Eclipse View for PC Free Download Win 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Get the details related to the software Eclipse View for PC user clients. The article will help the user clients to connect their CCTV cameras to the PC.

The article also provides other essential information about the software for operating and controlling the CCTV camera. The download of the application is free for the users and our readers.

Learn More About The Eclipse View Application

The software for the installation on Windows and macOS clients is provided by us to help our readers and clients keep surveillance on their premises and family. The article has provided the download links of the apps for the respective operating systems of PC and smartphone.

Apart from this information related to the application’s installation for the user clients to help the users to connect and access the video streaming in real-time on the PC. The details are provided below in the article for CCTV camera users. Get the download of the application for free for the respective operating system of PC or smartphone.

What is Eclipse View Software?

Eclipse View Software Logo
Eclipse Software Logo

This app is provided to connect and link the CMS software with the CCTV cameras for getting real-time video surveillance on the PC as well as the smartphone. This software is available for free to install for the Eclipse surveillance cameras. This app helps users control as well as operate the CCTV camera on a PC or smartphone.

Functions Of The CMS Eclipse View For PC & Smartphone 

This section provides extensive knowledge about the functions and capabilities of the CMS software. Learning about them is necessary as it helps in operating the CCTV cameras through this application without any specific technical knowledge requirement. The app has amazing features that are listed below as follows:

  • Get real-time monitoring in any resolution.
  • Cloud Storage and login facility.
  • Playback recorded videos and capture snapshots.
  • Alarm push notification.
  • Provide PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) control.

Download Eclipse View Software for Windows & Mac OS

The download of the Eclipse application to install and connect the Eclipse CCTV camera on their PC without any technical issues. We have also ensured to render the installation process details of the CMS for Windows and Mac. The software’s file is provided below in compressed format, use WinRAR for the extraction of the CMS.

Apart from the installation of the software, the article also renders information about the application’s installation process with illustrations of images for better understandability of the procedure. The details are rendered below in the article for the Windows user clients.

Download & Install App for Smartphone (Android & iPhone / iPad)

The application is available to be installed on smartphones to assist the user clients in connecting the users to access the CCTV cameras. With the help of the CMS software for Android and iOS users, clients can keep surveillance on their premises and ensure the safety of their families.

The link is provided above for proceeding to install the application on Android Smartphones, iPhones, and iPad. The users can access their CCTV cameras on the PC without any difficulty. The app provides the best user interfaces for the clients to operate the app.

How To Install it For PC?

To install the software on Windows follow the steps rendered below in the article. As mentioned earlier, download and extract the file and open it. Then proceed to the application file extension by double-clicking on the extension to start the installation. Then follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Step – ES-Station Setup on the PC

The setup window will appear on the screen of the PC, click on the “Next” button.

Start the installing of Eclipse View
Start the installing

Then select the functions to install on the PC of the user clients as well as assign the root directory by clicking on the “Browse” button. Then click on the “Next” to proceed.

Select the functions of the Eclipse View CMS
Select the functions of the Eclipse CMS

The software is now ready to be installed on Windows. Then click on the Install button.

Application is ready for installation
The application is ready for installation

The software installation will begin on the screen of the PC. Wait for the process to end successfully.

Process of installing the software
Process of installing the software

When the installation process is successfully completed, click on the Finish button to proceed.

Completed the installation of the app
Completed the installation of the app

2. Step – Login and Connect The Device

Then start the software on the PC, and the login window will appear on the screen. Enter the default username and password and click on the Login to proceed.

Default Username – “admin”

Default Password – “123456”

Log in to the ES-Station app
Log in to the ES-Station app

The home screen of the Eclipse CMS software will appear on the screen. Click on the “Device Management” option to proceed.

The home screen of the ES-Station
The home screen of the ES-Station

3. Step  – Connect the CCTV Cameras on Device Manager

Here the device manager window will appear on the screen of the PC. Click on the “+Add” button. The dialogue box will appear on the screen, enter the device details such as IP address, port, username, and password. Then click on the “OK” button to proceed.

Add the devices in the device manager
Add the devices to the device manager

Then go to the control panel tab of the software on the PC and click on the Live View option.

Get ready for the live view of the CCTV camera
Get ready for the live view of the CCTV camera

Sample Live View on CMS Software

Here is the sample screenshot of the CCTV cameras on the PC for Windows.

Eclipse View for Windows
Live Video Footage on the Eclipse for Windows & Mac OS


The subject of Eclipse View for PC Free Download Win 8/10/11 & Mac OS” is rendered in the article for our readers and user clients to help them connect the security cameras on the Windows and Mac OS. We have also provided the free download of the CMS for the Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems to install on the PC or smartphones. 

We provided every detail about the different aspects of the application for our readers and the CCTV camera users. We have elaborated in detail about the functions and installation process for providing knowledge about the CCTV camera user clients. The article also provides information about the installation with illustrated images and pictures. 

We expect that the article will be helpful for Eclipse CCTV camera users to help them link their CCTV cameras. For more queries and doubts our readers can solve them by commenting in the comment section.

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