A List Of 10 Best Indoor Cameras In The World [Latest]

The Best indoor cameras are given here. You will find here those devices which are useful for homes, offices, and halls. These cameras are used for giving security and safety. The best indoor cameras are selected after employing various methodologies.

Product NameRatingBest PerformanceResolutionMonitoring AppPriceGet On Amazon
Honeywell Home C23.7/56x Digital Zoom; Geofence technology1080PHoneywell Home App$168.49View
Google Nest Indoor- 2nd gener4.4/5Built-in intelligence1080p


 Nest Aware App$116.10View
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery4.7/5Quick release battery pack


1080P Ring App$113View
Reolink E1 Pro 4MP Plug-in4.3/55GHz supported; battery supported4 MPReolink App$52.99View
Wyze Cam Pan v2 1080p4.5/5Pan, tilt, and zoom1080PWyze cam$52.70View
Arlo Essential Indoor Camera4.3/5No hub required


1080PArlo App$106View
Swann Security Camera3.4/5Heat & motion sensing1080P full HDSwann App$49View
ZOSI C611 1080P HD Indoor4.5/5Wireless App1080PZosi smart app$28.99View
LaView Security Cameras4.2/5AI motion detection & real-time alert1080PLaView App$129.99/Bundle PriceView

Vivitar Wide Angle cam

4.2/5Wide angle coverage1080PVivitar Home App$39View


The security of indoor places has always been a concern. We have to safeguard our homes and other places. For that we use them. The indoor cams are designed by keeping into mind various factors. 

They can be set up easily and are smaller in size. They can be put on any surface or hung somewhere. They can also be installed on walls and ceilings. Their day vision and night vision must be clear. They must also keep all the modern features and functions.

What Are The Best CCTV Indoor Cameras Like?

Indoor cams are designed in such a way, they are lighter in weight and cute in design. They are sleek in size and their base is wider to make them sit anywhere. 

They are plug-and-play or battery-operated. So you do not have to lay bundles of wires to set up them. The configuration process is also easy. They can be monitored from home and outside the home. If you are away from home, no issue, you are still aware of happenings. The indoor cameras give you mental peace and control of activities. You can always monitor grannies and babies. Similarly, you can install it for watching your pets.

As they are mainly installed inside, we don’t require them vandal proof. 

They are equipped with two-way audio, sensor abilities, night vision, and remote access. These features make indoor devices purposeful. In most houses, they discharge the responsibilities of a security guard. The purpose of a guard is to keep you safe and secure. It alerts you and aware you in advance of an impending threat.    

How To Select The Best Indoor Cameras?

The selection of the best indoor cameras is based on certain parameters. They had to pass the test of the parameters. 

These parameters are governed by certain features and functions of CCTV Devices. Since they all are used as security surveillance devices they must possess the following qualities. 

  1. Resolution– The resolution of the device is the primary factor. If it is poor, the images it transmits are low. They are measured in TVLs or pixels. Our latest devices are digital devices. They are laced with high pixels. Low-pixel cameras provide dull images. High-pixel cameras create sharp and clear images.
  2. Night Vision– The night vision of indoor devices is an indispensable attribute. If they are poor, the images it captures in low light or no light are fuzzy. There are bugs in them and you can’t recognize faces and activities. Security cams are installed to safeguard against threats. Mainly theft and burglary happen in the murkiness of the night. If you fail to ascertain anything in the darkness, then security is at stake. The gadget failed to serve its purpose. 
  3. Design– Location wise these devices must be designed to go with the interior. They must not be big enough or have trouble installing them on walls or ceilings. Similarly, they must be in a shape that they can be put on any surface
  4. Privacy– Since these devices are installed indoors, they must not breach the privacy of the user. The device must have a password and be user protected. No unauthorized person can check the recording or make any changes in the settings.
  5. Setup– The installation process should be simple. Any amateur can hang or install them. The user can also use the same device at various locations by simply shifting them. If the installation is typical and technical, a professional can only do the installation of the cam. It will limit the use of the gadget.
  6. Sensors– Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a powerful thing. It can augment your safety and security. These sensors can alert you in advance of suspicious people and activities. They send alert messages and alarm you to be cautious.
  7. Two-way Audio– It helps in transferring messages, alerting members, and listening to them. This feature can keep you aware of the members. You can communicate with them and listen to them. You can also raise an alarm by watching any threatening activity or people. 
  8. Recording– The devices can record on SD cards and cloud servers. You can check the playback from anywhere. 
  9. Durability– The durability of the devices is an indication of their health. If durability is high, then it enhances customer satisfaction and trust.   

