How To Setup Nest Camera On Mobile & PC With 2 Best Apps

Here in this article, we will study every bit of connecting Nest Camera On Mobile & PC. We will discuss in this post the applications that make it possible to access the Nest Cam on Smartphones and Computers. The step-by-step guide to loading and installing them.

The figurative analysis is thoroughly expressed to guide the user to download and install the camera On a PC. The links are given below. Click the download button and get the link to connect to the application.

Some Information About Google Nest

Nest cam Indoor & Outdoor

Google Nest is an organization that was established in 2010. In the beginning, it has a Nest-learning thermostat. Later it introduced more products, like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The first time Google Nest introduced this brand cam was in 2014.

When it incorporated Dropcam Industries. An Industry that was already manufacturing security surveillance cameras. It is an American Incorporation and is now recognized in the entire world for its quality products and services. Nest-cam is indeed a part of the Google hardware division. 

The CCTV Camera Product Range OF Google Nest

Manual installation of the deviceIt has a very smart range of cameras. They are used indoors and outdoors. They have cams to use in every condition and environment. Mainly, they can be categorized as below.

  1. Nest cam with floodlight
  2. Nest-cam wired
  3. Nest-cam battery
  4. Nest-cam outdoor
  5. Nest-cam indoor
  6. Nest-cam IQ Indoor
  7. Nest-cam with IQ Outdoor
  8. Nest-Dropcam all models

All these models are super user-friendly. The floodlight camera has a floodlight and a cam associated with it. It also has cameras that can be wire-connected, and those devices run completely on batteries. These devices are separately designed to use indoors and outdoors. You can use them in every kind of circumstance. 

All IQ series cameras have powerful sensors attached to them. They are intelligent and smart. They are very suitable for highly sensitive areas.

Cam is Weatherproof

Advantages Of Nest Security Surveillance Appliances?  

These cams are small in size. To install them is easy. Don’t integrate these cams in a very high place. They are designed to install on lower heights, tables, soffits, lofts, almirahs, etc. They capture very nice quality images.     

  • These cams capture more than 130-degree views
  • They capture highly pixelated images. The resolution is high
  • The cam, its cables, and adapters are all weatherproof 
  • Night vision is very clear
NIght vision of the cam
  • The two-way audio function allows you to communicate with people at the front door
  • The cam has sensors. They keep you alert to every motion and unusual activity. They send you alert messages
  • The device has a magnetic mount. You can install it anywhere with its help
integrate the nest cam anywhere

  • It is sold with the Google seal
  • The resolution is 1920 * 1080
  • The device keeps 3 hours snapshots in its record.
  • Mainly they are 2.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches in dimensions and 11 ounces in weight

How To Connect Nest camera On PC

To connect nest the camera on a PC, you have to pick some old version cameras for them like Indoor cam, Outdoor cam, and Dropcam. Newer version cams can only be accessed on Nest App and Google Home App. 

So the easier and better way is to load Android OS on your PCs through a Cross-platform app or Android emulator and follow the process as given for smartphones after that. The detail is given below.

How To Connect The Nest Camera On Mobile With The Application?

If you want to connect the camera and want to monitor it from anywhere, then y0u have to load the application. This device supports two applications. You can download and install any one of them. These apps are also available for iPhone/iPad.

  1. Google Home Application
  2. Nest Application

These applications are primarily used to access the device. They both have almost the same features.

We mainly connect the following cameras on the Google Home App

  1. Wired cam
  2. Battery cam
  3. Floodlight cam

We connect these devices to Nest App

  1. IQ indoor cam
  2. IQ outdoor cam
  3. Indoor cam
  4. Outdoor cam
  5. Dropcam all models

1. Google Home Application

Google home Application For Android

Google Home Application is designed to support other appliances by the company including the Nest security cameras. This app can control your Google Wi-fi, Google N, Google Home Appliances plus many more compatible connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – all from the Google Home app.

So you can say that it is a more comprehensive app that covers many devices at a time. Sometimes it becomes a bit confusing for a new user as it has features and options given for many products.

If you have to monitor only Google N Cameras, then this Application is more suitable for that single purpose.

Some Prominent Features Of Google Home

This app has many distinguishing features. We are giving here a few of them.

  • This app is a big application. It serves many devices at a time
  • It can easily show you the live streaming
  • It supports the two-way audio option
Two way audio & Remote access
  • You can communicate and pass any instruction to the person on the device side
  • The application supports sensors
  • It can detect audio and motion. It sends you alert messages to keep your safety intact
  • The picture quality is great

2. Nest Application

Nest Application For Androids

Nest labs incorporations specially designed this software to monitor Nest cams, alarms, and thermostats. The app is manufactured for monitoring. That is why all its features revolve around better picture quality, sound system, and remote access.

So this application is really beautiful, helpful, and easy to operate.

Features & Functions Of Nest Wizard

You can use its features to assess and analyze even the minutest of the details. Below are given some of its major attributes.

