Hikvision SADP Tool Download – Free Hikvision IP Finder 2022

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Hikvision SADP Tool Download: Here you can download SADP tool. Hikvision SADP tool is a utility powered by Hikvision and used to find Hikvision active devices on the network.

In this post, we are going to tell you how to install the Hikvision SDAP tool and also how to configure it on your laptop or desktop in order to find the active device on the network.

Hikvision sadp tool

Hikvision SADP Tool Download All Versions

Here you can download each and every version of SADP tool. Some times this tool not getting the IP address of the devices because we could use the correct version of the tool. So download according to your need.

Download SADPTool For MAC

If you have MAC PC then you can also download the SADPTool for MAC. Just download the software from the given links below for your MAC PC.

How to Activate Device using SADP on MAC PC

What is Hikvision SADP

Hikvision SADP is a utility to find the IP address of a device on the same network. SADP stand for search active device protocol. the network device. Devices include DVR, NVR, IP camera and any other IP device manufactured by Hikvision. It is a free tool so everyone can use it to find the IP address of the IP camera.

It is also used to reset the forgotten password. By using SADP tool you can reset the password for free.

Hikvision SADP tool Download Free

By using these links you can easily download the Hikvision SADP tool. You can also download the setups from the Hikvision’s website directly.

What is the SADP Tool used for

There are the following use of Hikvision SADP Tool

  1. Find the IP address of the device.
  2. Find the device on the network.
  3. Change the IP address of the device.
  4. Change the password of the device.
  5. To see the number of active devices on the network.
  6. Active and inactive devices.
  7. Change the port number of the device.
  8. Recover the forgotten password of the device.
  9. Configure Hik-connect for the device.
  10. IP camera configuration.

How to use Hikvision SADP Tool

Firstly you have to download the setup file of the Hikvision SADP tool. It is in the zip format. If you have WinRAR then you can easily unzip the setup file. Now open the folder of the setup file and double click on that file. The setting up process will be started.

Step 1 (Install the SADP Tool)


After this, a window will ask for permission. Just give it by clicking the “Allow access” button.


Now the new screen will come as shown below.


Choose the language and click the “next” button. The new screen as shown below


just click in the “next” button.


Now click on the “install” button. Now it will install on your computer.

As shown in the below window, the files are transferring in the given folder.

SADP tool installation is in progress

When the installation process will finish, it will ask us to make a desktop icon shortcut.

Now, create a desktop icon shortcut for using the software comfortably. Press the next button and the neg page appears on the screen.

This page shows that the installation process is finished successfully.

Now you will find an icon on your desktop find it and double click on it. This page will open. It represents the connected devices.

Hikvision SADP Tool download

Here you can find all the active and non-active devices on the network.

Step 2 (Change the IP address of the device)

If you want to change the IP address of a device listed in the SADP tool. Just click on the device and all the information related to that device will come into the right pane. As shown below screen.

Hikvision SADP Tool download

Step 3 (Save the settings)

Now disable the “DHCP” option and edit the IP address and the port number what you want. The default IP address of Hikvision is “ After filing the admin password of the device click on the modify button. The default password of the Hikvison device is “12345“. Now it is done you changed the IP address of the Hikvision device.

Hikvision Password Reset Using SADP Tool

You can also reset the password from this Hikvision SADP tool. If you forget the password of the Hikvision device then the SADP tool may help you to reset it.

As we talked earlier, download the SADP tool and install it on your computer and follow the simple steps in order to reset the password of the Hikvision device. You can watch the video or follow the steps given below.

1. Step # Connecting the device to the PC

After installation the setup of the SADP tool on your computer, the first step is to connect the device from the computer. Put the network cable on the device’s LAN port and the other side of the LAN cable goes to the computer. Now turn on the device and run the SADP tool on your computer.

2. Step # getting information of the device

Now you can see all your device detail on the SADP tool as shown below. When all the information of your device comes on the SADP tool then select your device and you can see all the text boxes present on your right-side filled by your device information.

sadp tool download
Device info on SADP tool

3. Step # Export the device information by SADP tool

Now you have to export the information by the SADP tool. Click on the device information and then click on the Forgot Password present on the right-lower corner.

SADP tool
Click on forgot password on Hikvision SADP tool Download

After clicking on the Forgot password a new window comes.

SADP tool
Export setting by Hikvision SADP tool Download

Now select the mode and click on the “Export” button. SADP tool will export a file of device information. Save it on your computer.

3. Step # Write an Email to the Hikvision support

Now you have to write an email to the Hikvision technical support team for requesting the security code for your device. After some time you will get the response from the Hikvision support team with the new security code or XML file.

4. Step # Import the File in SADP Tool

Now import the given file by the Hikvision support team. After importing the file, you need to input the new password and confirm it. After putting the password, you need press the confirm button. If the success message comes then the password of the device is reset using the SADP tool.

SADP tool
Import setting on Hikvision SADP tool

Pros and Cons of Hikvision SADP Tool

SADP tool is very good software for managing Hikvision devices like IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, access control, etc. This software is widely used to configure the network information of the Hikvision devices. There are some pros and cons of the SADP tool is following.


  • Easy to use.
  • Bulk change of IP addresses.
  • It can export the list of devices.
  • Low RAM consumption.
  • Can recover the lost password of the device.
  • For security reasons your Hikvision devices are bind to any email address. You can’t add any more email address unless you unbind the earlier one. For that, you have to take the help of the Hikvision SADP tool.
  • The SADP tool will display your email address. Locate it and select it, then go to the settings option. There you will get the network settings option. In that network settings option, you will get the unbind option. Click it to change the email address of the device or the IP address of the device.
  • Since its firmware is recently updated, it has many new AI features included to make this SADP tool more intelligent for device management.