These are leading features. These devices are tested on them and then only suggested in this article.

Their numbering has nothing to do with their ranks. The best indoor cameras are given below. 

Best Indoor Cameras-1

1Honeywell Home C2 Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Honeywell cam 1

Honeywell home C2 is an indoor camera. It is a good cam with bright images. The resolution is high and the clarity is immaculate. you can install it at any place. It can be hung on a wall or you can install it on any surface.

You can use this device to monitor babies or pets also. It saves your houses, offices, and any indoor place. 1080P resolution and 6x digital zoom make it splendidly useful. Artificial Intelligence keeps users alert to threats and dubious things.

Honeywell Home App will keep you connected with all activities.

The Geofence technology activates the device based on set locations. The price of the gadget on Amazon is $168.49. The dimensions of the device are 7 x 3.63 x 7 inches. It carries a weight of 1 pound.

monitoring cam 2


  • Adjustable alert zones
  • Live video to look-in
  • Intelligent sound detection
  • Works with Alexa
  • Cloud & SD Storage
  • 1080P resolution
  • 6x digital zoom
  • Geofence technology activated
  • WiFi security camera
  • Tw0-way audio supported


  • A costly device
  • Only 8 GB SD card is given

Key Features & Functions

features of the cam 3

  • This Honeywell cam is a trendsetter and pacesetter in professionally monitored security systems 
  • Thanks to the organization they have developed a powerful monitoring home camera suitable for families, offices and pets. You can access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Free cloud and SD Card Storage include secure Cloud storage to stream and transfer clips of events for the past twenty-four hours. You can upgrade the subscription to seven days and thirty days. An encrypted 8 GB. The SD card is enclosed for backup.
  • 1080P Full HD camera with 6x digital zoom is given. It is a very useful feature of this Honeywell cam.
  • Intelligent sound detection acknowledges specific sounds like crying babies and kids, or your existing smoke and carbon monoxide gas alarms.
  • Geofence technology mechanically activates the camera supported by your location You can select Home mode and away from home mode as per will
  • Works with Alexa and gives excellent performance

Best Indoor Cameras-2

2- Google Nest Cam Battery Indoor/Outdoor- 2nd Generation

Nest cam 2nd Generation 1

It is a second-generation cam with an updated version. The cam is highly rated across the world. The built-in intelligence can differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicles.

The 1080P resolution of the device provides the most scintillating images and clarity. It captures a wider angle. You can place it anywhere inside the house. It can be hung and installed on any surface. It is a battery-operated gadget and its battery lasts for months.

The Nest Aware App helps in continuous recording of the files and giving access to its users from any place. The dimensions of the cam are 3.27 x 3.27 x 3.27 inches. It is a metal dome cam. The weight is 1.76 pounds. It is available on Amazon with a price tag of $119.98.