  • Nest uses the sensors of the phone, its algorithms, and location to represent the best user experience
  • It pushes messages and raises alarms whenever it realizes anything suspicious
  • The video streaming is without any time lag. You get the real-time relay
Nest app networking
  • You can access and supervise all the happenings at home and office.
  • You can even operate functions from your place
  • If you have marked the sensitive zone then this app will alert you when someone enters there.
  • It also triggers alarms sensing any suspicious person or an intruder
  • It gives you snapshots of the past three hours to hint you what has happened in those moments
  • It keeps the recording on the cloud server. For that, you have to purchase the subscription
  • You can also subscribe nest aware option for 24 * 7 recordings.
Smart cam for every home
  • The sensors can differentiate between humans and things to save false alarms
  • It can pre-record audio to reply to someone when they call up in front of the cam

These are some of its chief features and functions.

Install Applications For Android OS

Here we will go for installing the app. We will cover every step here. Every step is spruced up with images and diagrams for better customer understanding. In the same way, we can do it for iPhone also.

Two important points need to be remembered. The first point is to add the device before installing it in any place. It is because you are required to scan the QR Code. So when you have installed the cam, go for adding the device by scanning the QR Code, you have to unsettle it. It will create a disturbance.

The second thing is that while adding the cam, check the Wi-Fi range of the router. Also, check if the cam is getting a strong network or not. While making the settings, keep your device and mobile phone in the same Wi-Fi region. It will make the connection easier.

Install The Google Home App & Monitor

To install the google home software, we first and foremost open the google play store and search for this application. The application is also given here in the download button format. you can get it from there as well.

Step-1 App Installation & Sign up

Search Google Home App 1

It is suggested you install this Wizard. Click the install button. it will automatically load on your smartphone. Once it is finished, it will notify you and ask you to open the application.

Open it and the following page will appear.

Sign in & Choose The Location 2

It will ask you to sign in and add your location. You sign in with an Email and after that switch on the location. The device will connect to that mail id and get the desired location. After that press the next button.

Welcome Home The app 3

The software welcomes you and is ready to start. This page will appear when your network setting and device setting are in synchronicity. Press the ‘Get Started’ button. This window will open.

Step-2 Add The Camera

Name The Area & Location 4

Click this add button to get to the option of selecting the device. It will take you to this page.

Give The Address Of The Location 5

The app is asking you to fill in all these details. When you have given them press the next button.

Device Setup 6

Here, select the option of the new device. The moment you select that option, it will automatically take you to the next level.

Add the device option 7

On this page, you will get many options. We have to go for the Setup device option. Select it for the next stage.

Choose cam 8

Step-3 Scan & Monitor

The camera types for the Netcam will appear here. Select the camera you have installed and want to supervise on your monitor. When you have selected the option, the app will prompt you to scan the QR Code for that cam device.

Scan The device 9

The app is asking you to scan the device. When you scan it. the device connects and appears on the mobile display screen.

Google Home App Monitoring 10

This way you get the device on the Google Home App. Your monitoring becomes instantaneously. You can watch, communicate, operate, and supervise.

Install The Nest App & Monitor

In this section, we will go through the step-by-step journey to load and install it to monitor and supervise.

Step-1 Installation & Signup

Open the google play store and search for the next app. You will find it there. We have also given this application here in the form of a download button format. Click the link or search in the google play store. This page will open.

Search Nest App On Google Play Store 1

Install the app. Click the button.

Lad the App 2

Here, it is shown that the app is loafing to install. It will install in a few minutes.

The Nest App installed 3

The app is installed on the mobile screen and an icon is formed. The step is over. Now we will log in to this application.

Step-2 Log In The Application

To log in to the application, we signup with an email id.

Sign in the app 4

When you mention your email id and press enter, the next page appears. The Nest asks us permission to reach our google account. It also mentions that it will access your data. If you are ready with these terms press the Allow button. The next window will open.

App Agreement 6

This app has its agreement policy. It will show up to you. Read the points carefully. If you are satisfied and ready for these policies, press the continue button. This page opens.

Home Screen Of Nest App 7

  This is the Home setup page. This way we reach the Homepage.

Step-3 Setup For Home Management Page

Click the continue button and you reach the following page. You have to name your home. After it presses the next button.

Home setup 8

After that, you will get the following window.

Home setup address for App 9

Here, you have to mention the address and the zip code. The Nest device will search your address. Give the address and press the next button.

This page will open.

Reach the Home Setup option 11

This way we reach the homepage of the Home setup. We can monitor our home or any place where this device is installed. Press the OK button. The next window will open.

Step-4 Add The Device & Monitor Camera

We have to add the gadget now. For that this page will suggest to us a new course of action.

Add the device 12

On this page, you will find the “+” sign. Press that icon and it will direct you to the new window. It will guide you to add and connect the camera. Click the ‘+’ sign.

Scan the QR code 13

The window is asking you to scan the code of the device. Scan the QR Code. The device will be added and you can monitor the device.

Enjoy Monitoring 14

This way cam appears on the mobile screen and you monitor it. You can add many other nest devices with it.


We have mentioned in this post the setup process of Nest cameras on Mobile & PC. We have given here the links to run the device on Windows, Android, Mac & iPhone. You can get them by clicking the application file. The Nest security appliances list has also been mentioned.

Two apps are given for Google nest. The Google Home App and the Nest App have also been mentioned here. These links are given for various operating systems. Their features and functions are given to highlight their advantages.

The complete installation process for these two applications is illustrated with images. They can be studied and easily understood to add and monitor cams. It is equally superb for Windows, Apple, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The article will help you on these counts. If you have any queries regarding these apps, please mention them in the comment section. We will resolve queries and try to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Thank you. 

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