Download Free LTS-PRO VS For PC [Windows & Mac OS]

LTS-PRO VS For PC is a CMS wizard app that connects us to our security system. This Software mainly functions powerfully and give us seamless streaming round the clock.

Here, in this article, you will get in detail how this “Application” functions, what are the main features of this app, and the complete illustration and downloading process of it. Most importantly you will get here the download buttons of this software free of cost.

So, if you want to get this app, go and click the download button. This software is available for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. Links for each one of them and the complete step-by-step process are given for you. 

What Is A CMS Wizard & How It Functions?

A CMS is  a specialized software for monitoring the device on any PC. The Content Management System is equipped with such functions that it can connect many devices at a time. Suppose there are 4 different locations and you want to monitor them from one place then this software will help you.

All systems have different and unique IPs. You add these IPs to the Software and connect with it. This way all cameras from different locations come on the display screen. It gives you the advantage to watch and monitoring a hassle-free viewing.  

LTS-PRO VS For PC 10What Is A PRO VS For PC Software For Windows OS & Mac OS

This software is designed and marketed by LTS Industries. It is an organization that deals in Security Surveillance Products, Burglar Alarms, Access Control, Cabling, etc. The LTS Industry is located in America, and its products are available worldwide. 

This software is a smart CMS wizard that makes users powerful. The features and attributes of this app make the user powerful enough to operate the device from any remote location.

You will get this software here in a compressed file. You have to decompress the file before installing it on your PC. For that, you have to click the download button.

Features Of LTS-PRO VS For PC CMS Wizard

This app is very useful in accessing the device from any faraway location. To operate it, you have to register an account with it and add your devices. This wizard has many excellent features. Some prominent features we are sharing here with you.

  • It gives you live view monitoring. The seamless streaming the user receives gives him a real-time view. 
  • It can record on your PC and gives you the option to watch playback, take the footage, and snap an image.   
  • The app has the latest video compression technology. The H.265+ technology saves storage and bandwidths.
  • You can view as many devices at a time as possible. It can view more than 256 cameras at a time. For that, you have to add all the IPs of the devices and create an account on the CMS wizard for monitoring. 
  • The Software is motion sensor supported. You can find alert messages with its help. It can detect any activity through motion and audio. The client can mark sensitive zone with PIR sensors. Anyone who wants to enter that zone raises an alarm and gives you push notifications.
  •   The two-way audio is supported by this app. With its help, you can convey any message and raise the alarm by seeing any suspect on the device end.
  • You can operate a PTZ Camera by sitting at your location. This wizard gives you the option to operate the camera from here. 

These are a few benefits of this software available for PCs.

Download LTS-PRO VS For PC Free For Windows OS

It is given here in the form of a downloading button. You have to decompress the file, download it on your Windows PC, and install the app on your Windows OS PC.

It is easy to load and install. Here you will get the link. Below is the section we have demonstrated at length the installation process for it. Please follow the instructions to get it for your PC. The versions are different for Windows OS, Mac OS, And Android OS. Here the load button is given for Windows OS.

Download LTS-PRO VS For PC Free For Mac OS

Here, it is given in the form of a Compressed File. The download button is the link. Click it, and decompress the entire content for your Mac OS system. It is easy to download and install. You can operate multiple functions in the device once you get it. Click the link and start functioning as per desire.

Download LTS-PRO VS For Android OS 


You can get it on the google play store. There you have to search for this app. Once you find it, download it and install the application. For your ease, we are giving it here in the download link form. Click the link to get it. It is available to you in a link format. Get it to operate the App on your android smartphone.

How To Install LTS-PRO VS For PC For Windows OS

Here, we are going to give you an illustrative example of the installation process for Windows OS. It is given in the step-by-step process. The file is in compressed format. Decompress the file to make it run for your Windows PC.

Step-1 Install The Software For Windows OS

The first step in installing the app is that it will greet you and welcome you for choosing it when you go to download it.


You click the next button to get to the next stage of the downloading process. Here, it will ask you to select the location to download this file. You have to choose the drive where you want to save it. Mainly, this kind of software is kept in the ‘C-drive’.


Once the location is finalized and you click the next button, then it navigates you to the next level. Here are the message prompts for the beginning of the installation process. The moment you click the “Installation” button installation begins.


Click the button, and it begins the installation process. It loads the file to its specific location.


The installation begins and saves on the drive. If you have to change the location or still do some changes, then you can cancel the button, or else allow it to do the installation process. The installation process is complete now. Now you have to move on to the next level.


The installation is finished now.

Step-2 Login To The CMS To Add The Device

Now the next step is to add the device to monitor the setup. To do that, you have to first sign in to the CMS. The Application For PC has an Id and Password provided by the Company itself.

The ID is- admin

The Password is- 123456


Once you log in to the system, you will have to add the device. It will take you to the CMS home page.


Click the Add button and the next page will pop up. It will ask you for the IP address of the device. The moment you enter the IP address, you will start your monitoring.

Step-3 Adding The Device And Monitoring The Location

After the addition of the IP address, You will get to the next level.


Once the camera is added to the CMS, it will appear on the display screen of your Windows OS PC. Monitoring becomes easier. You can direct any activity, instruct your workers, or guard your work and property.


You are ready for your monitoring.


This article has given you an extensive and explicit analysis for installing the CMS on your Windows OS, Mac OS. And Android OS. A detailed perspective has been given for a better user experience. You have to follow these steps to get it on your PC.

The step-by-step process is easy to understand and use. CCTV DESK always tries to give its users the best experience in getting and downloading CMS software. It also gives you the best CCTV Cameras, Installation processes and the latest trend in the CCTV Security Industry.

Please share your responses in the comment section. Your comments are our guide. If you find any issues in dealing with this software, please let us know. We will try to give you the best possible solution to your technical problems.

Thank You.


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