  • Built-in intelligence
  • 24 * 7 protection. It records continuously
  • SD cards supported and Cloud server recording supported
  • WFi-enabled device
  •  video feed hands-free on compatible smart displays with Google Assistant
  • Compatible with Nest Home App
  • Battery operated tremendous cam
  • Easy installation method


  • This cam is not actionable on the Nest app. It supports Nest Home App.
  • The SD card is not given with this pack

Features & Functions

wire free connection to nest cam 2

  • Nest Cam has intrinsic intelligence and may tell the distinction between people, animals, and vehicles.
  •  It sends you alert signals directly through the Google Home app. You don’t require any additional subscription.
  • Easily sign up from any place 24/7 with 1080p HDR video quality with scintillating night vision. 
  • You can always watch what you have lost with three hours of free event video history. 
  • Add a Nest Aware subscription which is sold separately for up to sixty days of video history
  • If your Wi-Fi goes down or there’s an influence outage, Nest Cam can store up to an hour of recorded events. Therefore you’ll be able to see what you have missed.
  • Put Nest Cam anyplace, outside or in.  
  • Its battery is high-powered. Therefore you don’t have to be compelled to set it up close to an outlet, and therefore the magnetic mount makes installation easier
  • For continuous power and 24/7 recording with Nest Aware, add a weatherproof cable or indoor stand with cable (both oversubscribed separately)
  • Stream your live video feed hands-free on compatible good displays with Google Assistant, smart TVs, and tablets with Amazon Alexa
  • Nest Cam needs the Google Home app and a free Google Account. It’s not compatible with the Nest app or the Nest website.

Best Indoor Cameras-3

3- Ring Stick Battery Indoor Security Camera

Ring cam 1

It is an indoor security cam with a very attractive design. That is why it is known as a stick camera. The cam resolution is sharp and gives clear images. The DNR technology supports providing the best night vision images.

It is a battery-operated device. All battery-operated cams have an added advantage, they are wireless. They don’t require bundles of wire and their maintenance is easier. The installation process is also simple. Any amateur can make their setup.

You can watch it from anywhere with the help of the Ring app. You can pair it up with Google Assistant and Alexa. The dimensions of the cam are 60mm x 60mm x 97mm. The Ring cam covers a wider angle.

The fields of view are 130° diagonal, 110° horizontal, and 57° vertical. This gadget is sold on the Amazon platform with a price tag of $113.27.


  • You can watch, hear and speak to someone with this gadget
  • Get access from any place
  • Sensors are powerful
  • Ring Protect plan gives you the freedom to record and review
  • Easy installation process and mounting brackets
  • Sleek shape. It can be kept on any surface, hang or install it.
  • Gives you smart security

Ring stick camera 1Disadvantages

  • For continuous cloud server recording, you have to purchase the subscription
  • The device is pretty costly

Features & Functions

converse to anyone on cam 3

  • You can see, hear and speak to individuals from your smartphones, tablets, etc. 
  • Select an echo device with a stick-up cam battery and a powered camera that will be mounted indoors/outdoors.
  • With Live feed, you can sign up and check on your home any time with the Ring app.
  • With this application Ring Protection plan subscription, you can watch, record, and review things. For that, you have to purchase the subscription separately.
  • It keeps the recording and image for 180 days, even if you don’t watch them.
  • Place on a flat surface or mount to a wall with the versatile mounting bracket. Add on the mount for stick-up cam which is sold separately for ceiling mount.
  • Watch over your entire home by connecting one or multiple Stick Up Cams to all or any of your Ring devices within the Ring app.
  • Easily set up Stick Up Cam Battery by inserting the battery pack and connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • For peace of mind, try Alexa to assist you to retain a watch in your home.

Best Indoor Cameras-4

4- Reolink E1 Pro 4MP HD Plug-in Home Security Indoor Camera

Reolink indoor cam 1

Reolink cam is a 4MP cam. It is a plug-in home security camera that can be installed anywhere. You can place this device on a table in your home or office. It is a WiFi cam that supports 2.4/5 GHz. The two-way talk gives users the option to communicate with family members and employees. You can instruct and inform.

The sensors are sharp. They sense any motion and audio. You get the information as soon as they feel anything suspicious. This cam can also be used as a baby monitor. It can be placed in the baby’s crib and you can monitor it on the monitor. It gives every user mental peace.

