Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera Review For Smart Home

Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera is for everyone’s use. It is a good device with all the desired functions and features. The best part is its price, which is very affordable at $34.99.  

It is 1080P Full HD, an IP66 waterproof compatible, wifi-enabled surveillance system. When you compare the device with other similar range devices then you will notice that it is richer in characteristics.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 13

You can communicate two ways, receive notifications in threat, give commands with Alexa, and record on the cloud. 

Let’s go deeper and understand more about cameras and their functioning. It will help you make a better decision about the product.

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How To Judge Any Surveillance device?

Following is the checklist to select your device. 


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ONVIF/RTSP Protocols- Make sure that your equipment is supportable to ONVIF & RTSP protocols. It tells you that how your device is going to behave with other devices in the future. Technologies improve faster than you think. If you have a compatible device then it will support the latest versions as well.  

Power-over-Ethernet- It makes your work easier by providing power and ethernet in the same cable.

Weatherproofing- Ingress Protection Type(IP type) shows your camera compatibility in inclement weather. It is measured in IP67, IP66, or IP65 scale. IP66 is more weather resistant than IP65, and so on so forth.

Resolution- In digital IP cameras, the resolution is specified by the number of pixels. The more the pixels, the better the resolution, and hence the better picture quality. Good cam lenses are high in pixels.

Night-Vision- Check the night vision of your appliance. IR LEDs, Spotlights, Floodlights are for night vision purposes.   

Storage Facility- Most IP cameras these days have SD card slots. Check your camera recording mode. Do check the cloud storage facility.

Wireless System- If your device is wifi powered, it is hassle-free and a piece of smooth functioning equipment.

Warranty- Warranty and after-sales service tell that how much the company loves their customer. 


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 6


Wansview W6 Camera has many advantages.

  • 1080P HD Video  
  • Remote Access
  • Two-way audio
  • Excellent night-vision
  • Waterproof IP 66
  • Stable wifi connection
  • RTSP and Onvif compatibility
  • Flexible Storage and Works with Alexa
  • Real-Time Alerts for safety(Motion Detection)


  • Only works with 2.4Ghz WiFi
  • Requires a wall plug, not battery powered
  • SD card is not included

Unboxing Of Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera

It has the following items in the boxes.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 12

  • 1 Wansview Security camera
  • 1 3Dbi WiFi Antenna
  • 1 12V 1A US Power supply
  • 1 Quick Installation Guide
  • 1 RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  •    Mounting Screws

Design Of Wansview W6 Camera

 It is a cylindrical-shaped camera with 6 x 4.4 x 3.2 cubic inches dimensions. It weighs 1.05 pounds. It is available in two different colors, one in black and another in white. 


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 9

On the front side of the camera, there are 12pcs infrared LEDs, which can easily capture vision up to 25mtrs. On the rear side of the camera, there is a slot available for SD Card. A maximum of 128GB storage capacity SD Card can be used in it.

Feature Of Wansview W6 Camera

The W6 device is excellent in the low price range. Its features are second to none.

Resolution & Remote Access- Wansview outdoor security camera is equipped with 2 Megapixel HD lens which delivers crystal clear & smooth video day & night. It also protects your home irrespective of wherever you are.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 4

Two-way audio- Built-in enhanced microphone and speaker and visible infrared LEDs, you can see, talk and listen to your love or scare off the unexpected person on the Wansview cloud app in real-time even if you are not at home, which gives you peace of mind and 24-hour protection.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 8

 Night-Vision- It has 12 LEDs studded into it and a 2MP camera. It gives clear images at night up to 25Mtrs. There is no blur in the vision. But when the object is farther than that, images are dull and unrecognizable.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 2

Waterproof IP 66- With IP66 great weatherproof performance and durable aluminium alloy outer casing, the Wansview outdoor security camera keeps you updated in rain, wind, or shine weather, no need to go outside to check what is going on.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 1

WiFi-  This wireless camera works with 2.4Ghz WiFi only, 5G is not supported. Wi-Fi covers a distance of up to 60 feet from the device to the router without any hindrance.