  • It cannot change the password of the device.
  • Can not change the MAC address of the device.


Overall it is a very good software powered by Hikvision. Hikvision is one of the best CCTV camera brands in the world so it is obvious that it has high-quality tools and utilities for its customers. Hikvision SADP tool is one of them. Use this tool and enjoy it.

This is all about Hikvision SADP Tool Download and configuration. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write to us in the comment box below. Thank You to visit us.

What is Hikvision SADP tool?

The Hikvision SADP tool means Search Active Device Protocol. It is a tool designed by Hikvision to manage its devices on a network.

Where can I download the Hikvision SADP tool?

You have to visit the official website of Hikvision to get this Hikvision SADP tool. You can also download it from other trusted websites like www.cctvdesk.com.

Is the Hikvision SADP tool free to download?

Yes, this Hikvision SADP tool is free to download. There is no charge for operating it.

What operating systems does the Hikvision SADP tool support?

The SADP tool is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. You can easily operate it on them.

What devices does the Hikvision SADP tool support?

Hikvision SADP tool supports all the CCTV devices of Hikvision. It supports NVRs, DVRs, IP Cameras, PTZ Cameras, etc.

Does the Hikvision SADP tool work with non-Hikvision devices?

No, the Hikvision SADP tool doesn’t work with any other manufacturer’s devices. It works only with Hikvision.

How does the Hikvision SADP tool work?

When you connect the SADP tool to the system, it displays the list of all the added devices on the screen along with their IP addresses, usernames and passwords.

Can I change the IP address of a Hikvision device using the SADP tool?

Yes, you can change the IP address of a Hikvision device using the SADP tool.

Does the Hikvision SADP tool require internet access to function?

No, it does not require internet access to function.

Can I update the firmware of a Hikvision device using the SADP tool?

No never. Firmware updates are typically performed using Hikvision’s dedicated firmware update tools, not through the SADP tool.

Can I use the Hikvision SADP tool to manage multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can use multiple Hikvision devices simultaneously on the same network.

Is there a mobile version of the Hikvision SADP tool available?

No, there is no mobile version of the Hikvision SADP tool available. It is only for Windows and MAC.

What should I do if the Hikvision SADP tool fails to detect my devices?

If the Hikvision SADP tool fails to detect your devices, you should check your network settings, ensure that the devices are powered on and connected to the network, and try again.

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11 thoughts on “Hikvision SADP Tool Download – Free Hikvision IP Finder 2022”

    1. Changing the boot logo on a Hikvision DS7204-HD DVR involves technical steps and potential risks. Here’s a summary:

      Prepare Image: Create a custom boot logo image meeting specs.
      Enable Telnet: Activate Telnet in DVR settings and set a password.
      Telnet Connection: Use a Telnet client to connect to the DVR.
      Copy Logo: Copy your custom logo to the appropriate directory.
      Reboot: Safely disconnect and reboot the DVR to see the new logo.
      Note: This process carries risks, and mistakes can lead to issues. Consult experts or official documentation if unsure.
      It is better that you take customer Support.

    1. Fico feliz em saber que você gosta do software Hikvision SADP Tool. A Hikvision está constantemente trabalhando para melhorar seus serviços e produtos. O Hikvision SADP Tool é uma ferramenta útil para detectar e configurar dispositivos da Hikvision em sua rede. Se você tiver alguma pergunta específica sobre o SADP Tool ou precisar de ajuda, sinta-se à vontade para perguntar!

    1. o reset a forgotten pattern on a Hikvision DS-7116HGHI-F1 DVR using the Hikvision SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) Tool, follow these steps:

      Note: This procedure may vary slightly depending on the specific model and firmware version of your Hikvision DVR.

      Download and Install Hikvision SADP Tool
      Make sure your DVR is connected to the same network as your computer. Use an Ethernet cable to ensure a stable connection.
      Run Hikvision SADP Tool:

      Launch the Hikvision SADP Tool on your computer.
      Discover Devices:
      The tool will scan your network for Hikvision devices, including your DVR. It will list the devices it finds.
      Select Your DVR:

      Locate your DS-7116HGHI-F1 DVR in the list of devices shown by the SADP Tool.
      View DVR Information:

      Select your DVR and click on it to view its details.
      Reset the Password:

      In the DVR information window, click on the “Forgot Password” button. This will open a web browser and take you to the Hikvision password reset page.
      Provide Verification Code:

      On the password reset page, you’ll need to enter the device’s serial number, verification code, and security questions’ answers that you set during initial setup.
      Reset the Password:

      After providing the required information, you will be able to reset the password or pattern.
      Access DVR:

      Once the password or pattern is reset successfully, you can access the DVR using the default username and the new password you set during the reset process.
      Please ensure you have the necessary permissions and authorization to perform this reset, as it may impact the security of the DVR. Additionally, the steps can vary depending on your specific device and firmware version, so refer to Hikvision’s official documentation for your device if needed.


    1. If your Hikvision 8-channel DVR is not displaying any video despite being connected and powered, there are several potential reasons for this issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:
      Ensure all cameras are properly connected and powered. Check video cables for damages. Verify DVR output settings. Test the monitor/display on another source. Confirm cameras are connected to the correct channels. Reboot the DVR. Check for firmware updates. Reset to factory settings if needed. Seek professional assistance if issues persist

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