Reolink App shows you everything crystal clear. You can attach this cam with an NVR also. You can record the events on an SD card with up to 128GB. The cloud server recording keeps preserved forever.

The dimension is 2.99 x 2.76 x 4.21 inches and its weight is 7 ounces. Its price is $52.99 on the Amazon platform.


  • Easy to install
  • connect to 2.4G/5G Hz WiFi
  • This camera is a 4MP super HD device
  •  Reolink App is available for iOS and Android phones
  •  Rotate 355° horizontally and 50° vertically
  • Supports micro SD card up to 128GB
  • 8 pcs IR LEDs
  • Excellent Night Vision
  • The app can be shared with 20 devices


  • No SD card with the pack
  • Cloud server recording is initially free, then you have to purchase a subscription

Key Features & Functions

cam can rotate 2

  • Ideal for homes, indoors, etc. With a wire-free feature, this moveable 4G security camera is simply put anywhere while no wiring is required. 
  • Hook up with Reolink star Panel which is sold separately. It’ll get a nonstop power offer and free you from charging the battery.
  • The advanced technology of differentiating person and vehicle. It has different sensitivity levels. You can reset it as per your choice. 
  • It correctly reads the situation and sends you alarms and messages. This way it greatly reduces false alarms on trivial objects’ movements. 
  • Instant alerts like push or email with attachments (text/picture) are sent to send messages to you in time.
  • The device can pan 355°and tilt 140°. It covers a wide angle.
  • Sees everything in vivid detail with the 4MP super HD resolution. It gives you additional clarity than ever before.
  • It supports a 32GB SD card. Reolink Free trial for 7-day Cloud service. 
  •  No LAN and no wires are needed for monitoring. offers the best installation in any place you would like while not limiting.

Best Indoor Cameras-5

5- Wyze Cam Pan v2 Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera

Wyze cam 1

Wyze cam is an indoor device. The resolution of this cam is 1080P. The night vision of this gadget is exemplary. This cam is AI equipped. It senses activity and alerts users from suspicious and threatful activities.

Videos are uploaded to the AWS cloud via end-to-end encryption and are accessible for 14 days. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant. A magnetic base and 6-foot power cable with a metal plate give you the authority to install this cam at any place. Wyze App will give you remote access to this device.

It supports SD cards and Cloud servers for recording. The coverage angle is 110 degrees. The two-way audio gives its users the freedom to communicate from any place. The dimensions are 2.2 x 2 x 2 inches and its weight is 3.2 ounces. The Amazon platform price is $109.99.


  • 1080P Full HD live stream
  • works with 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi networks
  • records a 12-second Event Video when it detects motion
  • Wyze Cam supports local storage
  • 6-foot power cable
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • H.264 encoding
  • easily identify motion in both live stream and playback video modes
  • Two-way audio


  • Works with 2.4GHz, not 5GHz
  • SD card not given

Key Features & Functions

360 degree coverage 2

  • Wyze Cam V2 delivers quick, clear, live-stream footage direct to your smartphone via the Wyze app (iOS and Android), day or night. 
  • With motion-associated sound detection you’ll be able to receive an alert anytime your Wyze Cam V2 detects sound and motion. 
  • Up to fourteen days of saved alert videos for complimentary. No monthly fees or subscriptions are needed.
  • Use the Wyze Cam v2’s new motion tagging feature to simply determine motion in each live stream and playback video mode. 
  • You will be able to add an associate 8GB, 16GB or 32GB microSD card to alter continuous recording and schedule custom time lapse videos, and use 2-way audio to speak and listen through your Wyze Cam V2. 
  • Use the Wyze app to manage and think about multiple cameras, share your cameras with alternative users, read alert videos, and record and share photos and videos directly from the app. 
  • The Wyze Cam V2 should be powered to use it. 
  • It doesn’t have a battery and is meant for indoor use. It isn’t weatherproof. 
  • Power Adapter Input – 110-240V (AC/DC). WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (Does not support 5GHz network) Supports WPA and WPA2 protocols

Best Indoor Cameras-6

6- Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

Arlo essential cam 1

Arlo essential model camera is the latest technology device. The 1080P resolution is high and transmits arp and clear images. The night vision of this cam is pellucid. You can recognize faces and activities. The two-way audio is given. You can transfer messages and talk to someone on the device end.

