xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor Wifi Camera For Smart Home

The xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor Wifi Camera can be used as a Standalone camera or be paired with an NVR. It is equally functional both ways. 

It is a 3MP 2K cam that is wire-free and wireless both. When you place it outdoor for surveillance, then it protects you in multiple ways. It has an inbuilt siren that sounds whenever the sensor perceives any threat. There is also a spotlight attached with the sensor that lights up in the direction of the threat.


xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 1

You also start receiving alert messages on your phone. The two-way talk enables you to live chat with the person on the cam side. It is helpful to you to communicate with someone or hush away the intruder.

Its price on Amazon is $69.99.

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Buying Guide For IP Wireless Camera

Any good surveillance camera must have the following features.

Resolution– Always go for a high-resolution cam. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality you will find. When you find the footage and image dull, then this is the result of a low-resolution. If the resolution is 1080P HD or higher, then it is supposed to be high-resolution.

Passive Infrared Motion(PIR) Sensor– It is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. For that purpose, an imaging IR sensor is required. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense the movement of people, animals, or other objects.

Easy Installation- When the installation is easy, then you have this extra facility available to shift the cam on your own. Moreover, the easy installation process makes the device more user-friendly.

Two-Way Audio– Two-way audio makes you more powerful as you are in a position to pass instructions and guide or growl at a threat from a faraway place. It keeps you in the command.

Night-Vision– When darkness is around the device, then IR lights illuminate automatically to give us images. IR LEDs, array lights, spotlights, or floodlights are indispensable for any good CCTV.

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Wireless Cam & WiFi-  When the cam is wireless you can use it as a standalone CCTV. When it is wireless, then there is no web of wire around it, and easy to operate. You can easily make your device online without keeping the router close to it or wire connect it. Warranty tells you about the company support. It assures you from the company side to resolve a problem when they crop up.

Weatherproof– A weatherproof CCTV is stronger and more useful against any weather condition.

Storage- Know how your CCTV records in memory. What about a cloud storage facility.

xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 9


  • 100% Wire-free 
  • 2K 3MP HD Video & Audio
  • Inbuilt siren & Spotlight
  • 2-way Audio
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • Rechargeable Battery Camera
  • Smart Night-vision
  • Remote access
  • Multi-device view


  • Doesn’t work 5Ghz wifi
  • SD card is not with the pack


  • 1 * Security CCTV
  • 1 * Metal Bracket
  • 1 * Screws Sets
  • 1 * User Instruction
  • 1 * 1.2m USB Cable (No Charger)


xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 8

 xmartO BC3 is a white color cam in a cylindrical shape. Its dimensions are 8.27 x 4.92 x 3.58 inches & weighs around 8 pounds. On the front end of the camera, there are various functions attached. Like, light sensors, PIR sensors, IR LEDs, microphones, and spotlight indicators.

On the backside of it, there is a mounting base, 2 antennas, a micro SD card slot, 5v USB charging port, speaker, a reset button, etc.

Features Of xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor Wifi Camera

It has all the features available which a smart cam requires.

A 100% Wire-free Security Camera– It is powered by professional long-lasting batteries, the BC3 wireless security camera is wire-free. You can mount it anywhere indoor & outdoor to monitor your property, without running any cable at all. 

xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 12

2K 3MP HD Video & Audio– With a Built-in microphone and speaker, you can hear and talk back to your family, pet, or visitors on your mobile phone APP no matter where you are.

Enough Defense to Secure Your Place– With both spotlight and siren built-in, the cam light up the area and let out a siren when it detects any threat. In the meanwhile, it sends alerts to your phone. On your phone, you can choose to use only spotlight, only siren, both, or none.

Cloud Storage & SD Card– The camera supports up to 128GB TF card and encrypted AWS Cloud storage. With the various choice, you can replay and clip videos right from your phone App.

Rechargeable Battery– It’s with 100% Wireless & Cordless Installation and only takes a few steps to connect it on your home WiFi and view your device on the phone APP.

xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 3

PIR Sensor– With AI intelligence technology, the rechargeable battery cam can distinguish humans, pets, and moving objects, such as vehicles, and send an instant notification when the camera detects their activities.

Auto Siren And Floodlight- When intruders break into your house, the camera automatically turns on the floodlight at night and will sound an automatic siren. You can customize the siren to a voice message and warn the potential intruders. 

Night-Vision- When the IR LED works, the camera has the B/W night vision. When the floodlights turn on, the camera turns to the color night vision.


xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 4

Multiple User Supported– You can use this camera as a standalone, or as a group of multiple cams, or add this camera to an existed xmartO NVR or xmartO system.


xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 6

Remote Access- You can use this cam alone, group multiple cams to use or add this camera to an existed xmartO NVR or xmartO system.


xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 13

IP66 Waterproof– With IP66-rated weatherproof, the camera can work well under any weather conditions in each season such as snow, rain, wind, and so on and it can be mounted anywhere indoor or outdoor.

How To Install?

When we install the cam manually, then first and foremost, we select our location. When the place is decided, then we mount the camera base there and screw it. After that, we fix the cam in that cam base. 


xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 14


xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor 15

To install the device App on our mobile, we open the Google play store and search  “xmartO Wallpixel APP”. Then we download the app and install it on our mobile. To connect the app with the cam, we scan the QRcode of our device and add it. Make sure that your cam is in the wifi range.   

How Does The User Find xmartO BC3?

JenniferM from the US says that-

  • I wanted to love it, but after day 2 it stop working. I thought maybe I needed to charge it, so I did and when I went to turn it back on, it would not turn on It won’t do anything. I tried to reset it and it does nothing. When I first set it up it made a beep sound and it paired with my Xmarto NVR and we installed it and it was perfect. I was able to set it up to only detect humans and it was great. I wanted it to work.

Should I buy It?

This cam is suitable for you if you are looking for a cam that is moderately priced, simple, and rich-featured. The company’s reputation is good. Warranty cover of 2 years along with the company service support, you can avail it at will. If you want to install the cam personally and you are not very technical, then you may find the installation a little difficult. But if you are technically sound or take the assistance of a technician, then it may be done in a jiffy.


Here, we a have a reputed company’s successful camera in our hand. That gives us almost every latest function, with two-way audio, threat alerts, motion sensors, spotlights, microphones, and loudspeakers. We can use it as a standalone camera, or can also use it by connecting it with an NVR. Overall a camera with good features and services.

This review of the xmartO BC3 cam is in your hand. Do you find it helpful? Please write in the comment section. Your remark is valuable to us. 

Thank You. 

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Description- xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor is a wireless, wire-free camera that gives you round-the-clock protection. A very moderate range cam with human, pet, and vehicle detections, 2-way talk facility, and high resolute make the device very special. 

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