Hikvision password reset tool : how to reset hikvision password

Hikvision Password Reset Tool

Hikvision password reset tool. There are so many available methods for using the Hikvision password reset tool. Here, we are going to discuss the easiest way to use the Hikvision password reset tool. Before starting let’s get some knowledge about Hikvision password reset tools.

Download the Hikvsion Password Reset Tool.

You can also download the Hikvision password reset tool. Using this tool you can unlock your Hikvision device easily. To reset the password of the Hikvision device using this tool is very simple and easy. You have just downloaded this tool and install it on your PC and then it will automatically detect your Hikvision device.


Download Hikvsion Password Reset Tool


After that just click the option called “Forget Password” and now a .xml file will be export and this file can be sent to Hikvision support or using the above tool you can reset the Hikvision device password.

What is the Hikvision password reset tool?

Hikvision is the big name in the CCTV industry and has so many good products. So it very necessary to provide good technical assistance to its clients. Hikvision allows its users to download some kind of tools for their devices. Similarly, Hikvision provides some tools for resetting the device password called the Hikvision password reset tool.

What is the tool available for the Hikvision password reset?

  •  Batch configuration tool
  •  SADP Tool for Hikvision
  •  Hikvision IVMS Tool

Hikvision password reset tool

Method 1

How to Hikvision password reset using the Hikvision password reset tool

The best and easiest way to reset the Hikvision device password is by using the SADP tool. For using this tool there are some requirements. Please get all the required things before starting the procedure.

Requirements for using the Hikvision password reset tool SADP

  1. Windows Computer/Laptop
  2. Lan Cable
  3. Basic knowledge of computer

Step 1: Download the Hikvision password reset tool SADP

  • Click on this link to download SADP Tool
  • Install SADP Tool into your computer
  • Connect your device to your computer via Lan cable

Step 2: Run the SADP tool to your computer

Here, you got a list of the connected devices. In the list, you got some information about your device. You only need the current date of the device(DVR/NVR) and the serial number of the device.

Hikvision password reset tool

Step 3: write a mail to Hikvision support

Copy the Start Time and Device Serial No and send them to HIKVISION technical support. Here a list available for Hikvision technical support email ids according to your country or region find the correct mail id and mail the Date and the Serial number of the device.

After some time you got a return mail from Hikvision have some information including a date followed by a code. Save it

Hikvision password reset tool

Step 3: Click on Forget Password on SADP

Now come back to SADP on your computer. Now click on “forgot password”

Hikvision password reset tool

After clicking you got a pop-up and ask for security code. Enter the security code (got from email) and click on the confirm button. Your device password has been set to the default password.

Hikvision password reset tool

Method 2

  1. Open the login screen where asks for the password directly to your DVR
  2. Clicking Left-bottom corner on screen 2-3 times
  3. you will find a serial number of your device (DVR/NVR)
  4. Mail this serial number along with the current date and time at the Hikvision Support email.
  5. Email according to the country so you need to find the write Email. You can chat on the support page.
  6. Then after 15-20 minutes, you will get a mail having a master password.
  7. Enter this master password into DVR.
  8. Note: This is valid for only one day.

Method 3

You can use the Hikvision password reset tool below. Fill the serial number, and the current date the text boxes given below. After that, you get the new password for your Hikvision device.

how to reset the password of DVR CP Plus, Hikvision, TVT

Here we discussed the Hikvision password reset using the Hikvision password reset tool. If you have any queries or suggestion please write to us in the comments box.


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