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Here we provide the Best Surveillance Camera App for all major security companies. You can download and install all relative best surveillance camera app for free. All CCTV provider has its app. So you have to find out what kind of surveillance camera app is suitable for your DVR/NVR/IP camera. Sometimes the App name is different from the brand name of the CCTV system. In that case, you do not know which App is supported by your system.

Here we are going to list all major companies and their relative Best Surveillance Camera App. When you got the right app for your system then you can watch the live view of your CCTV system.

What is the Surveillance Camera App?

The surveillance camera app is a mobile application by which you can view your CCTV system using your mobile phone. To watch the view from the surveillance system from your mobile device, You have made some setting on your CCTV system(DVR/NVR/IP camera). After making the right setting you have to enter the detail in the surveillance camera app and then you can see all your cameras on your mobile device or tablet.

Why need a Surveillance Camera App?

in today’s scenario, everyone is busy and no one has enough time to monitor its home or working area by sitting in a place so everyone wants a system that can provide on the go monitoring. So this is the basic need of everyone to watch its home or working area from anywhere.

List of Best Surveillance Camera App

Hikvision is the king of the CCTV industry and they also provide the best application for mobile devices. There are the following two main apps for android.

1. Hikvision mobile app

Hikvision is one of the global CCTV manufacturers in the international market. Hikvision’s IP cameras have following features such as megapixel resolution, wide dynamic range, remote zoom and auto-focus lenses. Hikvision provides a wide variety of products of megapixel IP cameras, ranging from economical dome IP cameras to high-performance PTZ cameras.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Hikivison Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download IVMS 4000 Surveillance App

Download Hik connect Surveillance App

2. TVT DVR mobile app

TVT is a fast-growing CCTV equipment manufacturer, established in 2004. TVT has been growing up as a total solution developer and manufacturer, offering unique products including full range DVR and colour camera, IP camera and hybrid DVR/NVR, HD DVR and camera, mobile DVR and software solutions such as CMS, smartphone applications and browser applications.

Best Surveillance Camera App
TVT DVR Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Suerlivepro surveillance App

Download SuperLive Plus surveillance App 

3. CP Plus Android CCTV Camera App

CP PLUS is the global leader in advanced security and surveillance solution. Driven by the vision and commitment to make surveillance simple and affordable, CP PLUS has embarked on a mission to make the world a safe and secure place. As per the IHS Survey 2017, CP PLUS stands as the youngest and fastest brand to enter the club of Top 4 security companies in the world and Top 2 in Asia.

Best Surveillance Camera App
CP Plus Android CCTV Camera App- Best Surveillance Camera App

Download GCMOB surveillance App

Download Xmob  surveillance App

4. Dahua Mobile App

Dahua Technology is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Dahua Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download GMDSS lite surveillance APP 

5. Bosch video security app

Best Surveillance Camera App
Bosch Video Security – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Bosch surveillance APP

6. Viewer for Axis cameras

Axis Communication provides some of the best CCTV cameras. Axis Communications is a Swedish manufacturer of network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries. According to a 2013 market research report by industry analyst house IHS Research, Axis Communications is the global market leader in the network camera and video encoder markets.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Axis Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Axis surveillance App

Download Axis Mobile App

7. Samsung Mobile App

Samsung Communications Centre and Brisbane Telephone Company (BTC) have been supporting businesses to improve communications and processes by tailoring platforms and applications to the specific needs of the business. Samsung Communications Centre/BTC has been an ever-present, reliable partner throughout the evolution of communications technology.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Samsung Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Samsung surveillance App

Download Samsung Camera App

8. Panasonic security App

Panasonic Security Cameras and CCTV systems contribute a large line-up, from analogue cameras to IP cameras that are suitable for your plan. It is one of the popular brands in the CCTV market.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Panasonic Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Mobile App

Download surveillance App

9. Honeywell Security Mobile App

Honeywell Video Systems CCTV presents reliable identification of potential security threats, keeping public places and the people in the more protected and more secure. The Performance Series of IP cameras provides affordable video monitoring solutions to meet a wide range of everyday security applications.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Honeywell Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Honeywell mobile App

10. Vintron Security App

Vintron Informatics Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of electronic security and surveillance products in India. In the country which is primarily dependent upon South Asian countries for the manufacturing of electronic and IT related products, Vintron made its standing to be a capable and credible Indian manufacturer, which is its biggest strength.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Vintron Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Vintron surveillance App

11. Sony Android CCTV Camera App

Sony, have been operating alongside professionals for over 50 years. It is through the experiences of working together, forging strong business partnerships that Sony strives to understand customers’ needs and the challenges they face. Together with market-leading technologies and expertise, Sony develops bespoke solutions to enable individuals across various industries to bring their ideas forward.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Sony security app – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Sony Vinton App 

