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This CMS Wizard is a powerful application that enables you to watch cameras from different sites on a single screen. We have been giving you here a detailed study of DVC Connect For PC software. We have given here the download button for this software.

It is given in a zipped file format. Unzip it before going for loading. We are also demonstrated here the loading and installation of this CMS Wizard. We have covered every step in loading the file and installing it.

No step has been skipped. The link button is given for Windows , Android OS, and Mac. The demonstration of the installation is done here for the Windows app. 

What Is A CCTV CMS Software?

Content Management System is the full form of the CMS. A CMS Wizard shares some basic set of features and functions that becomes a catalyst in creating and modifying digital content, documents, and data. 

Any CMS can record data, index them, search and retrieve them,  access them, revise them, publish them, report them, etc. It shows the usability of the Wizard. Its applicability in the CCTV World is more dominant.

It makes you safer, your property safer, and maximizes your time. It allows you to watch different locations from one place. You can view every activity on any monitor. It makes monitoring and supervising very easy. These CMS files are very often in a compressed file form.

The user has to decompress them before loading. You can install most of the CCTV CMS Wizards on Windows OS, Android OS , and Mac OS. They can access devices from different locations.

We can remote access all of these devices. This way CMS proves to be very handy for sensitive locations. It is also of immense motivation for monitoring sveral cameras at a time.   

Know About DVC Connect Application

DVC Connect For PC16

 It is a CCTV CMS Wizard. The DVC application is designed and manufactured by DVC Organization. It is a Croatian company that deals in security surveillance. The company was established in 2003.

Since then it has been the country’s pioneer in the CCTV business. It has latest and trendy HD cameras, IP Cameras, and PTZ cameras. Apart from them, it has advanced DVRs/NVRs.  

The link to this app is given here in the link code form. It is in a crushed form. You have to extricate it. This app has powerful features. It can track and trace any activity for you. You can record it, transfer it, and click images.

It can record sounds also. Alert you to sense any suspicious activity.   

Features & Functions DVC Application

This App has numerous noticeable attributes. These functions square measure exceptional. apprehend these functions to control the app in an exceedingly higher means. 

  • DVC Connect For PC 14This application can simply run on WiFi/3G and 3G+ networks
  • It has more than 10 live video transfer modes available. The user has many options for streamlining them
  • It relays live videos. there’s is no time lag
  • It shows you live relay. Monitoring is straightforward due to it
  • The application can record activities and playback them
  • PTZ controlling is feasible with this app. The app can pan, tilt, and zoom cameras from any remote position.
  • The Wizard can take snaps, show playbacks
  • It can sense activities. It can sense motion and audio. It can send you alert messages, ring alarms for you to make you vigilant 
  • The app supports two-way audio. Because of this function, you can extend any message to the fellow on the device side. 
  • It can also be used to hush away suspects and intruders
  • This application can be zoomed in on targets to focus on them and trace anything 
  • If you want to connect this app, scan the QR Code
  • This app uses advanced data functioning. It auto-corrects data in low network areas to provide you with seamless streaming

Download DVC Connect For Windows OS

Here, are giving you the link button of this file. It is in a compact file. Extricate the content to load it on the Windows PC. 

We have given here the complete installation process in three different steps. It has been defined with figures. The first step is all about the installation of the CMS. The second step is about the login of the app.

In the third step, we guide you regarding the addition of the device and monitoring of cameras.     

Download DVC Connect For Mac OS

The link for the DVC Connect for Mac is given here. It is given here in a link button style. The file is encrypted. To load it, you have to extricate it. After that, you can install it.

The loading and installation process is given for Windows. By following a similar method, you can do it for this PC also. 

Download DVC For Android OS

If you want to load and install the app on your Android smartphone, then here is the process given. The load button is given for the Wizard. You can also get the app from the google play store.

Get the app and then install it on your mobile. Then after that, the next step is to add the camera and monitor it. For that, we will scan the device.

After the scan, the app will prompt certain instructions, follow them, navigate the process and you will be able to add the device. 

Installation Of DVC Connect For Windows OS

To install the app on windows, you have to download the Wizard. The file is given in a compressed style. To install, we have to decompress it. So we will extract the file first.

After that, we will run it. It is possible in three steps. The step-1 is about the installation of the app. The second step is about the Login of the application. The third step is about connecting the camera and getting them ready for monitoring on display screens. 

Step-1 Installation of the CMS

The file is encrypted. You have to decompress it first. Then double click the setup file. The following page will open

DVC Connect For PC 1

The file will be set up and asked for the language preference. Select the preferred language and press the Ok button.

DVC Connect For PC 2

The Wizard is preparing here to download and install.

DVC Connect For PC 3

Here, it is asking for the administrator’s permission. Press the yes button to permit it.

DVC Connect For PC 4

Here, in this window, you will get the complete guide for the License agreement. Read them carefully. If you are happy and satisfied with this agreement then select the box and press the Next button. The following page will appear.

DVC Connect For PC 5

The destination folder is given here. You can select the path and location of the folder. After the selection, press the Next button. The moment you press the next button, the software begins to install. It takes only a few seconds to install the application.

Once it is done, it will notify you.

DVC Connect For PC 6

The installation is going on and finish in a few seconds.

DVC Connect For PC 7

This way we will install the application.

Step-2 Log In The App

To log in to the app, we double click the icon of the software. The following window opens.

DVC Connect For PC 8

Here, you have to put in the username and the password.

By default, the username and the password are- User Name- admin; Password- 123456

DVC Connect For PC 9

Put in the username and the password. After that press the login button. The following page opens.

DVC Connect For PC 10

The Homepage of the CMS Wizard opens. This way we log in to the app.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

Open the homepage of the Wizard. Select the Resource Management option. Press the Add Device option.

DVC Connect For PC 11

This page opens for you. You will have to give the device name, port, IP address, etc. After that press the Add button. The gadget will be added and you will be able to monitor cameras.

DVC Connect For PC 13

This way we monitor cameras.


The DVC Connect CMS Wizard has been described here. The link was given for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. We guided here to decompress the link, the installation process for Windows.

The step-by-step process is given. The features of the app were also elaborated to know deep about it.

We have given this CCTV Wizard for watching many cams from different sites. We have explained her DVC App. Please ask your queries in the comment section.

Thank You.

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