iCSee For PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/10 or MAC

iCSee for PC: Here we are offering to download the iCSee for PC. Basically the iCSee for windows is the software for the alternative version of iCSee mobile application that helps you to run your CCTV cameras on your PC.

If you have an iCSee CCTV camera and you want to connect it to your Windows-based computer then here is a software is available to do so.

iCSee is a Chinese company and it manufactures good stand-alone CCTV cameras and wifi enabled CCTV cameras. So here you can free download the iCsee for PC also here you can see a demonstration of how to use iCSee for PC on your computer.

iCSee for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/10 or MAC

Sometimes we have configured our CCTV camera system on our mobile device but are unable to get our cameras on our PC. So then here is a software available for windows operating system so you can easily install the setup on your PC and get your CCTV camera on your computer with the help of iCSee for PC.

What is iCSee for PC?

Basically iCsee for PC is a software to get run your CCTV cameras on your computer manufactured by the iCSee. This is the software by which you can view your CCTV cameras with the help of the internet. You can also manage your CCTV system with the help of iCSee for PC. In order to connect your iCSee system on your Windows computer, first download the setup file of the software and then follow the given steps and then you will be able to connect your CCTV cameras on your PC.

Features of the iCSee for Windows

  • Able to view your CCTV cameras on your PC.
  • Watch the recording of CCTV.
  • Add multiple devices in the software.
  • Set the live view as per your needs.
  • Set the number of cameras on screen.
  • Multilanguage supports.
  • Manage software users.
  • Motion search.
  • Log monitor.

Download iCSEE for PC

Here is the link available for the download of iCSee for PC. You can download the setup file by simply click on the given link below. The downloaded setup file will be in the compressed format. before using the setup file of iCsee for windows, you need to extract the file. You may use the Winrar in order to unzip the setup file. So before going further, download the setup file by the given link below.

How to Install iCSee on Windows and MAC Computer

Here we are going to discuss the two methods for having your iCSee CCTV camera on your PC. In the first method, we are going to use software specially designed for Windows computers. In the second method, we are going to use an emulator to have you iCSee cameras on your computer either of the MAC PC or it is Windows PC.

Method 1 # Using the iCSee for PC without Bluestack

In this method, we are going to use the software which is design for iCSee CCTV cameras. For this method, you have to download the setup file from the link above and uncompressed the setup file and save it on your PC. Now follow the simple steps given below.

STEP 1 #Installation of iCSee for PC

Flirty go to the folder in which the downloaded file is saved. Right-click on the setup file and you will get an option called “Run as administrator“. Click on this option and the system will ask permission for the installation of iCSee for PC. Just click on the “Yes” button and now your setup is about to install on your computer.

iCSee For PC
Select Language iCSee For PC

Now you have to select the setup language for your iCSee for PC. In my case, I select the English language. Then press the “Next” button.

iCSee For PC
Welcome Screen of installation of iCSee For PC

After that, you can get a welcome screen for the installation of iCSee setup. In this window, you just need to press the “Next” button.

iCSee For Windows
Directory Selection for iCSee For Windows

In this screen, you have to select the installation directory where the software will install. You can change the directory according to your need or you may also leave as it is. After that, press the “Next” button.

iCSee For Windows
Shortcut for iCSee For Windows

In this screen of the software installation, you need to select the shortcut folder where a shortcut will appear for running your software. Also, select that you want to create a shortcut for all users of your computer or only for the current users. You can select it these as per choice and then click the “Next” button.

iCSee For PC
Installation of iCSee For PC
iCSee For PC
Finish the installation iCSee For PC

Now, wait for some time until the software will install on your PC

After the successful installation of iCSee for windows you will get a screen as shown above. Click on the Finish button.

STEP 2 # Login to iCSee for Windows

After completing the setup of the software, you will get a screen as shown below. Be careful this time because if you chose the wrong language then all options of the software shown into that language and in order to correct this you need to reinstall the complete setup.

iCSee For Windows
Language setting of iCSeeFor Windows

Choose the right language which is suitable for you and then click the “OK” button.

iCSee For Windows
Login to iCSee For Windows

Then the new screen appears to you as shown in the above picture. keep the username super and leave the password blank. You can change the username and the password as per your desire after login to iCsee for PC. Click on the “Login” button.

STEP 3 # Add your cameras into the iCSee for PC

In the step, we are going to demonstrate how can you connect your CCTV cameras into the software. After login to the software, you can see a screen as shown in the picture below. On this screen, you can find an option “System” at your right-below corner. Click on that icon.

iCSee for PC
Main Screen of iCSee for PC

Then at your right side span, you can find the Device Manage option as shown in the picture below. Click on that icon and then a new popup window will appear to you called “Device Manager“.

In this window click on the “ADD AREA” then again a new window will open named “Zone“. Fill a zone name as you want into that window and click “OK”. In my case, I create a zone called “DVR”.

iCSee for PC
Adding the zone into iCSee for PC

Now select on the zone name and click on “ADD DEVICE“. In the next window, you have filled all the information like the IP address, the port number, username and the password of your device.

