Free IMSeye For PC Download For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Learn with us about the free IMSeye CMS App download for Windows and Mac OS. IMSeye helps to connect as well as operate the MEye security surveillance products on PC.

In this article, we have elaborated on the IMSeye Software for Windows and Mac OS with its features and installation procedures.

The software is available for free to download and connect and operate the MEye CCTV cameras on PC.

The discussion regarding the installation of the free IMSeye for PC download is also provided as well. IMSeye Application is provided and discussed at great length to help the user clients understand the software as well as the installation procedure.

The installation procedure of this app is simple and easy to understand.

Free IMSeye App (Windows 7/8/10/11 & MAC OS)

Here get the free IMSeye download link for Windows OS user clients.

The IMSeye is only provided for Windows OS user clients to connect the MEye cameras on their PCs. The software is free to download and we have also discussed the procedure to install the IMSeye for Windows OS.

Free IMSeye for PC download

Free IMSeye Software download. Now download the IMSeye App for Windows OS and install the software to connect as well as manage the MEye CCTV cameras on your PC.

We provide the download link of the IMSeye App free and the download file is in compressed form.

IMSeye CMS (Windows)

Here we provide the IMSeye Software user clients to connect their MEye cameras on PC.

The download link is available below, click the link to download and install this app. The software has many beneficial features and function which are discussed in the features section.

Now get the IMSeye Application to connect the MEye CCTV cameras on a Windows PC.

The download file is ready to get the download, also read the installation process to understand the process of the installation correctly.

IMSeye App (MAC)

The MEye Tech Company is not providing the IMSeye CMS App for Mac OS user clients.

The company has not developed any software for Mac OS user clients. In case, there is no IMSeye App for Mac OS user clients we have provided an important solution to connect MEye cameras on IMSeye App user clients.

Read the guidelines for Mac OS user clients in the second method.

What is the IMSeye Application?

The MEye Tech Company developed and rendered a CCTV camera software known as IMSeye. IMSeye CMS is only available for Windows OS user clients.

IMSeye Application for Windows helps to connect as well as control the MEye CCTV camera on PC. The software is available for free to download on Windows OS.

Features of IMSeye App

Here we are going to learn about the features of IMSeye CMS know more about the software functions and get to know about the functions it provides.

The IMSeye Software is a free software employed on Microsoft Windows 7/ 8/ 10/11 PC. The features of IMSeye are as follows:

  • Stream live video directly from your security devices.
  • Support multiple DVRs.
  • Control over PTZ cameras.
  • Snapshots of live streaming video.
  • Provide local recording capability.
  • Online alarm.
  • Snapshots management.
  • Provide DDNS support.
  • Establish P2P network functions.
  • Supports two-dimensional code scanning capabilities.

1. Method # IMSeye CMS Installation on Windows OS Without Emulator

Download the IMSeye and then extract the downloaded file using a file compression software.

After extracting the download file, open the file and double-click on the IMSeye for the PC installation file to start the installation.

1. Step # 1 Installation of IMSey

When the installation begins, the first window will appear on the screen to select the language, select the language of your own choice and then click on the “OK” button to proceed to the next step.

select the language
Select language

Now the software home screen will appear with a prompt screen as well just click on the “OK” button.

home screen of the app
Home screen screenshot

2. Step # Add devices of Meye software

To Add device on your Meye software click on the “System” option and then on the “Device Manager” option.

add devices
Step to add device

Now the Device Manager screen will appear, just click on the “Add Device” option.

device addition panel
Device addition panel

Now a screen will appear where you must enter device details properly. In my case, I choose the IP Address to add devices to the software. Enter every detail properly and click on the “OK” button.

add device details
Add device details

3. Step # 3 Live view of IMSeye

Now you can see the live view of Meye CCTV cameras on your PC.

live view of the app
Live view

2. Method # 2 IMSeye App Installation on Mac OS With Emulator

What is an emulator? An Emulator functions as software which enables the user to run a completely distinct operating system on their current operating system.

We will discuss the solution provided for the IMSeye app for Mac OS user clients. We will utilise the Bluestacks emulator which is an Android emulator i.e., it helps to run Android OS on Windows as well as Mac OS without any difficulty.

Installing IMSeye on a Mac PC can be done by utilising the Bluestacks emulator. The installation procedure is very simple for IMSeye. The list of the procedures given below to download and install IMSeye user clients:

  • Get the Bluestacks emulator from the link provided.
  • Download the software by clicking on the download button, and wait for the download to complete.
  • After downloading the installation file of the Bluestacks. Open the file to start the installation.
  • Complete the installation process of Bluestacks.
  • Open the Bluestacks after installation is complete, then select the language in which you want to run Bluestacks.
  • Then login to the Bluestacks using an email ID.
  • After completing the logging-in process in Bluestacks, go to the Google Playstore.
  • Install the IMSeye App and run it.
  • Then add device details of your IP camera to connect the CCTV camera with the app.
  • When connecting the IP camera is complete, get the live view on this application.


We have provided the IMSeye to connect the MEye CCTV cameras on Windows OS. IMSeye is only available for Windows OS clients.

The software is free to download on our website and we have also discussed the installation process of the IMSeye App for Windows OS.

We have also solved the problem related to the unavailability of IMSeye.

In the article related to this app, we have discussed every detail. If there is any question or problem related to the CCTV camera software contact us by commenting on the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting us. Have a great day.

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