RTSP and Onvif compatibility- Open-ended RTSP and Onvif protocol allows you to connect the camera to other third-party software, such as Blue Iris, iSpy, NAS.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 10

Storage capacity- This wireless security camera supports a 128GB SD card(not included) and Cloud storage. You have the choice to record alarm video to SD card or Cloud. 

Financial Encryption Technology for cloud storage- The highest protection of the data for privacy. No one could access your information without your permission.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 14

Cloud Storage- Cloud storage can avoid the risk of losing footage even if your device is stolen or your Micro SD card is broken. You can access your Cloud video history via Wansview Cloud APP to instantly pinpoint your footage and play it back from anywhere.

Works With Alexa- Whether you are cooking, reading, or watching TV, you just say “Alexa, show me the Front Door” on Echo Show after enabling the Wansview on Alexa Skills, you can always see what your child is doing. Wansview outdoor security camera allows you to enjoy peace of mind.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 11

Sensors- You will receive an alert message upon motion detected and click the message you will be directed to the alert video to check what is happening, never miss any emergency case. You could also download the alert videos from the Wansview cloud app.


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 7

Screen Sharing- One camera can be viewed by 4 people at the same time on 4 devices. Share live video and motion alert video with your loved ones from anywhere and anytime.

High protection level- The main account has all rights to manage the shared account, each shared people has a unique account and password.

Warranty- It has an extended warranty of 2 years. Apart from it, the company has a lifetime support policy for its products.

Above are the chief features of W6.

How To Install?

To install a W6 outdoor camera, you have to choose your location then you have to fix it with the help of the given components in the Box. Adjust the angle and start viewing your specific area. 


Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera 16

To view the device online you have to open the Google Playstore first. Download Wansview Cloud App from it. Run the software and scan QR Code. It will ask you to add the device. Follow the instructions further and finish the installation to view your areas from remote locations.

User’s Review

Ryan Doyle from the US says

The Wansview W6 4-pack is an excellent addition to other wireless security cameras I have installed. First off, for the price, these can not be beaten. Pound for pound, these cameras provide the most value for your money. Before buying, I did extensive research and decided to give them a try. I must admit I have been very impressed and these have proved my opinion of the value!

These cameras can be installed in many configurations, upside down, on the wall pointing out, or right side up. A drill hole pattern sticker is included to help with perfectly drilling the mounting holes. The devices must be powered by being plugged into 110v as POE (Power Over Ethernet) is not available.

I did this by drilling a small hole near the mounting area and plugging the system up to an extension cord that ran in my attic. The camera can use either ethernet or wireless (2.4) to connect to your network. After installation, I opened the app and slowly positioned the camera to have the best view of the area covered. From what I have noticed, the camera does a great job of focusing.

MiddleClassMan has remarked 

I now have a total of (5) W6 cam installed on my property. This last one is like my other 4 but black in color instead of white. All basic features of this black cam are identical to the others.

On the plus side, the cams work beautifully both day and night. Clear and responsive.

Included are two attachments of this cam in both daytime and nighttime shots.

Even in total darkness, they perform very well.

Pairing them out of the box is a snap. I found the scan barcode method is my best choice getting the cam paired in under 5 minutes. Wansview has done a great job with the hardware. The 3 cables coming out of this cam (like the others) make it a bit bulky to secure and hide but not a deal-breaker.

My usage of these cams is only for live video. I do not record video to a cloud account.

On the minus side is their Wansview Cloud software. It is buggy. It decides if it will connect to the cameras (or not) & is slow while in progress.

Should I Buy It?

If you are looking for a smart camera for your smart home, and you don’t want to spend more bucks then this is your choice. You are getting it cheap, but there is no compromise with the quality of the device. It functions superbly and gives you every function. Company support is good, and users’ responses are positive. It is good to use.


The W6 device qualifies function-wise and performance-wise. Its rate is quite competitive. So you can easily recognize it in the crowded market of security surveillance. If you omit all other factors and just go by the users’ responses, you won’t regret your decision.

Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera review is to give you information regarding the product. How did you rate the article, kindly suggest to us in the comment box? 

Thank You.

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