You may also choose another login type such as the domain, ARSP or cloud. In my case, I choose the IP address.

iCSee for PC
Adding the Device in iCSee for PC
iCSee for PC
Adding Methods of iCSee for PC

After filling all the correct information click on the “OK” button. Now you have successfully added your CCTV device into the iCSee for PC.

STEP 4 # See the live view on iCSee for PC

For watching the live view of the camera on your iCsee for windows, close all the windows and jump to the main screen of the software. Here on the left upper corner, you can see your zone name.

Double click on the zone name and all camera name lists will appear to you. Double click on the camera name and now you can your camera on your PC by using the iCSee for PC.

iCSee for PC
Live View on iCSee for PC

Method 2 # Using the Emulator for iCSee for Windows

In this method, we are using an emulator by which you are able to run your exact mobile application on your PC and watch your CCTV cameras on your PC.

Emulator basically a program that allows run the mobile operating system on your computer operating system.

By using this emulator you can see all your cameras on your computer as same as on your mobile phone. To do so you just need to follow some basic step as given below and then you can see your ICsee app for PC.

  • You have Download the Blustacks from its Website.
  • Now find the shortcut for the Bluestacks on your desktop and double click on that icon now the emulator is running on your MAC or Windows PC.
  • Now, go to the “My App” option on the Blustacks.
  • Next window asks you for the sign in or join.
  • Sign in with your current email account.
  • After sign into the My app, search for the ICsee.
  • Install iCsee application on your emulator.
  • Run the ICsee for PC on the emulator.
  • Now add your CCTV cameras on the iCSee application.
  • After completing all the steps, now you can watch your CCTV cameras on your PC.


The iCSee for PC is a generally excellent program to watch your CCTV camera on your PC. It is very easy to understand and quick handling of the software.

The best thing is you can utilize it with any adaptation of Windows 7/8/10 and work for all IOS forms too.

Here we talked about two techniques for iCSee for Windows. Both the techniques are trusted and solid yet we prescribed the primary strategy since it is a customized program for the PC clients and it has greater usefulness.

In the subsequent strategy, we utilized an outsider programming so it is working fine yet not for the propelled clients.

Thus, this is about “iCSee for PC”. We trust this data will supportive to you. On the off chance that you have to pose any inquiries about these techniques please keep in touch with us in the remark box.

You can likewise compose proposals and we will exceptionally welcome this. Much obliged to you for visiting us. Have a decent day.

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    • It is very simple just download this app and connect your camera localy and click on search. It will fetch detail automaticaly.

  1. I have entered the data according to the guide but there is a warning that the user id does not exist even though I have entered the user id and password according to my account in the application

      • Why changing the password is mandatory?
        There seems to be something suspicious, I get the same error message and my credentials are 100% valid, so I don’t have any reason to change.

    • maybe you entered the wrong information many times. So there is nothing to worry please wait for an hour, it will be unclocked automatically.

  2. Vettem egy iCSee kamerát, kültéri. Márciusban jár le az 1 év. Múltkor fel akartam vinni a padlásra ablak elé. Nyáron ment, most egy utolsó próbát csináltam, és egyszer csak lefagyott a kamera. LED lámpái azóta égnek. RRESET gombbal is sokszor próbáltam újra indítani, nyomtam 15 másodperceket is, 60 mp is, nem csinál semmit. Kódokat nem olvas be. Nem mozog. Újra telepítettem a Redmi11 note új telefonomba is az alkalmazást, úgy sem csinál semmit. Hiába dugtam rá az ETHERNET kábelt is, meg le. stb stb. Márciusban meg lejár az egy év! Nem találok kamera szoftvert sem, hogy esetleg újra lehetne telepíteni. Mi a megoldás? Köszönettel: Tibor

  3. Welcome! Unfortunately, I cannot download the card data to a PC. You can’t see the data. How can I download the data on the card?

    • Please elaborate you question. Sure! To download data from your camera’s memory card using ICsee for PC:

      Install ICsee software on your PC.
      Connect the camera to your PC
      Able to see Record, there is no need to download.

  4. Hello,

    I have a wifi camera, I don’t have a recording device, I watch everything via mobile.

    How should I fill in the IP address and other data?

    Could you give me a little help with that? Thank you

    • Certainly, I can provide some general guidance on how to set up your Wi-Fi camera for viewing on a mobile device without a dedicated recording device. Here are the steps you might follow:
      1. Connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.
      2. Find the camera’s IP address in its settings.
      3. Download and install the mobile app from the camera’s manufacturer.
      4. Open the app, add the camera, and enter its details, including the IP address.
      5. Optionally, set up port forwarding on your router for remote access.
      6. Enter the camera’s username and password.
      7. View the live feed on your mobile device through the app.

  5. I managed to connect locally, but my camera is on one network and my laptop is on another, is there any solution how to connect it to work?


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