Download Free IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC

Download Free IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC. Here, in this article, we are giving you the complete detail about this software. It is a CMS wizard application that interfaces us to our security framework.

This Software principally works effectively and it gives us consistent nonstop streaming. In this article, you will get exhaustively how this “Application” functions.

What are the fundamental highlights of this application, and the total representation and downloading cycle of it? You will get here the download buttons for Windows OS, Mac OS, Android OS, and iPhone OS. 

What Is a CMS App & How Is It Helpful In Monitoring?

A CMS is specific programming for checking the gadget on any PC. It allows you to watch CCTV cameras from a remote location. The Content Management System is furnished with such capabilities that it can interface numerous gadgets all at once.

Assume there are 6 different areas and you need to screen them from one place, then this software is helpful.

All gadgets have unique and special IPs. You add these IPs to the Software and connect these devices with it. This way all cameras from various locations come on the showcase screen. It is advantageous for you to monitor different sites from one place.

What Is IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC Software 

This product is manufactured and designed by the security surveillance leader IP Pro. It is an organization that is well-reputed in Surveillance cameras and software. These apps are very handy.

They will give you live views, playbacks, and other smart features. You will find them here free of cost. it is available for Windows OS, Mac OS, Android OS, and iPhone OS.

This product is a brilliant CMS wizard that makes clients strong. The highlights and qualities of this application make the client adequately strong to work the gadget from any distant area. It is available in the decompressed format. You have to decompress them to install them for various Operating systems. 

Features Of Pro(VR Cam, EseeCloud) 

This app is rich in important features and functions. It allows you to access the device from any remote location. You can use it in multiple ways. The attributes of this application are given below. 

  • It gives you a live view of the cameras. The seamless streaming with a real-time view is remarkable.
  • It can record activities on your PC and gives you the choice to watch playback, preserve recording, and snap a picture.
  • The application has the most recent video compression technology. The H.265+ saves storage spaces and transfer speeds.
  • You can see numerous gadgets all at a time. It can show you more than 256 cameras at a time. For that, you need to add every one of the IPs of the gadgets and register them on the CMS wizard for observing.
  • The Software supports ‘Sensors”. You can track down alarm messages with its assistance. It can distinguish any action through movement and sound. The client can check delicate zone with PIR sensors. Any intruder who enters that zone the device automatically raises an alarm and gives you message pop-ups.
  •  The two-way sound is upheld by this application. With its assistance, you can pass on any message to the people on the device side. You can also raise alarms by shouting at suspects.
  • You can operate a PTZ Camera by sitting in your area. This wizard gives you the choice to work the camera from your location.
  • The resolution and night vision quality relay of the software is appropriate.

Download IP Pro For Windows OS

It is given here as a downloading button. The file is in a squeezed format. You need to un-squeeze it, before loading them for your PC. The software can be installed easily.

We have given in this article the complete illustrative guide for the setup. The step-by-step guide will show you the way for the installation, logging in the device, adding it, and monitoring the cam.

Download The CMS For Mac OS

Here, it is given as a Compressed File. You have to decompress the file and then install it for Mac OS. It is not difficult to download and introduce. You can work various functions in the gadget once you get it. Click the load button and begin working it accordingly.

Download The IP Pro Application For Android OS

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 10

You can get it on the google play store. There you need to look for this application. Search the application, download it and install it on your smartphone. For your facilitation, we are giving it here in the download connect button format.

Click the button to get it. It is accessible to you with a download button. Get it to work the App on your android cell phone.

Download For Android OS

Download The Monitoring Software For iPhone OS

The application is available in a squeezed file format. Load it on your iPhone OS and install it. The application can be found on the App store. The link is given here. The complete downloading process is easy. By scanning the QR Code, you can attach this app with the gadget. Click the button below to get the file.

Install The IP Pro Application On Windows OS

Here, you will get the full downloading process for Windows OS. You will learn it here, in three steps. The first step is about the installation process. The second step is about the Login of the application, and the third step is about the adding of the device.

Step-1 Installation Of The Application

The first step in loading the app is that it will ask for the language of the installer. Here, we have chosen the English language.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 1

Press OK, after selecting the language. The next step is that it will ask you for Agreeing on the terms and conditions of the installation of the software.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 2

Once you are done with the agreement part, the next step is that it will ask for the path to download the video on your Windows PC. Give it the path. Then it asks you to also specify the folder where you want to install the file. Once you give both options, then you have to click the button ‘Install”.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 3

When you press the installation button, the loading starts.

The content is loading. It takes some time to install. When the installation is over, it will notify you with the Finish message.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 5

Click the Finish button. The loading and installation step is finished.

Step-2 Logging In The App

In this step, we will know how to log in to the application. Because, if you don’t be able to log in to the gadget, you will not be able to add devices and monitor cameras.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 6

Here, by default, the User Id is “admin”, and the password is empty. 

You can set a password of your choice if you want. The moment you press the button ‘Login’, you enter the homepage of the application. The homepage has many options. Among those many options, we choose the option to add the device. Without adding it we can not view cameras.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 7

Step-3 The Adding Of The Device & Monitoring Of The Camera

In this step, we will add the gadget. To add it, we have to select the ADD DEVICE option. The moment we click that option, the following window opens for us.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 8A

Fill in the DDNS, User Name, Password, Port, and Device Name. After filling in all these details, press the finish button. You will see that the gadget is connected and cameras are on the screen.

IP Pro(VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC 9

The Installation and Monitoring process is dealt with here in detail to give users a better perspective.


The IP (VR Cam & EseeCloud) For PC software is discussed in detail here. We try to give you every aspect of it. The Application is given here for Windows OS, Mac OS, Android OS, and iPhone OS. These are given here in download button formats. The features of this application are tremendous. It can be used for both general and sensitive protections.

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Thank You.

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