulator, it will not be difficult to install the Sannce Cam on a Mac PC user client.

With the emulator, a user can run a completely different operating system on the present operating system which is running without any error.

Now Sannce Cam can be utilised with the Bluestacks emulator which we provided below.

Here we have listed the steps to install and run the Sannce Cam App.

  • Now install the Bluestacks.
  • Download and install the Bluestacks for Mac OS by performing the installation process correctly.
  • Start the Bluestacks on Mac OS and wait to configure.
  • Select the language then enter the Gmail ID to log in.
  • After logging in to the Bluestacks, open the Playstore.
  • Download.
  • Install and run the application on your PC.
  • Now add your IP camera to the application.
  • After successfully adding the device you can see the live view of your cameras on MAC & Windows.


Sannce Cam is an essential CMS software to control cameras on Windows OS.

Sannce Cam provides many functions to help the Sannce CCTV camera system user client to keep surveillance easily through the CMS App.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the CCTV on your PC, please feel free to write us in the comment box below.

Thank you for visiting us.

Have a great day.

Thank You.

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  1. Hello! I installed it as described but can’t see the cameras in the program. What problem is possible? Can you describe it to me?

  2. Hello, I have a video surveillance system sannce 4ch 5mp xpoe. How can I watch the cameras on remote computers. Thanks. Link for the system: https: // Spm = a2g0s.9042311.0.0.65694c4d

    1. Firstly, you need to connect your system on the network and make sure the internet is working on the DVR/NVR. Then you can find an option like P2P or something related to the cloud. Apply these setting and then through DID you can see your cameras on your PC

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