what is Lux in CCTV Camera.

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what is Lux in CCTV Camera

what is lux in CCTV ? Lux is basically Comes under the international system of unit(SI), it is the intensity of light that is falling on the light object. To understand the thing in a more clear way I would like to introduce the word lumens, lumens is basically total light output of source and lux is total light falling on object mean illumination of the subject.

Now comes to the point it means if the camera comes with lower lux it perform well with respect to the camera which has more lux.  Image Comparison of Normal and lower lux Camera.


Normal Camera Image              Low lux Camera Image.

what is Lux in CCTV Camera

So if you required a good quality camera apart from TVL and MP Rating, Lux is very important. If you have a lower light condition then a low lux camera plays a very important role. Sometimes when you install a camera in opposite direction of light in that case light affect issue rises,  you get the dark image. Under such condition either you change the location of the camera or you need a camera which has lower lux.


There are the different brand available in CCTV market but each brand has different lux specification so if you have such condition mean the light condition is not proper then select those brand which has lower lux specification.

Apart from lux IR- LED also play an important role. if you need good quality night vision then apart from lux you need to have more IR led. There is different kind of Ir LED available in the market, 24 LEDs, 36 Led, 84 LEDs, Array LED and smart IR LED.  So Camera with lower lux and four arrays led is the best option but you need to keep one thing in mind that array led consumed more power. So for this combination, you need to give separate power by an adapter, you may use 12v 2 Amp Adapter or 12v 3 Amp.

what is Lux in CCTV Camera

Apart from this one more camera type will remove your problem that is colour night vision camera, this camera automatically produces light when light condition is not proper or dark light condition. It produces light that has lumens. Apart from night vision, this camera has lower lux, so it will give good result in day vision also. One more advantage of this camera is that if you install this camera on outside area then it produced light which is more than a normal light. This camera has IP 66 Rating Also. As mention above regarding power consumption, this camera will not consume as much as array led camera. This will take normal 12v 1 Amp.

Another solution of low light is starlight Camera, Nowadays Starlight camera comes in market, this camera is very useful and handy for such condition. It is the camera that has very very low lux and also setting of this camera cut filter is maintained in such a way that it does not go in night mode in good light condition as compared to normal night vision camera. As mention in above two paragraph, this camera has very low power consumption. It will take 12 v 0.5 Amp. As this camera is new in the market, camera cost is slightly higher than above cameras.



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