The sensors are powerful. They alert users and save them from multiple threats. They can easily recognize motion and audio. The angle it covers is almost 130 degrees.

plug in this device and give power to it. Then make it available to a network. You can set up and configure the device yourself and monitor it on Arlo App.

The dimensions of the gadget are 3.15 x 131.89 x 92.52 inches and its weight is 4 ounces. The Arlo Essential camera is available on Amazon. It costs $106.



  • Smart security cam. It empowers privacy
  •  Capture clear details in full HD
  • 130-degree viewing angle shows your more areas
  • Two-way audio allows you to communicate with anyone
  • Easy to install file
  • Powerful sensors with alert messages and alarms
  • Security with privacy for every room
  • Ward off unwanted guests

keep the device anywhere in home 2Disadvantages

  • No SD card available
  • Deter intruders by triggering the built-in siren

Features & Functions

see full acoverage 3

  • For your stability of mind, your moments will keep personal. It gives you the much-required protection and safety. 
  • It gives you 24 * 7 protection. The Arlo app keeps you alert and agile. 
  • It captures clear details in full HD and shows us an additional area with a 130-degree viewing angle. 
  • This cam can also be used as a baby monitor, nanny cam, and pet cam.
  • Hear and speak to family members, employees, and even pets. You can even communicate with your employees and instruct them. The two-way audio is very useful.
  • Simple to line up, simple to attach the cam. The setup process is pretty easy. 
  • Plug the house camera into any outlet inside, and utilize the LAN camera options by connecting to Wi-Fi. There is no requirement for any hub.
  • With an associate, Arlo secure set up, receive notifications for individuals, vehicles, and packages, dial emergency response or phone a follower right from your mobile device
  • Place the video camera on a shelf or mount it to a wall with the enclosed wall mount to seek out the proper spot for your camera
  • Ward off unwanted guests. Deter intruders by triggering the automatic siren mechanically, or manually from the Arlo app to enhance your home and flat security

Best Indoor Cameras-7

7- Swann 1080P Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera 

swann indoorcam 1

Swann is an indoor camera. It is small in size and designed for houses and offices. It can be placed on tables and walls. You can hang it and install it yourself. The resolution is 2MP. It can cover up to 110 degrees. It means it can easily cover halls and rooms.

The device gives a free recording facility. There is no subscription charge for the cloud. The full HD resolution is 1080P. It is equipped with 2-way audio. The user can communicate with people on the device end. The sensor can read heat and motion.

The Swann App can connect the device and show you in any place. The dimensions of the device are 2.17 x 1.3 x 4.65 inches and its weight is 3.53 ounces. This product is available on Amazon at a tag value of $49.


  • Resolution of the cam is 1080P or 2MP
  • Covers 32 ft in colour night vision
  • The viewing angle it captures is 110 degrees
  • Two-way audio supported
  • No subscription required. Free cloud and local storage.
  • The remote access is done by the Swann app and compatible with INTCAM and our Cam
  • Detect heat + motion sensing
  • records incidents that matter
  • 1080P Full HD resolution


