iRUS For PC Download Free Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Learn in detail along with the free download of the iRUS for PC user clients. We have also provided information about the software vital information along with other details related to the CMS clients. This article will provide extensive information related to the application’s features as well as installation procedures on the Windows OS.

Download For PC

What is iRUS App?

iRUS CMS Client Logo
iRUS CMS Client Logo

This software integrates the surveillance cameras on the app to access and control the remote devices. The app provides more live video streaming from the cameras on the PC. With this CMS client, users can manage their surveillance system from remote locations along with remote playback of recorded videos as well as instant alerts.

Features & Functions of iRUS CMS Client

Here we have provided extensive information about the software’s functions to help the readers and users to learn as well as understand the different tasks performable by the application while operating the surveillance cameras on a PC or a smartphone. We have provided information in detail about this topic in this section below as follows:

  • Provides cloud service as well.
  • Add cameras and devices by QR code as well.
  • Get 16 channels to view simultaneously.
  • Capture snapshots and record video manually.
  • Two-way audio provides better communication.
  • PTZ control is also provided.
  • Digital zoom to get more big pictures and images from video.

iRUS Download on Windows OS Free

Here we have rendered the application for the Windows PC users to enable them to access the surveillance system on the PC with help of this software. The download of the app is provided below in the article, the installation file is in compressed format. Therefore, use WinRAR to decompress it before employing it on the PC. Also, read the installation procedure discussed below in the article.

Download For Windows

iRUS Free Download For Android OS Supported Smartphone

The company has also rendered the app for Android mobile phone user clients. With help of this app, users can access their surveillance system on their mobile from remote locations as well as control and operate them without any difficulty. Click the provided below to proceed to install the CMS clients on the Android smartphone.

Free iRUS for Android Download

iRUS Download For iPhone / iPad (iOS) Free

We are glad to inform the readers and user clients that the organization provided the application for iPhone and iPad users to enable access as well as control the CCTV cameras on the iOS operating system. Get the app for free to install on the iPhone or iPad from the link provided below to proceed to set up on iOS.

Download App for iPhone

Get App for iPad

Is Software iRUS Available For Mac OS?

Unfortunately, there is no app available for the macOS user clients to help and enable them to access their CCTV cameras on the Macbook. But there are two alternatives present for the Mac OS user clients to access the surveillance system on the Mac PC.

The first option is to install the Windows OS on the Macintosh if it supports or the second alternative is to download and install the Bluestacks i.e, an android emulator to download the android app on the Mac OS without any difficulty. Run the android emulator along with the Mac OS without being required to switch between the operating system as in the case of Windows OS running on the MacBook.

How To Install The iRUS For PC (Windows OS)?

To install and run the app on the Windows OS is provided below. As mentioned above, download and decompress the file with WinRAR and open the extracted folder of the application. Then double-click on the “iRUS-Setup.exe” file to start the installation wizard on the PC.

Step 1 – Begin The Setup Wizard on Computer

The setup wizard will appear on the screen of the PC, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Setup wizard of the app
Setup wizard of the app

Then select the software features and functions to proceed. Also, select the root directory by clicking on the “Browse…” button or leave it as default. Then click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Select functions as well as the assign root directory
Select functions as well as the assign root directory

The application is ready to be installed on the PC, click on the “Install” button to proceed.

Ready to begin installation
Ready to begin the installation

The process of installation will be displayed. Just wait for the process to complete successfully on the Windows OS.

Progress report of installation
Progress report of installation

Now create a desktop icon on the PC, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Create a desktop icon for app
Create a desktop icon for the app

After completing the installation successfully close the installation wizard by clicking on the “Finish” button.

Successfully installed the app
Successfully installed the app

Step 2 – Register The Username and Password To Sign In

Here start the app on the PC, the following dialogue box will appear on the screen. Create a username and password and click on the “OK” button as shown in the image below.

Create username and password
Create username and password

The home screen of the CMS client will appear on Windows. Click on the option Select features as shown below in the image.

Home screen of the App
The home screen of the App

In my case I have chosen all the functions, then proceed by clicking on the “OK” button.

Select the functions to be added to the software
Select the functions to be added to the software

The updated home screen will appear on the screen, click on the option Device Manager to proceed to connect the surveillance system and camera on the app.

Updated home screen
Updated home screen

Step 3 – Connect The Surveillance System To The PC

the device manager will open click on the “+Add” option to open the dialogue box to connect the device.

Device manager of the iRUS client
Device manager of the iRUS client

Here in this dialogue box first select the method of adding devices (in my case I choose the option of IP range). Then enter the IP address series starting and ending range, port, username, and password. Then click on the “Save” button.

Connect the device with IP address series range
Connect the device with IP address series range

Then go back to the home screen after adding the CCTV cameras on the software. Click on the “Live View” option as indicated in the image below to access live video streaming from the surveillance system.

Get ready for live view
Get ready for a live view

Sample of Live View on The iRUS CMS Client

Here we have presented our readers and user clients with the screenshot of the live view from the CCTV camera on the application installed on PC.

iRUS for Windows
Sample real-time video monitoring screenshot from iRUS for Windows OS user clients.


We have provided the details related to the topic of iRUS For PC Download Free Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS to help the readers and user clients learn in detail about the different aspects of the software along with other crucial information related to the app.

We have provided extensive details about the vital aspects of the CMS clients in this article along with the information related to the functions as well as the download link for the Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. The app is available for free to install on the PC and smartphones.

We have also elaborated the information about the installation procedure of the CMS client on the Windows OS along with the image illustrations. With help of this information, the readers can install as well as operate the CMS client to link the surveillance system on the Windows OS.

Unfortunately, the company has not provided any update on the development of the software for Mac OS. Therefore, we have provided the information above in the article along with the solutions. Therefore, we advise the user clients, and readers to read the method to access the surveillance system on the Mac OS.

We hope and expect the article is helpful in providing the solutions for the software user clients. In case any query arises contact us below in the comment section of the article. Also, visit our youtube channel (CCTVDesk) for the installation process.

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