Download Free iKam For Windows PC [7/8/10] & MAC

iKam For Windows is an application that assists us with watching CCTV Cameras from distant areas. Here, in this article, we will give you everything concerning this CMS Wizard. It also tells us how it is going to be useful for our security and monitoring.

Here, we’ve given everything regarding this CMS wizard. It is outstandingly helpful for Windows OS and Android OS. With its assistance, we can screen any device from a far-off space.

This app is given in a compact file design. You need to decompress it before introducing it on the PC.

We have given here everything about this installation part. It is given here step by step. You need to go through it cautiously. iKam is an intelligent programming app that makes us watch different locations from one area. 

What Is A CMS Wizard And What Are Its Benefits?

The CMS is a Wizard that is intended to screen cameras on PCs. It is the Content Management System(CMS). A CMS can fill numerous roles. It can document, alter, store, record, and list information in a compressed document.

Assume the case that you are the proprietor and you have 6 plants at 6 different locations. Each production line has 16 cameras incorporated. It implies that the 6 production lines have a total of 96 cameras on the whole. You need to screen these cameras from your office.

It implies that these 96 cameras can be watched on a solitary screen. It must be made conceivable by this CMS Application. A CMS can show you more than 256 cameras at a time. 

What Is iKam For PC Application?

This app is designed and marketed by a server company. It is a Turkish setup that is an expert in software generation, software designing, and software development.  

This CMS is given here in a pressed link button structure. You need to un-squeeze it before loading it and installing it. For this app, the total installation process is given. It is done in three unique ways.

In the initial step, we have shown to install the software. In the subsequent step, we have directed you to sign in to the Wizard. In the third step, we have shown you to add gadgets and observe cameras.

Highlights and Advantages Of iKam CMS

This software has numerous high-class characteristics. A few significant highlights have been given here. These features and capacities are essential to know. 

When we are aware of these characteristics and qualities. The following are its fundamental highlights.

  • iKam For Windows 11The application offers live perspectives with continuous transmission
  • There is no time lag in the activity. It relays the seamless transfer of data in the form of images and clips
  • There is no delay in movement occurring and the application plays the video.
  • It has the most remarkable resolution quality. The picture quality given by this application is sharp. It offers clear images.
  • The application keeps two-way audio.
  • The two-way audio helps in transferring the message to the person on the device end.
  • The two-way sound is additionally useful in driving off suspects and interlopers from the camera side. The owner is in power to shout at them and raise an alarm
  • The App upholds “Sensors” Technology. These sensors act like a human psyche. They can detect movements and sounds.
  • When it senses any suspicious motion or sound, it sends message pop-ups to the client. It cautions you against some dubious action.
  • You can set pre-set sensitive regions to save that zone from offenders.
  • Whenever the gatecrasher enters those zones, the application makes you by ringing alerts and pushing messages aware of you.
  • It will protect recording, help you in showing the playbacks, take more time for you, and give you undeniable security.
  • This application helps you in accessing the gadget from any distant location.
  • You can make the application online easily and get gadgets from distant regions.

Download iKam For Windows OS

Here, you will get a download button for this application to play on Windows OS. It’s given here in a compressed structure. Most importantly, you need to decompress the document. Click the button and acquire it.

You will get here the installation process assisted with images. From downloading to installation, and installation to sign-in, from login to monitoring, we take care of all these things meticulously for users.

Download iKam For Mac OS

Here, the organization offers no application for Macintosh PC. So if you have any desire to see iKam on Mac then you need to fall on this strategy. You need to load Windows on Mac OS.

You can do it with the assistance of Bluestacks like cross-platform apps. You can likewise get Android OS on Mac OS with the help of Android Emulator.

Download iKam For Android OS

iKam For Windows 10

To install this app on your cell phone, you need to tap the download button given beneath. This application is given on the google play store. When you have loaded and installed the application, then you need to add the gadget. For that, you need to scan the QR Code.

After scanning it, follow the instructions suggested by it. You will be able to add the device and monitor cams associated with it.

Install & Add The Device To Windows OS

Here, we will direct you to install this application for Windows OS. This process is given in full detail powered with images. It is done in three basic steps. In the initial step, we are given the installation of the software. I

n the second step, we have given the login of the application, and in the third step, we have given the Adding of gadgets and observing cameras.

We begin with the first step.

Step-1 Installation Of The Application

To load this CMS on your Windows PC, you have to double-click the setup file. The Wizard opens this page.

iKam For Windows 1

This page welcomes the user. The app greets and instructs that during this installation do not run any other camera.

iKam For Windows 2

This page indicates where you will install the file. It is asking you to locate the path and the folder location. Select the folder and location and press the next button.

iKam For Windows 3

The following page tells you that the app is ready to install. It sends you a recap. If you have to make any changes to them, do them. If you are satisfied with everything then press the next button.

iKam For Windows 4

It begins to install the software. It takes a few moments to empty its contents on the folder. When it is done, it notifies you.

iKam For Windows 5

Press the finish button. this way the software installs. Now we will move on to the second step of the process.

Step-2 Log In to The CMS Wizard

For logging in to the application, we double-press the icon to open the installed app. The following page opens.

iKam For Windows 6

Here, on this very page, we have to log in. By default, the company has given the username as admin, and the password column is empty. There is no password given.

Username- admin

Password – (No password)

Press the login button and it will open a new window for you.

iKam For Windows 7

This is the homepage of the software. This way we do the login of this application.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Cameras

To add the device, you have to open the login page and select the Device Management option. Click it. It will ask you to “+Add Manually Device”. Click that option too. This page opens.

iKam For Windows 8

It is asking you for simple information regarding the application. Fill in the Device name, IP Address of the device, Port, Username, and password. Give these details. Press the Add button after that.

The device will be added and you will be able to monitor cameras that are connected with that device.

iKam For Windows 9


Here we have given the link to the item Wizard. We have also explained it to the user client. We have also given the features of this application at length. you may find here the complete installation process for Windows. It is given to give you an idea of doing it yourself.

If you find any difficulty in loading and installing the CMS then please let us know. If you have any queries regarding any other Wizard then please let us know.

Thank you.

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