SuperlivePro For PC : Free download “SuperlivePro for windows” (2019)

Here you can download SuperlivePro for PC and learn how to configure SuperlivePro for PC. You need to download into your PC or Laptop because you want to get access to your CCTV cameras into your computer. Every CCTV company offers APPs for mobile phones and computer as well. SuperlivePro also offers a desktop version.  You can easily download the latest version of SuperlivePro for PC.

We are also trying to demonstrate that how can you install and configure SuperlivePro for PC. Before any delay lets start the learning. Firstly you need to download the setup of SuperlivePro by using the link below.

A. Superlivepro for Windows

Download SuperlivePro for PC (Windows)

Download Superlive pro for PC (Windows)


Download Superlive pro for MAC

Configure SuperlivePro For PC (Windows)

In order to configure SuperlivePro for PC please follow the step given below.


Step 1.

Open the folder where the setup is downloaded and double click the file named “SuperlivePro-for-PC”, Now follow the instruction comes in the installation. Complete the installation process and after the installation, you could find an icon at your desktop named “NVMS-1000″. Now jump to the next step.

Step 2. 

Now double click the icon of  “NVMS-1000″. Here it will ask for registration of the user. Just put a user name and password as you wish and remember that. Leave the other options and click ok button.

Step 3. 

Now login screen will come up as shown below.

superlivepro for pc

Put your username and password as you set in Step 2 and click the login button. Now you got a screen shown below.

superlivepro for pc


Step 4.

Just click on the “Device” option and you find the next screen.

superlivepro for pc

Click on the “Add Device” option and come to the next screen

superlivepro for pc

Step 5.

Here, you got three options “IP Address”, “Domain’ and “Serial Number”. Choose one option between them as per your desire. After the fill all the device detail in the options and click on “Test link” button. If test link success then clicks “ok” and then “Add” button.

superlivepro for pc

It all done now you can see your cameras in the live preview option in the control panel.

superlivepro for pc


B. Superlivepro For MAC

If you have MAC OS then you can also run the SuperlivePro on your PC. Just download the setup on your MAC PC and install it. After installing the setup follow the steps given below.


Download SuperlivePro for PC (MAC)

Superlivepro for MAC

Configure SuperlivePro For PC (MAC)

Step 1.

you will see the icon of this software named “MAC Super CMS…app”. Click this icon to run this software. An account creation window pops up as follows

superlivepro for pc mac

Self-define the account name and password. Then click the “Create” button to create an account for Super CMS. This will bring up a login window as shown below

superlivepro for pc mac

Step 2.

Click “Login” to see the following window

superlivepro for pc mac

Step 3.

To add device In the live interface, click “Add” button on the server list column as shown in the picture on the left hand.

superlivepro for pc mac

Title: Self-define.
Address: The IP address or domain name of the device you want to add.
Port: The HTTP port of the device you want to add.
Account: The login account of the device. The default account is “admin”.
Password: The login password of the device. The default password is 123456.

If your computer and the devices are in the same local area network segment, you can directly input the LAN IP address of the device
here. If your computer and the devices are not in the same local area network segment, you should forward the IP address and HTTP port of your device in the router or virtual server. Then input the WAN IP address here.

Step 4.

After you fill the device information, please click the “Save” button to save the settings. Then you will see the device listed in the server list as shown in the above picture on the right hand. The icon means the device has been connected. The icon means the device fails to connect. Now you are able to view your DVR/NVR on your MAC.

superlivepro for pc


Download SuperlivePro for Android

SuperlivePro for Android



If you do not want to use the SuperlivePro application the here it is an alternate option available for Android and IOS APP. You can also use this as an alternate option.

Alternate for SuperlivePro


Super live Plus

You can also use the HD version of SuperlivePro.

SuperlivePro HD version for Android

SuperlivePro HD for Android

Installation of SuperlivePro for pc process demonstrated in the below video. You may also follow the given video for installation Superlivepro for PC


So this is all about Superlivepro for PC. Using these step you can easily configure the SuperlivePro DVR/NVR/IP camera for your window laptop and desktop. If you have any query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.

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