CCTV installation : 5 common mistakes often made by engineer

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CCTV installation : 5 common mistakes often made by the engineer


Some people say CCTV installation is a very easy task, true, but there are lots of things keep in mind before and after installing the CCTV camera. It is an easy task but CCTV cameras install for security, if you do a small mistake in installation then it leads to a major fault. If your customer not able to get a proper at the time when footage is for an evidence then it is totally worthless for him. So you have to be very careful about some points and by remembering these points you can improve your performance and enhance your work quality as well. So starts from the very first point.

CCTV installation

Proper Positioning

In CCTV installation, the position of the camera plays a major role. You can understand just like you want to click a picture, To get a good click you need to set all the aspect like angel of camera, distance from the object, backlight etc. in the same manner if you want to record a good footage from CCTV camera then you need find a best place for it.


Calculation of the number of cameras

Basically, it steps a before getting the position of the camera but I recommend firstly find the place of a camera then calculate the number of cameras. This is an important step because when you go for inspection of the site then most of the time you cover only common areas of the site and skip some blind spot areas. So always recommend to the customer that he should cover all the spots for proper security footage.



It is the very easy step to make but ignoring this, the over the security of site can be compromised. As we all know wired CCTV camera footage totally depend on the wiring system. If cabling exposed, then it can be get tempered and you can not get a video for a crime evidence. Each and every cable of the camera never revealed, especially for the outdoor environment. Covering all camera cable, also reduce the service issues.


Always think about future

It is also an important step. Just ask to your customer what will be the plan for expansion of the site and then design the layout for the site. Always keep the possibility to expand the same setup  It is useful to maintain the setup for the long term and also good for the relationship with your customer.


Schedule CheckUp

Always check your work on regular basis. Customers love when someone comes to them and ask them for the problem regarding the setup. This technique will help to build a healthy relationship. Once a customer satisfied with your service then you can ask him for further leads.



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