CCTV Camera Technical Terms, You Should Know. WDR, HLC, Mask

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CCTV Camera Technical terms

Every and each industry has its own terms and some of them are technical. In similar, CCTV camera has also some technical terms. By knowing these terms, you can better understand the quality of product as well as you can also describe the things to your customers. So we tried to explain some of them below.



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High contrast light always a problem for cctv camera. CCTV camera application against the high contrast light area such as a open window or gate where light is coming through, is always a challenge. Then a new CCTV camera function comes into existence, called WDR. WDR is nothing but the application to adjust the contrast light between high range of contrast. By using this, CCTV camera capture same number of detail for both kind of objects,(Internal or external) and make focus on the nearest one.


BLC (Backlight Compensation)


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Backlight compensation is quite similar to WDR. As its name, the light coming from back it is called backlight and adjusting these lights its called backlight compensation. The object which is in between CCTV camera and backlight, is visible as a shadow and CCTV camera unable to gets all image detail. Those cameras which have BLC, has a electronic shutter basically adjust the light coming from behind.

HLC (Highlight Compensation)

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The idea of HLC is to compensate the spot light coming from the object. It helps to recognize those object which produce lights, such as a vehicle or a flash radiator. HCL just like BLC but its reduce the objects lights into black one and capture a quality image.

Privacy Masking

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Privacy masking is term of CCTV camera which is to allow protect some area for capturing. When it is apply CCTV camera allow all area except some mark of image.



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