Download HIDVCAM For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac Free

HIDVCAM For Windows is a CMS application that can show you the steps of full security. It is an app that can go along nicely. It can associate with many devices simultaneously.

Here, we are giving you this HIDVCAM application for monitoring CCTV Cameras from many sites. We have described the Wizard, its features, and its functions here.

We have given here the connection to this application. The download buttons are given for Windows OS and Android OS. These are given here in link button format for loading and installation. If you want to get this application, you have to click the link given here. Files are given here in a compressed file format.

You have to decompress it to install it on PCs. You will get here the loading and getting part. For that you have to run it on PC. We have shown here in a descriptive way to handle and manage the installation on Windows.

We have given here the systematic progress of the Hidvcam For Windows application. It is loaded and supported with diagrams.

What Is A CMS Wizard? How Does It Function?       

A CMS is software. It can edit, auto correct, crush, transfer, and index data. With the assistance of any software, we can operate multiple things. We can monitor umpteen of cameras from different locations from a CCTV application Wizard

Let’s take this example, you have multiple sites. These sites are covered with CCTV Cameras. You can monitor them from a single place. For that you have to connect these sites with the application. Every device has a unique IP. This IP connects the gadget with the app. This way you monitor your sites with it.

We have given here the complete downloading and installation process. You can easily get it and replicate it on any PC.

What is an HIDVCAM For PC Software 

HIDVCAM For Windows 3 

It is a Chinese company. The company has many security surveillance products. These products are standard and durable. The company is HouweiTech. It has many surveillance products. The company has a high brand value. It has a series of top rated high quality product range.

There are so many CCTV brands available in the market. This company is significant in the sense that it has a vast reach. It has CCTV products, Access systems, Doorbells, Biometrics, etc. The HIDVCAM can connect many devices. Suppose there are 10 sites that you want to cover.

Each site has 10 cameras installed. You want to monitor these 100 cameras from your office. For that, you have to associate these 10 devices with this app. Take the help of the CMS and add devices.

This is the quality of this Wizard that it can associate and relay more than 300 cameras at a time. This way this gadget supports you to view multiple cams at a time.

Features Of HIDVCAM For PC Software

The features and functions of the app are useful. It helps you in operating multiple functions. When we know these qualities, we operate the device better. 

  • HIDVCAM For Windows 1It gives live views. There’s no break.  
  • Gives live streaming. The app has functions that auto-correct network problems to produce a seamless relay
  • The application helps us to operate and work PTZ  gadgets from remote locations.
  • We can pan the gizmo, tilt it, and zoom in by operating these functions from the office.
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You’ll be able to see clear pictures in the darkness of the night. 
  • We can acknowledge faces, tracing activities, and take measures of them
  • It can record, playback, and click images from anywhere
  • It can detect audio and motion with the assistance of sensors.
  • The two-way audio function is given to communicate with someone on the device side.  
  • This feature is additionally useful to frighten suspects by yelling at them or raising alarms
  • This app is intelligent and wise. It sends message, and raise alarms once sensing anything suspicious
  • The resolution of the app is high. It provides clear images

Download HIDVCAM For Windows OS

To load it on Windows, you have to download the setup file. It is given in a crushed file type. Decompress it before you go to install it. We have also shown here the complete integration process. It is done here step by step. Every step is supported by images. The link is given in a download button form. 

Download HIDVCAM For Mac OS

This company has not given any app for Macintosh PC. If you are really interested in monitoring the cams on this Apple PC, you have to download the Windows operating system on this Mac computer. There is another way to get access to the device with this PC by loading Android OS. For that, you have to take the help of the Bluestacks cross application. 

Download HIDVCAM For Android OS

HIDVCAM For Windows 2

If you are interested in supervising sites from your device, install the app. The application can easily be received on the google play store. Download and install the CMS. After that add the device. Add the device by scanning the QR Code given for device.

After scanning it follow instructions. You will be monitoring the cam on your cell phone display screen. Click the button to get them. 

Installation Of HIDVCAM For Windows 7/8/10

Installation is given here. We are giving every stage of the integration process for a better understanding of this camera device. It is given here in three steps. The first step is known as installing the application. The second step is to log in to the app, and the third step is to add the device and monitor cameras.

We will take every step one by one. For every instruction there are diagrams. They make the perspective clear.

Installation Of The Software

The file is given in a zipped file format. We have to unzip it for installation. When we double-click the app, the following window opens.

HIDVCAM Installation 1

This app is greeting you that you are welcome on the application. Press the next button.

HIDVCAM Installation 2

This window is telling you that select the component to install. We select the component and press the next button.

HIDVCAM Installation 3

You have to select the program’s shortcut here. Select the option and after that press the next button. You will reach the next point.

HIDVCAM Installation 4

Now the product is ready to install. the moment you press the install button, you reach the installation point. It takes only a few seconds to install the application. It will install and make a shortcut at the desktop. Press the install button.

HIDVCAM Installation 5

The installation process is so simple. The moment you click it, it begins to load.

HIDVCAM Installation 6

It will notify you with a finished button. Press the finish button. This way you install the app. The first step is over.

Now we will move to the next step. The next step is about logging in to the application. It is easy to load as it takes only a few stages.

Step-2 Log In The CMS Application

To log in to the application, we will double-click the icon. The page to log in will open.

HIDVCAM login 9

By default the user Id is admin. There is no password for logging in. You can create a password of your own.

Put in the username and password(if any).  After that press the login button. You will reach at the next page.

HIDVCAM login 10

It is the homepage of the software. Now the login part is over because we reached the homepage.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Cameras

To add the device click the device manager button. It will open the window for you.

HIDVCAM adding device 11

Here, you will have to give the device name, IP address, port number, username, and password. After giving all these things, press the add button. The moment you press the add button, the device will be connected and cameras will come on Windows PC.

HIDVCAM adding device 12

This way we add the cam on the PC.


The HIDVCAM application is downloaded, installed, and explained here. The app is very effective in monitoring CMS. Every aspect has been covered here. The installation of the Wizard was explained figuratively. You can get here the download button for this app.

The app was in a compressed form. Decompress it to use. Go through the installation process and you will be able to do it yourself.

Please share your remarks about this post. We will keep on uploading apps for you.

Thank You.

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