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COOLCAMOP For Windows OS is written in full length here to make their users understand every bit of it. COOLCAMOP is a CMS Wizard from the Shenzhen NEO organization.

It is designed and developed by the giant Shenzhen NEO Electronic Co. Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the research, design, manufacture, and sales of network digital products. And it is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of IP Cameras in China.

The brand of Neo is Neo COOLCAMOP.  NEO is committed to serving you better with excellent service and high-quality products. The CMS is given in the form of a compressed file. you have to decompress it and install it on your PC.


What is A CMS Application For Windows OS?

A Content Management System(CMS) is computer software. It is used for creating and modifying digital content. When you use a CMS then you become able to index files, retrieve data, search, and format data. It is the backbone of any system.

Suppose you have to operate a surveillance system on your PC then you require the CMS designed by the organization that is compatible with that device. It is mainly in a pressed format. You have to release it before using it.


It is software from Shenzhen Neo Electronic Co. Ltd. It is designed to use for Windows software. For that, you have to open the folder by double-clicking. It is in Winrar format. It is compressed. You have to decompress the file before using it for your Computer. Once it is decompressed, you have to install it on your PC. It is not enough to install. Then you have to go for logging in to it. You have to generate a username and password for yourself. You will reach the homepage of the CMS. Add your security system by adding the IP address.

Features Of COOLCAMOP CMS Software

The software has many enriching features. It makes surveillance monitoring more powerful. We analyze them one by one.

  • The device supports every kind of video format. You can use it with devices, like H.264, H.265, etc. It means that it supports high-resolution videos. The high resolution means good clarity in images.
  • You can add as many devices to your CMS app as you want. It supports multiple devices. There is no issue with it. If you have to add 4 devices from the app and all the devices are at different locations. Every device has connected 8 cameras with it. Each device has a unique IP, Id, and Password. Add them to your software manually one by one. You will see on the display panel that your added devices are mentioned. Push the play button and you will see all 32 cams on your screen at a time.
  • You can click images from it. Run playback. Watch videos, rewind, and fast forward. The wizard supports all these functions. You can easily trace any activity by simply watching the recording.
  • The software supports sensors attached to the devices. Motion sensors and audio sensors are primarily two functionalities. You can put the sensitivity level as high, low, or medium. It depends on the camera location and your preference. By modulating the sensitivity level you set the sensor standard to function at the time of motion.
  • When the device detects any suspicious motion or audio then it alerts you through push notifications. The notifications are in the form of messages and emails.
  • The two-way audio is a very effective feature of this system. Through it, you can pass any message through your CMS wizard to the person on the other side of the device. You can scare away any suspect, or hush away any intruder. It gives you support to raise an alarm in time.
  • It supports recording on your PC. You can also record on a cloud server.
  • You can operate a PTZ Camera with the help of the App. You can rotate left and right, or up and down.
  • You can also zoom the image. You can zoom in and zoom out from your remote location

Download Free COOLCAMOP For Windows OS

We have given here complete information regarding the software so that you can take benefit from it. You have to download it on your computer to make the CMS functional. After downloading it uncompress the file. When the file is uncompressed then you have to go for ‘setup app’ to install it on the system.

The article here will guide you step by step in an illustrative form to make the installation easier. We will give you the link in a downloading button format. You have to press the button to load it on your PC. The downloading button is given below for Windows OS.

Download Free For Mac OS

If you think that it is given for Mac OS then it is not there. If you are a Mac OS user and still want to watch the surveillance system on your device then you have to follow a different process.

You have to download Windows OS on your Mac OS. Users must either install Windows on their Macintosh or download and set up the Bluestacks Android emulator to run the Android app of the client.

Download COOLCAMOP FOR Android OS

If you are an Android phone user, and you want to view the COOLCAMOP cam on your device then the download button is given for you free of cost. The loading link is given for you to install the app on your smartphone. You will have to add the device by scanning the QR Code.

After that follow the instructions to reach the display part. For Android users, the downloading button is given below. Press the link and you will find the app to install on your Android-based smartphone.

Download For iPad/iPhone

The App for iPad/iPhone has not been given by Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co. Ltd. It is given for Windows OS and Android OS. But if you still want to watch it on your device then you have to load another software on your device. After the mounting of that software, you will be able to watch on your gadgets. For that, you have to load the Bluestacks Android emulator to run the Android app of the client.

How To Install COOLCAMOP FOR Windows OS?

If you have to load this app on your Windows, then you have to get the file on your PC. It will be in a compressed format. Uncompress the file to install it on your computer. After that, you have to log in to the device. After logging in go for adding the device by putting in the IP address. The complete illustration is given below.

Step 1- Installation Of The CMS

Firstly, we have to double-click the app to get ready to install on the PC. The following window will open for us.


Here, you have to select the language. Select the preferred language and press OK.


The CMS will welcome you to set up the Wizard. Press next to reach the next stage.


In the next step set up will ask you the path of the folder, where you want to load and store your CMS. Select the drive and folder and press the next button.


In this step, setup was asking you permission for the shortcuts menu folder. Press next and move on.


Here it is about to start the installation process. The moment you press install, it will load and after loading the file notify you with the finish message.


When the set-up has uploaded the file, press the finish button.


Step 2- Adding The Device With the surveillance System

In this step, the device will guide you automatically after installation to the home page of the Device client.


Here, in order to view cameras, you have to add the device. For that, you have to put a username, password, and IP address to the device and connect it. The moment you connect it, cameras will come on the screen.


By default, the User Name and password are admin and admin. Press OK to view cameras.

Step 3- Monitor cameras On the Screen

After logging in and putting in the IP address. Cameras are added to the device. Now, you have to monitor them on the screen.


COLCAMOP App is the CMS software that gives you so many functions and features all in one. You would have seen the illustration to install it and then log in to it on your PC to track activities. It is a very useful application that empowers you with recording, auto-tracking, message conveying, etc. These are only a few to mention. Download it and enjoy your freedom by watching every activity in front of your eyes.

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Thanking you.

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