Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security

Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security is a unique CCTV camera in its category. Every camera sees the object, a few of them also sense the motion and voice, but Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security takes action based on what it sees and senses.

This camera is from Brand SOUJAMAO. The CCTV camera is so sensitive that if you mark a sensitive zone in your camera software then when there is movement in this area, you will receive a message from your phone, while the lights will turn on and start recording videos, and the alarm sound can scare off intruders.

The Buying Guide For Purchasing An Outdoor CCTV Camera For Home

You buy an outdoor camera for home security. You feel satisfied only when your camera performance is superb. When you are getting the benefit of what you want from your device, then only the purpose to install that CCTV camera is served. For that, you have to know a few things regarding your product.


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Resolution- The resolution of the camera tells about the picture quality. When picture quality is sharp, images are clear then the resolution is high, and vice versa.


Image Quality- Generally speaking, a 1440p (2K) security camera can record super HD videos, which is twice good as the 1080p (1K) one.

Simply put, a security camera with 5MP resolution can deliver better image quality than that with 4MP or 1080p resolution, especially when capturing objects in the distance.


Live Stream Resolution- You can live stream a 5MP security camera in 1920p, 1440p and 1080p resolution, a 1440p CCTV camera in 1440p, 1080p and 720p resolution and a 1080p surveillance camera in 1080p and 720p resolution.


Field of View- Generally speaking, megapixel security cameras are packed with wide-angle lenses. Compared to 1080p security cameras, 4MP and 5MP ones have a wider field of view and thus, they can cover larger areas.


Bandwidth & Storage Consumption- Most 5MP, 4MP and 1080p security cameras apply H.264 video standard. So, under the same compression standard, security cameras with higher resolution will take more bandwidth and storage space. 


Night Vision Night vision mode is a must for any good quality cctv camera. If the camera has no night vision facility then it will function only in day mode. When the darkness of the night engulfs, the camera will not capture. Cameras are for security purposes only, and many untoward activities happen at night. If the camera has no night vision then it will fail to capture those images and videos. Thus it defeats the very purpose of security.

Built-In Sensor- When there is a sensor in the camera, then the does not only see but also senses the activities. With the help of the sensor, it easily judges the threat through motion detection and voice detection. Whenever any suspicious activity occurs, it sends alarming signals and thus exposes the threat.

Warranty & After Sales Service-  Warranty and after-sales service are associated with the company commitment. If the warranty period is for a longer period, and the company has a service centre or collection centre at different locations, then it is presumed that you will get proper services.  

Know About Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security

Floodlight CCTV outdoor camera priced at $69.99 on Amazon is a very different type of camera. It allows you to see the images, hear the voices, and speak to someone on the camera side with the help of your phone, PC, and tablet.

It is equipped with sensors to detect motions and sounds. It has a floodlight that starts the moment the sensor alerts it towards the direction of the threat.

It sends alerts as soon as motion is detected. It also monitors your property in HD video and check-in at home at any time with Live View on-demand video and audio.


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Advantages Of Floodlight Cameras

As an outdoor Floodlight CCTV camera, it serves many purposes. Here are some of the advantages of the Floodlight camera.

  • 42PCS LED Bulb Floodlights– Shine a superior brightness on activity with two motion-activated ultra-bright floodlights
  • Outdoor Waterproof, led lamp camera IP65 rating means full protection in any solution, 24/7 home monitoring, rain or shine.
  • See, hear and talk to people on your property. 
  • Shine the lights on all your blind spots. And buzz the siren on suspect activities. All from your phone, Ipad via APP.
  • Local storage and Intelligent cloud storage backup your video easily. 
  • Never lost any details, check anywhere at any time.
  • Warranty Free exchange for new within two years from the date of purchase. 
  • You can use the smartphone APP CareCam Pro to set different time periods to open the lights. It is recommended to set a maximum of 12 hours to assure the life of the LED lights.
  • Share User’s Function- Share the device to anyone you care about, easily set up in the mobile app.
  • Two Way Audio Talk-  Monitor your location with HD video and check in anytime with live view video and audio.
  • Protect your home with the LED light security camera.
  • You can connect the camera with your wi-fi.

