CCTV Installation Technique: 5 Common Mistakes Often Made By The Engineer

 CCTV Installation Technique

Some people say CCTV installation is a very easy task, true, but there are lots of things to keep in mind before and after installing the CCTV camera. This CCTV installation technique is an easy task but CCTV cameras are installed for security, if you do a common mistake in installation then it leads to a major fault. If your customer is not able to get proper at the time when footage is for evidence then it is worthless for him. 

Sometimes we make some common mistakes in installing the CCTV camera like improper position, long cabling due to DVR position, such type of problem can occur when you install the cctv camera system so we must have one thing in our mind that is the purpose of installing the camera, means why we are going to install the cctv camera.

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So you have to be very careful about some points and by remembering these points you can improve your performance and enhance your work quality as well. So starts from the very first point.

Proper Positioning

In CCTV installation, the position of the camera plays a major role. You can understand just like you want to click a picture, To get a good click you need to set all the aspects like an angel of the camera, distance from the object, backlight etc. 

The camera should have a perfect angle when set up the camera, you need to be aware of how many aspects are going to be covered/captured you have to choose the best camera for your environment, the camera has come with different lenses and they are not all same they have different focal length, aperture etc, so pick right for your suitable field of view.

Initially check with your mobile camera for a better position in point of view and the expectation of what the cctv camera is going to capture.

In the same manner, if you want to record good footage from a CCTV camera then you need to find the best place for it. 

In some incidents when we go to check the footage of cctv camera then we have to realize that the footage is improper or useless, and we can’t collect the evidence. The best place to install the camera inside the room or any indoor place is the corner. From the corner of the room or garden, we can capture most of the field of view means the larger the landscape is covered by the camera to install it at the corner.

The second thing is we should have to choose the proper and best height of the camera for installing it if we install our camera too much above the ground then will only see the head of any person and the satellite view of any object. While we want to see the face of people and the landscape view of the object, so the best height of the installing camera is 9 to10 feet.

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Every camera must be backed up from the other camera it is very important. If someone tampers with one camera, the other camera will back it up and the DVR will record that misbehaving to the camera.

The camera should not be in front of the sun-facing side we must have checked this important thing otherwise the image of the object will look blacked or improper means unidentifiable.

Suppose you install the “NIGHT VISION INFRARED” CCTV camera its look very perfect during day time but at night it’s not clear in view, look very dark even it is night vision camera. Generally, we install the cctv camera during the daytime that’s why it is happening. 

The image is completely overexposed because the infrared light is completely blocked by the wall in front of the CCTV camera which you don’t care about at the time of installation and the camera apprehends too much reflection of light.  


Calculation Of The Number Of Cameras

It steps before getting the position of the camera but I recommend first finding the place of a camera then calculating the number of cameras. This is an important step because when you go for an inspection of the site then most of the time you cover only common areas of the site and skip some blind spot areas. So always recommend to the customer that he should cover all the spots for proper security footage.

We have to make a demonstration for the site of installation for the maximum coverage snd minimum number of cameras to install it will save the costing of the client, and in a short time, you will finish your work properly. 

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We don’t have a need to install too many CCTV cameras to cover the area just take a view with your mobile camera and set the camera as fashion of one camera is covering the field of view with a maximum in the frame and each camera is backed up the other cameras. Then we have to need to install the minimum number of CCTV cameras.   



We know that the DVR camera depends on the wire or the transfer/send the signal to the DVR to record the footage. Then we may use such types of wire as coaxial cable, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 etc.

Then we should have to choose the right cable for the CCTV camera for better recoding otherwise it’s not proper footage, because it all depends on the wire of the camera. 

Also, the selection of the connectors is most important because when the connector does not properly work then we are unable to see the image clearly when we have to need that. So we have to buy branded connectors of copper material that do not easily get worse.

If cabling is exposed, then it can be get tempered and you can not get a video for crime evidence. Every cable of the camera is never revealed, especially for the outdoor environment. Covering all camera cable, also reduce the service issues. We also must have checked the earthen/neutral when the problem is faced. 


Always Think About Future

It is also an important step. Just ask your customer what will be the plan for the expansion of the site and then design the layout for the site. Always keep the possibility to expand the same setup It is useful to maintain the setup for the long term and also good for the relationship with your customer.

You have asked the customer for the position of the camera installed, is there anything going to be built there in the future? if yes then you have to change the camera position.

Schedule CheckUp

Always check your work regularly. Customers love when someone comes to them and ask them about the problem regarding the setup. This technique will help to build a healthy relationship. Once a customer is satisfied with your service then you can ask him for further leads.

Thank You.

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