NVMS 1000 Download For Free – Full Configuration Windows/Mac

Here, You can free download NVMS 1000 for windows 7/8/10 and for Mac as well. NVMS is software offered by TVT brand which is one of best CCTV Camera brand in all over the world. It is very good software for windows to watch your CCTV camera on your computer or Laptop. NVMS 1000 download is very easy, just click on the given link and get your NVMS 1000 download setup.


NVMS 1000 Download For Free and NVMS 1000 3.4 download

  1. NVMS 1000 for Windows 7/8/10 Ver3.4.6.81018 (After 2019 devices)
  2. NVMS 1000 for Windows 7/8/10 Ver3.4.5.81018 (Before 2019 devices)
  3. NVMS 1000 for MAC  v1.1.4

The configuration of the NVMS 1000 download is also quite easy. You have to just download NVMS 1000 setup from the given links and install in your PC. After that put your DVR or NVR on the same network as your computer is.

NVMS 1000 Download and Configuration

Here we are going to show how to configure the NVMS 1000 download setup. The process is very easy and just need to have some computer knowledge.

Step 1

NVMS 1000 Download setup from the above-given link as per your need. Open the folder where it has been downloaded. Right click on the setup file and click on the “Run as Administrator“. Now the system asks for the access grant then click “yes”. The installation process will be started and ask for the next. Click as per it asking and complete.

Step 2

After finish, the installation of NVMS 1000 an icon will appear on your desktop screen named “NVMS-1000“. This is the shortcut of the software running on your PC. Double click on that icon and now a screen will come asking for the registration. The registration process is only for your PC not for the DVR/NVR. The user which is register form here is only valid for your computer not for your CCTV system. Register a user for your NVMS 1000 software.

Step 3

Registration window asks you for a “username” and the “password. Just put in the given boxes. Just only put username and password only leave the other detail blank. Just click on the “Save” button. Now the next screen will come up asking for the log-in detail.

Step 4

Insert the username and the password you just created in step 3. Note: This username and password are only valid for the NVMS-1000.

nvms 1000 download for Windows and MAC

Step 5

Now the next screen will come up with some options. This screen is the control panel of the software. By this screen, you can control all the options according to your need. For this time click on the “Device“. The Screen as shown below.

nvms 1000 download for Windows and MAC

Step 6

After clicking the “Device” option the screen as shown below.

nvms 1000 download for Windows and MAC

Here an option will come up named “Add Device”. Click on that option. The next screen will come up.

nvms 1000 download software

Now you have to add the device in the software. There are three ways to do that. If your device(DVR/NVR) is using static IP address then click on IP address. If the device using another way then click accordingly.

Just put all the information into the NVMS-1000 software and click on the save button. Now your software is ready for the live view on your computer. To view go to the control panel and go to the “live view”. Here you can find your device name in the left pane. Just double click on the name of your added device and the camera will show you.


This is all about NVMS 1000 download and the configuration. We hope this post about NVMS 1000 is helpful for yours. If you have any query or suggestions please feel free to write to us in the comment box below.


If you want to download NVMS 1000 for your mobile then you can also download it for your android phone and apple phone as well. The name of the application is Superlive Plus.

Download Superlive Plus for android

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  1. Good morning Sir,

    I’ve download NVMS-1000 software in my PC running on Window 10. Recently I notice there are delays and sometime the display hang for couple of minutes on my monitor. When I check with my handphone running on Android, it display accordingly without delay or hang. So I don’t think any problem with my CCTV system. Could it be the auto update window 10 programmed. Any idea how to solve this. Appreciate for help & Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi,

    Im trying to download the latest NVMS1000 for Windows 10, but the download doesn’t seem to work, can someone advise why? or provide a link to download pls?

  3. hi,
    I downloaded software ivms1000 setup is done but online status is showing offline
    as the same way i can acess camera on my mobile so any gudience is there to make offline to onlie
    please reply me as soon as possible
    thank you

  4. Sir Arsh gud am! what brand of NVR that can support or work with the NVMS-1000? I have other NVR that I cannot add as device to NVMS-1000.

    • Hi noly, Look NVMS also has the latest version which supports both old and new software NVR. NVMS is software from TVT, You Use TVT NVR. they have also a new Software named NVMS lite.

  5. Hello, I downloaded and installed the NMVS-1000 s/ware, when registering, I used @ in my password. When I need to log in now, a message shows that log-in failed, nothing to retrieve the password… please help. thanks

  6. I downloaded the Mac version, but every time after I install it and run it, get past the registration, and then try to login it’s not working. Please help


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