Disadvantages Of Floodlight Camera

  • The size of the camera is a bit bigger than any other CCTV bullet camera.
  • You have to purchase an SD Card. SD Card slot is there without any SD Card.

Design Of Floodlight Camera

The camera is in a triangular shape. With a metal weatherproof covering to protect from inclement weather conditions. The floodlight camera covers a dimension of 62.99 x 61.02 x 62.99 inches. 

Its weight is 9.6 ounces. You can fix the camera at any outdoor location. It is built in such a way that no LAN connection is required. 

It automatically connects with the wi-fi. 

It is white in colour with 42 pcs LED bulbs. It contains two adjustable antennas to receive the signal properly.


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Features Of Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security

This Camera has a 160 Degree Wide Viewing Angle with a 160° super wide viewing angle to monitor a wider area. It means its coverage quality is quite superb.

It has a very intelligent motion detection sensor. It is triggered by human being’s activities. A false alert is extremely rare. Once motion detection is triggered, the floodlight will be activated and an alert will be pushed to your phone. You can also activate the siren function. Then the camera will make buzz to alarm.

It facilitates you with the two ways talk to the person on the camera’s side and say hi to friends or warn away suspicious strangers who are at the other end of the device, through your mobile, laptop, or computer.

It is easy to operate. Just plug-in power, configure the camera with your local Wi-Fi, and the camera will work well with your local Wi-Fi network. Free from complicated network cables connection.

Micro SD card recording. Live view or playback recorded videos on your phone/pad/computer from anywhere at any time.

1080P HD Video– Clear image to check what is going on. Securely broadcast with H.264 compression to optimize bandwidth usage on your network.

Day/Night Mode: Color during daytime/Switches to B/W at night. With the help of 42 LEDs, when it is pitch dark outside still see clearer images.

How To Install Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security

This Floodlight camera is easy to install. For outdoor installation, you have to drill three holes and fix the camera on these holes with the help of three screws.


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For the software installation, you have to open the Google Playstore and type “CareCam Pro” The app will open. You have to install the app on your device. It will ask you to add the camera when you open the app. Follow the instructions to view the camera on an online mode from anywhere.


Performance Of Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security

The Floodlight Outdoor camera is a reliable performer. It produced crisp, colourful 1080p video in daytime tests, and its black-and-white night video appeared sharp, with good contrast. Motion alerts worked, well and alert notifications arrived promptly. Remove term: floodlight cameras floodlight.

Since it is weatherproof it is best suited for outdoor performance. Motion detection, Voice recognition, Buzzer, and Alarm with the gush of Floodlights make it superb for security use. It covers two years warranty with camera replacement with the new one if any glitch occurs adds feather to the cap. It is a big mental relief.


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User’s Experiences 

  • Mr Rick from the US says “I purchased two of these from Amazon a year ago and they haven’t failed me yet. Now I am linked to everyone in my neighbourhood through the app and last night I received a notice that my neighbour’s house had an attempted theft of his outdoor smoker/grill. I immediately contacted The CareCam Pro through their app and told them to activate the recording service. That same man came to our back porch within neighbours’ of leaving my neighbour’s house and tried to steal my brand new outdoor pizza oven. My Floodlight camera came on and scared him away. My camera footage was able to assist the police in tracking down and arresting the man.”

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  • The Norm mentions “We’ve begun having an ongoing problem with car break-ins in our neighbourhood. I wanted to get a security cam to monitor our driveway. I looked into standard CCTV and more advanced HD cams with a dedicated computer and HDD but hesitated due to the complicated nature of the installs. Not that I can’t do that, but I really wanted a simpler option. Enter the Floodlight Cam. I purchased one to install in place of the motion floodlight over our driveway. I am pleased.”

Should I Buy It

 It offers decent video quality, motion detection, and smart features for the money. Company policy is good for replacement or services. It is easily available on Amazon.com. Many have used it and recommended it.

The only flaw is that when it is very dark sometimes its sensor takes time to respond.


Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security is good in quality and performance. It functions properly and image quality is good. There are other Floodlight CCTV cameras in the market from different companies, it is second to none. 

It covers a wide-angle coverage of 160 degrees. Though wider angle coverage floodlight cameras are also available, it is enough for home security.

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