IP Camera POE PInout: Best way to IP Camera connector punch

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IP camera POE pinout. I would like to share IP camera POE pintout technique, the concept of POE IP camera wiring and connection, how you use POE switch, which is the best POE switch for CCTV.

A POE Switch is a normal switch but it carries power also, means it carries power along with data. Now I explain by the help of picture that how you connect or how IP camera POE pintout with RJ45 Connector.

ip camera poe pintout Diagram

IP camera POE pintout

POE IP Camera Wiring Diagram by using Cat5 Cable, Cat6 Cable and RJ 45 Connector

As mention in the picture, you have to connect RJ45 Connector to cat5 or cat 6 cables and the connection is called T-568B. As I mention above that POE switch carries data and power both, so you have to find out that which colour has power. So for this, you need to read the user manual of POE switch or it is written on POE switch box. using this way you can have a look of IP camera POE pinout.

IP camera POE pintout

AS you see in above image it   1-2 have (+) and   3-6 have (-). Apart from this, you use Voltage multimeter to measure actual volt.

Now from above article, I have extracted many questions that are very useful.

Ques. Why use POE Switch?

Ans. POE has many advantages which are time-saving, less failure rate, Reliability and safety.

Ques. Can I connect IP camera directly to my computer?

Ans. Yes, you can connect IP camera directly to your computer. Earlier I wrote that how I connect TVT IP camera to the computer.

You can follow that post.

TVT IP tool

Ques. What is maximum cable length for POE?

Ans. The maximum length of POE will be 100 meters but you will find POE switch that will transmit up to 250 meters

Ques.  How far can you run a POE camera?

Ans. These answers will same as above.

Ques. When we need 10/100/1000 uplink port POE Switch?

Ans.  You need when you have to install more cameras, it will be more than 25 cameras or you have to install camera more than 2 MP.

We hope this information about IP camera POE pintout is helpful to yours. If you have any query or suggestion please write us in the comment box.

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