CCTV Camera Technical Terms, You Should Know. WDR, HLC, Mask

CCTV Camera Technical terms

Each and Every industry has its own terms or specification and some of them are technical. In similar, the CCTV camera has also some technical terms. By knowing these CCTV camera technical terms, you can better understand the quality of the product as well as you can also describe the things to your customers. So we tried to explain some of them below.




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The WDR stand for a wide dynamic range, this technology improves the quality of the camera recording, even in very low light condition and very high contrast illuminating area. This technology facilitates the camera to capture every single detail clearly in both very low light or very illuminating areas.

It elongates image quality under very high illuminating contrast and develops the object description in a certain inspection. 

High contrast light is always a problem for cctv cameras. CCTV camera application against the high contrast light area such as an open window or gate where light is coming through is always a challenge. Then a new CCTV camera function comes into existence, called WDR. 

WDR is nothing but the application to adjust the contrasting light between a high range of contrast. By using this, CCTV camera capture same number of detail for both kind of objects,(Internal or external) and make focus on the nearest one.


No one company is untouched by this technology. Everyone single company is using it extensively. Using a camera of high WDR performance enables allows taking sharp and clear every single detail image quality. The WDR use mapping technology which detects the place where it is set up even it is too dark or too bright. 

BLC (Backlight Compensation)


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Backlight compensation is quite similar to WDR. As its name, the light coming from the back is called backlight and adjusting these lights is called backlight compensation. 

The BLC is about compensation for security camera, let imagine a situation like you have set a camera as your environment, but you have too much light or very low light at the place of installation. So you need to buy the camera with technologies having to compensate.

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For example, there is a gate or window in front of CCTV here with too much light coming from that gate or window then we cant see clearly outside from that, even some inside places do also not have a clear view. For that, we have to use BLC in which we can set the area of interest inside the compound and it clear the image quality.


The object which is in between the CCTV camera and backlight is visible as a shadow and the CCTV camera is unable to get all image detail. Those cameras which have BLC has an electronic shutter that basically adjusts the light coming from behind.

HLC (Highlight Compensation)


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The idea of HLC is to compensate for the spotlight coming from the object. It helps to recognize those object which produces lights, such as a vehicle or a flash radiator. HCL just like BLC but its reduce the object’s lights into black one and capture a quality image.

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When you allow HLC, the camera will take an intense spotlight like compensation and adjust the appearance. And the camera will accurately expose your complete view. It is just opposite to the BLC.


Suppose an object is placed at the side of the gate or window, now you will see that instead of the foreground the background is being exposed or we are exposing a full view of the background.

Now you will see that all the detail that will be blown out before perfect we can actually see the only background but our foreground is all now dark even worse than the before of applying HLC. So that one thing keep in mind if we set highlight 

Privacy Masking


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Privacy masking is a term of CCTV camera which is to allow protect some area for capturing. When it is applied CCTV camera allows all areas except some mark of image.

Privacy masking is the characteristic found in many IP CCTV cameras which are used to protect personal detail by cancelling some views of the masked area. This software is introduce in 2018.


Today we are going to looking why to set up the privacy masking on your CCTV camera, now if you are trying to privacy mask on your NVR or DVR its work on the PTZ camera.

  • Privacy masking is the ability to place a mask solid or semi-transparent over one or more parts of an image to cover or hide what is present.
  • Common scenarios include hiding someone identity for safety reasons or hiding personal detail or information for security reasons.


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