  • WiFi supported only 2.4GHz
  • SD card is not given with the pack

Key Features & Functions

swann cam features 2

  • The cameras’ construction provides 24/7 protection in rain, snow, heat & additional.  
  • This 2MP gadget covers more than 130-degree viewing angles & vision up to 130ft in black & white & up to 32ft in color with the intense sensing element of red light.
  • This professional quality security system detects moving heat objects, like individuals and cars. 
  • It triggers the recording to switch on mode sensing any threat. When there is no movement, the recording is automatically off. 
  • Push notifications for safeguarding any threat. 
  • With reliable notifications and fewer false triggers, you may save time and stress. 
  • With Swann Search technology, you can choose a selected space of the image and you can refer to them at regular intervals.
  •  Free video storage with no extra costs. This wired security system delivers reliable home, workplace and retail protection 24/7. 
  • Have peace of mind knowing that if something happens, you may have video proof. 
  • Store months of video footage on SD cards and Cloud server recording.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant are supported.
  • The camera app can show you multiple sites, playback video, receive push notifications, and additional on your mobile device. The App is a Swann security app.
  • The device is strong. The warranty policy of the company is top-rated. Services are easily available online and offline.

Best Indoor Cameras-8

8- ZOSI HD Indoor Home WiFi Security Camera

zosi cam 1

ZOSI indoor cam has a unique and attractive design. It is an indoor device that can be installed in homes, offices, and halls. The night vision of this gadget is superb. It shows you clean images and footage.

The two-way audio is given in the gadget. The user can use this feature to speak and listen to someone. The sensors are also sharp and powerful. They can sense dubious activities and suspicious people. The user gets alert messages and alarms.

This ZOSI gadget is available on the Amazon platform. The dimension is 1 x 1 x 1 inches and its weight is 13.4 ounces. The price tag is $28.99. Install Zosi smart app to watch from any place.


  • Live Viewing from Anywhere with 1080P
  • Watch clarify night vision even in the dark
  • Talk and listen just like never leave home
  • Customizable advanced motion detection
  • Take care of what you love
  • Smart WiFi function
  • Motion detection and audio detection
  • Can record 24 * 7


  • Only supports 2.4 GHz
  • The device is not very sturdy

Features & Functions

zosi a reliable home guard 2

  • The client gets a pellucid and crisp image day or night with this C611 camera’s automatic IR-CUT filter on the ZOSI sensible Phone APP.
  • The crystal clear twilight vision permits you to visualize a lot of detail whether it is a day or night.  
  • You are safe in its presence. Any threat can be easily detected from anywhere.
  • Mic and speaker allow you to keep you closer to your family members. 
  • You can converse with your family or tell your dog to prevent barking, or say how-do-you-do with the two-way audio operating on your smartphone.
  • Be notified once there are surprising movements. 
  • Sensible notifications with an image are going to be pushed to your smartphone via iPhone/Android App. 
  • You will not miss any moment with remote and native playback.
  • You can install and operate the camera by directly connecting to 2.4GHz Wifi. 
  • Live recording and playback are available from any remote place. 
  • It will keep a watch on your home, your baby and children, your pet/dog/cat, etc.

Best Indoor Cameras-9

9-  LaView Home Security Indoor 1080P WiFi Camera 

laView indoor camera 1

LaView is a Home Security cam. It is a WiFi device with 1080P resolution. You can record events on an SD card or cloud server. The two-way audio is an added advantage that keeps the user engaged in two-way communication. You can pass on any message or listen to someone with its help.

It supports Google Assistant and Alexa. The sensors assess the situation well and alert users to a security threat. This gadget can show you every action from remote areas. For that, you just have to download and install the Review app on your gadget.

Install LaView App to watch online.

It is a 9600mAh battery-operated device. There is no use for a power connection. It can rotate up to 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. The slot is given for the San D card. You can also record on a cloud server. The bundle price of this product is $129.99.


