Download Free HapSee Mate For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

HapSee Mate For Windows CMS Wizard is an application that can connect many devices with it. In this article given here, we are sharing you this Wizard. The link to this CMS is given here in the download button form. The file is given in a pressed file style.

You have to un-squeeze the file before loading and installing it. The App is given for Windows OS and Android OS. How you can use this application on Apple PC is also given. We have thoroughly explained the installation of HapSee Wizard on Windows OS.

Every step has been dealt with. This step-by-step guide will give a very good user experience. It’ll additionally help you in comprehending this application’s functions. This app can connect many cameras with it and show them on a single screen. You can easily find it from any distant location.

What Is A CMS Wizard & How Is It Helpful?

The “Content Management System” is the full form of CMS. It is an intelligent management system. It helps users do multiple things. The user can search, edit, store, retrieve, index, format, publish, etc. data with it. It is easy to handle and operate and maximizes security.

Hapsee CMS Wizard can connect multiple devices with it. It can show multiple cams from remote areas. It empowers you with the control of your various sites. 

What Is A HapSee Mate For PC?

This application is designed and marketed by HapSee Mate. It is an organization that deals in software. This software is specially designed to give you monitoring of CCTV Devices.

The beauty of this application is that it can connect more than 256 cams with it and relay them. You can access these cams from any faraway location.  

Features & Functions Of HapSee Software

This CMS Wizard App has several quality functions. It supports users in doing many functions to show various sites. Following are a few prominent functions.

  • HapSee Mate For Windows 12Sound Wave One-button Configuration Wifi. It makes the remote controlling of the activities effective 
  • The app provides us with live streaming. There’s no gap in time. You get continuous streaming
  • The video runs smoothly. The Wizard is having a function, it auto-corrects network issues to produce a seamless relay of live streaming
  • The CMS helps in operating PTZ devices from remote locations. We can pan, tilt, and zoom the device by sitting in our offices. 
  • This top-class application maintains the highest rank of security. 
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You can see clearly in the darkness of the night. 
  • It empowers you by avoiding threats and ruling out suspicious activities with the assistance of sensors 
  • It will record, playback, and take snaps from anyplace
  • It can sense sound and motion with the help of sensors.
  • The two-way audio provides users all the powerful features. 
  • The user can converse with someone on the cam side of the location. You can additionally create alarms by sensing any unwelcome person or any suspect.
  • This app is intelligent and smart. It pushes messages and plays alarms sensing anything suspicious
  • The resolution of the app is high. It offers clear photos
  • It can record all the activities on the Cloud server.

Download Free HapSee Mate For Windows CMS

It is given here in a download button form. To load it and install it on your computer you have to double click the app. The file is given in a crushed file format. De-compress it and install it on your PC.

Every step of the loading of the application and integrating method is given here. You will additionally get here the entire installation method for Windows OS. It is shown to you in 3 different steps.

Step-1 is the Installation of the file, step-2 is the login of the app method, and Step-3 is the adding of the device and observance of cameras.

Download FreeHapSee Mate For Mac OS

The company has not designed this application for this OS. If you want to look at these cameras on an Apple computer then you have to use the subsequent technique.

Load Windows on this OS with the help of any Android Emulator App, like, Bluestacks. You can also download Android OS.

Download Free HapSee App For Android OS

HapSee Mate For Windows 13

It is given here for the Android OS Application. You’ll get the link to the app by pressing the link button given for the android app. Click the link to get it. This application is also given at the google play store. To load it and install it on a smartphone is not hard.

Once the installation is finished, you have to log in to the app and add the camera. You can log in to this app by using the mail id. For adding the device scan the QR Code and navigate through functions to connect the device.

Installation Of The Software On Windows OS

We are demonstrating to you here the complete installation process for this Application. It is simple and easy. Every step has been given with diagrams. The process is given in three steps. In the first step, the installation of the app is given.

In the second step log-in of the Wizard is given. In the third and last step, we will show you how to add devices and monitor cameras.

Installation Of The HapSee CMS

To install the app we have to click the download button. The app is given in a squeezed file. Decompress the file. When you extract the file, you will get the setup file. Double click the set-up application. The following page will appear.

HapSee Mate For Windows 1

The app wizard welcomes us and to install asks us to press the next button. When we click the next button, the following window opens

HapSee Mate For Windows 2

The following page asks you to locate the folder where you want to load the content. Browse the folder and locate the path and folder. After that press the next button. You will move to the next page.

HapSee Mate For Windows 3

Here, you have to select the start menu folder for the software. Press the next button.

HapSee Mate For Windows 4

Here, the application is asking us to choose the option if we want to create the desktop icon. Press the next button.

HapSee Mate For Windows 5

The window opens and gives a sort of recap of our selections. If we want to make any changes in the path or folder, we can do it here. If everything is OK, press the install button.

HapSee Mate For Windows 6

The Wizard starts installing. It takes only a few seconds to load the content. When it is completely installed all its contents, will notify you.

HapSee Mate For Windows 7

The installation process is finished. Press the finish button.

Step-2 Log In to The App

To log in to the application, we have to double-click the icon of the CMS. When we click it, the following window opens.

HapSee Mate For Windows 8

To log in to the application, you can do it with a personal mail id. Login to the mail id and you will reach the homepage of the software.

There is another way, that you can make a username and create a password for the app. The choice exists with you.

Press the login button.

HapSee Mate For Windows 9

You reach the homepage of the software. This way you will log in to the application.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Cameras

We will go to the menu of the app. There we will select the Device Management column and click it. The window opens for you. It will ask you to add the device by putting in the following information.

HapSee Mate For Windows 10

The IP address, Id, and Password need to fill here. For every device which we have to add, we have to do the same process. After filling in these details, press the Edit button. The device will be connected and cameras will appear on the screen.

HapSee Mate For Windows 11

This way you will add the device and monitor cameras.


The HapSee is a powerful CMS Wizard that can connect many devices and makes surveillance easier. It is narrated here comprehensively. The features are given to operate the app optimally. It is also mentioned here how you can use it on Windows and Apple PC.

The installation process demonstrated for Windows to give users an accurate idea that how it can be downloaded and installed. The Android link and installation process is suggested in the article.

Please show your responses in the comment section about this app. If you have any queries regarding it, please share. We will be obliged to answer them.

Thank You.

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