Access Control System Installation: A Complete Guide of Access Control Installation

Here is a guide of access control system installation. Here you can find all the wiring diagram of an access control system installation.  Before starting how to install an access control system we need to know all about the access control system. There are various types of access control system available in the market. Here we are going to demonstrate all kind of access control system installation.

So let’s know about the access control system. An Access control system is a system which is used to restrict the user to access to a physical place or informative objects. When a user wants to take the access then he needs to take permission from the admin of the access control system.

Working of Access Control System

The working of an access control system is very simple. There are three main components works in the access control system. The first one is the controller. The controller is used for the communication between the user interface(reader) and the physical lock. The second one is the reader which is used to check for authentication and the last one is the electronic lock. It is responsible for the physical access of the user.

When a user wants to access a physical location then it gives the authentication to the reader. The reader communicates with the controller and controller to check the authenticity of the user and send the information to the physical lock.

Type of Access Control System Installation

There are two kinds of access control system installed on the basis of the type of access control systems

  1.  With the Controller – The Access control system in which a controller is used for controlling all the readers and locks.
  2.  Without the Controller – The Access control System in which all the reader and locks working individually without a controller.

Access Control System Installation with the Reader

There are three components involved in this kind of installation.

  1. Locks – An electronic lock for preventing the physical access of the users.
access control system installation
  1. Readers – For taking the input from the users.
  1. A Controller – check for the authentication of the users.
access control system installation

Step 1 (Wiring)

You need to run a cat6 cable from the door to the server room where the controller will installed. The second cat6 cable runs from the lock to the reader. We highly recommended that use cat6 cable.

Step 2 (installation)

Installed all the locks on the doors, readers on the access point and the controller on the server room. Be careful about the installation of locks. They are perfectly aligned to the hole of the lock otherwise you can face a problem in the opening and closing the door.

step 3 (connections)

The main part of the access control system installation is the connection of wires. It is very simple but you need to focus on all the parts.

Step 3-a (the connection between the lock and the reader)

It is very easy to connect the lock and the reader with the controller. Firstly connect the power supply with the controller with two wires with different colours. In my case, I used red and black wire for power. Remember, Do not switch on the power supply. The connection as shown in the figure.

Now come to the lock. You got five wire in the lock with different colours. Leave all the wire except the two which are for the power. In this case, red and black colour wires for the power of the lock. So I am going to use these wires. Connect the red wire from “NC”  port of the controller and the black one with the ground of power supply as shown in the figure below.


The third part of the installation is the connection of the reader with the controller. It is very easy. There are four wires of different colours. The two for the power and two for communications. So connect black and red wire the 12v and the ground and another two wires with 485+ and 485- port same as marked on the reader. The connection has shown in the figure below.


This is all done about access control system installation. We hope you got valuable information from here. If you have any query or suggestion please feel free to contact us. You may leave your comments in the comment box below.

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