12. Gobbler Android CCTV Camera App

Gobbler is the of the most trusted brand in India. This App is useful in connecting your CCTV cameras on your android smartphones.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Gobbler Android App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Gobbler Mobile App

13. Hi-Focus security App

Hi-Focus strives to deliver you the most advanced CCTV surveillance systems that can combine high volumes to data to produce significant and meaningful information. The systems provide users with advanced scrutiny, analysis, interpretation, and management. They aid in the deployment of smart and intelligent security system solutions through a comprehensive analysis based on the position and location of the device.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Hi-Focus Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Hi-focus Mobile App

14. Zicom Mobile App

Zicom has its presence in the Middle East and over 1100 cities in India, securing over a million happy customers with its valued-added security products and services.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Zicom Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Zi-com surveillance App

15. UNV security App

Uniview is the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance. Firstly introduced IP video surveillance to China, Uniview now is the third-largest player in video surveillance in China. In 2018, Uniview has the 4th largest global market share.

Uniview has complete IP video surveillance product lines including IP cameras, NVR, Encoder, Decoder, Storage, Client Software and app, covering diverse vertical markets including retail, building, industry, education, commercial, city surveillance etc.

Best Surveillance Camera App
UNV Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download UNV mobile App

16. Swann Security Mobile App

Swann is a global leader in security monitoring, consumer electronics and security-centric solutions for the smart homes and businesses of today and tomorrow. Swann has a presence in over 40 countries on 6 continents. Swann pioneered the category of Do-it-Yourself security and is proud of the work it has done to make local communities safer.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Swann Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Swann Mobile App

Download Swann Surveillance App

17. KOCOM Mobile App

Kocom has been growing as a global leader in the digital area by developing a variety of solutions applied to housing, building and commercial areas based on the digital video technology and network technology which have been developed with its technology.

Best Surveillance Camera App
KOCOM Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download KOCOM Security App

18. COMMAX Android CCTV Camera App

COMMAX is a company specializing in a smart home that marks 50th anniversary this year since established as Central Electronic Industry in 1968. COMMAX is creating value and safety of life any customers deserve to enjoy while leading global market with advanced technical power and differentiated products spanning from interphone, video phone, the smart home system to security solutions.

Best Surveillance Camera App
COMMAX Android Security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download COMMAX Security App

19. KEDACOM Mobile App

KEDACOM, as a preeminent provider of video products and relevant solutions, is committed to video conference, video surveillance, and various video solutions to help public and corporate customers improve communication and management efficiency.

Best Surveillance Camera App
KEDACOM Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download KEDACOM Surveillance App

20. VIVOTEC Android CCTV Camera App

VIVOTEK Inc. was founded in February 2000. The Company markets VIVOTEK solutions worldwide and has become a leading brand in global security surveillance. VIVOTEK is committed to developing an ecosystem for the IP surveillance industry and looks forward to long term collaboration and growth with all partners in our shared pursuit of a safe and secure society.

Best Surveillance Camera App
VIVOTEK Mobile security App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Vivotek Security Application

21. MOBOTIX Mobile App

MOBOTIX is of the best security solution provider in the market. MOBOTIX provide AI CCTV cameras and other security equipment with software as well.

Best Surveillance Camera App
MOBOTIX Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download MOBTIX Surveillance APP


22. iDMSS Lite Mobile App

iDMSS Lite is mainly used for monitoring the Dahua CCTV cameras on the smartphone. This application is designed by Dahua Technology for iOS users only.

Best Surveillance Camera App
iDMSS Lite Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download iDMSS Lite App


23. WiseView Security App

WiseView app allows you to view the live video and search and playback anywhere with your smartphone if you use Hanwha Techwin’s security system. WiseView is a free application designed specifically for Hanwha Techwin’s security products.

Best Surveillance Camera App
WiseView Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download WiseView App Free

Download WiseView App Free


24. Sricam Mobile App

Sricam is a free App which is customized for Sricam Wi-Fi IP camera. It applies advanced network transmission technology Cloudlink P2P, which makes remote monitor and video calls easier than ever before. It offers you the best choice to keep an eye on your family and friends anytime, anywhere.

Best Surveillance Camera App
Sricam Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download Sricam Mobile App

Download Sricam Mobile App


25. PVMS Pro Camera App

PVMS Pro is one of the best mobile application for monitoring the Securus CCTV cameras. PVMS Pro has many different kinds of features. It provides access to CCTV cameras from remote locations.

Best Surveillance Camera App
PVMS Pro Mobile App – Best Surveillance Camera App

Download PVMS Pro Mobile App

Download PVMS Pro Mobile App

So this is all about the Best Surveillance Camera App. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box.

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