  • Guard Your Home Anytime by Cellphone and PC
  • The camera support PC real-time streaming
  • 180 Days Battery life
  • Stylish & Adjustable Angle
  • The horizontal rotation angle of 355° and a vertical rotation range of 90°
  • AI Motion Detection Real-time Alerts
  • Two-way audio
  • US server cloud, Privacy protection
  • Add 20 family members or friends


  • No SD card available
  • 5GHz not supported

Key Features & Functions

resolution of the cam 2

  • Transfer the LaView application to Google Store and APP Store. 
  •  24/7 period of time streaming anytime, anywhere. 
  • The camera supports real-time video streaming on computers and laptops. 
  • The IP65 weatherproof-rated camera comes with a 9600mAh battery. 
  • The battery may last up to 180 days once charged.
  • This way it provides you 24 hours of home protection and mental peace.
  • The camera can be placed or installed anywhere like in the lounge, kitchen, or office. 
  • It covers a wide angle. One cam is enough to watch the entire hall. With a horizontal rotation angle of 355° and a vertical rotation vary of 90°, the LaView security camera will give you a view of the entire room.
  • AI Motion Detection is very useful. It gives us images and videos in real-time. of time. 
  • LaView security cameras are having in-built advanced motion detection and intelligent real-time alert features.
  • You can get message alerts on your phone in time wherever you are.
  • The two-way audio is a potent feature. The home security camera incorporates an integral mike and speaker. It also allows you to communicate with individuals via the camera.
  • This indoor security camera supports Cloud Storage and an integral microSD slot. 
  • The server is placed within America. 
  • the server doesn’t lose video clips. It guarantees all video units are safe and guarded. Nobody can access recorded videos  
  • You can add 20 relatives and friends with this app.

Best Indoor Cameras-10

10- Vivitar WHT Wide Angle 1080p HD Wi-Fi Smart Home Camera

VIVItar cam 1

VIVITAR cam is for indoor purposes. It is a small size cam that can be installed anywhere and track activities. You can use it on a table, surface, wall, or ceiling. The resolution is 1080P. It is a WiFi cam. You can connect this device to a wifi network and monitor it from any place.

The sensor alerts users and saves them from dubious people and things. You can pre-set a sensitive zone and when any person intrudes in that zone, you get alert messages and alarms. It safeguards you. The two-way audio helps in speaking and listening.

Vivitar Home App can show you all the actions live from anywhere.

You can watch every activity on  Vivitar Home App for iOS and Android. Install it and monitor it from remote areas. The dimensions are 5.25 x 2.5 x 8 inches and its weight is 3.52 ounces. The product is available on Amazon at a price value of $39.99.


  • Quick and easy setup
  •  1080p HD video through the wide-angle lens
  • Download the Vivitar Home App for iOS or Android
  • Powerful IR night vision
  • Two-way audio and motion detection
  • The camera will send push notifications to alert users of the threat
  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Child and pet monitor
  • Cloud backup available
  • Swivel head positioning helps in precise positioning


  • cam is not supported by 5GHz

Features & Functions

design of VIVITAR cam 2

  • Quick and simple setup takes simply minutes from plugging within the home security camera system to recording full 1080p HD video through the camera lens.
  • Free Cloud Service allows you to store review and share footage and access your camera from any place. 
  • Just install Vivitar Home App and get access from far away places
  • Powerful IR twilight vision activates mechanically in low-light conditions 
  • Thus you’ll keep an eye fixed on your house at any hour and will not miss a factor.
  • Two-way audio and motion detection permits you to ascertain and listen to what is going on around and inside the house. 
  • The camera can send push notifications right to your phone and alert you. 
  • Thus you are always mentally relieved from suspicious things. 
  • Vivitar IPC113 LAN camera is compatible with iOS and automaton devices and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice management. 


The best indoor cameras are mentioned here. These devices qualify for various tests as mentioned above. You can purchase them and install them in your homes, offices, and halls.

The design and style of the devices are attractive. They enhance the interior look and their performances are second to none. These cams are durable and their service centers are available online and offline.

All the latest features and technological advancements are featured in these articles. You will always feel mental freedom with them.

Please share your opinion regarding this article. We will update them from time to time.

Thank You.

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