Download O-KAM Pro For PC App on Windows 8/10/11 & MAC

The O-KAM Pro For PC CMS application is given here in complete detail. It is a security surveillance CMS Software. This App connects various CCTV Cameras and users can monitor them from different remote locations.

The O-KAM App is given here in the form of a download link. You have to click the link to get the CMS Application.

The application file is given in a compressed format. Decompress the file to load on a Windows PC.
The full installation to monitoring process is defined in three different stages.

The first step is illustrated as the installation step. The second step guides you to sign in to the app and the third step is defined as the device connection and the monitoring step.

What is the Relevance of any Security Surveillance CMS Software?

We require protection and security in our workplaces, homes, and people. It is why we place CCTV cameras at different locations. We monitor them for awareness. 

But we can’t be at these locations all the time for monitoring. We have other affairs to deal with. To counter this problem we require a CCTV App that gives these devices remote access for live surveillance.

The CMS Application is demanded for PC monitoring. We can watch all the actions live irrespective of our locations. 

We save time and energy and be more productive. We can watch playbacks and click snaps. We can get alert messages sensing threats and chase away suspects by yelling at them. 

Security surveillance applications are highly beneficial for users. It gives them freedom and liberty to move around.

What is O-KAM Pro For PC CMS App?

It is a security surveillance application. This software is offered by OK Smart Group. It was recently launched in the middle of 2023. Since then it has been widely downloaded and used by more than 1 lakh users. It tells the importance and usability of this application. 

It has a 3.3-star rating out of 5. This software has many bright security features. It can transmit live videos at any place. It alerts and secures people from threats. It understands sound and motion. 

It gives users the freedom to exchange ideas to and fro. It keeps you connected with your sites. You are monitoring them from any place. 

It gives you the freedom to move around and be connected with your family members and workers at the same time. The O-kam CCTV enhances your productivity by giving you ample time for other affairs.

Special Features and Functions of O-KAM Pro For Windows CMS

This product has numerous features and functions. We are giving here those characteristics which are more relevant.

  • This product connects CCTV Devices and makes them accessible from faraway places. 
  • You can connect these devices by scanning the QR Code. You can also add them by their serial numbers or IP addresses. 
  • The CMS gives you a live relay. There is no time lag in the event happening and video relaying. 
  • The advanced network feature maintains the data and doesn’t trip even in the low network area. 
  • It allows users to operate devices from remote locations. It supports PTZ cameras. You can pan, tilt, and zoom from your place. 
  • The motion and audio sensors sense threats. It alarm signals and pushes messages to owners smelling anything fishy. 
  • You can set a dangerous zone and mark it. If any transgressor enters into the area it howls alarm and sends messages.
  • The 2-way audio is a significant feature. You can say something and receive what others say from the device side. 
  • You can keep the recording on cloud servers. You can check playbacks and take snaps from any place.

These are some of the special features of this application.

Download O-KAM Pro For Windows CMS to Monitor on Windows PC

This O-KAM Pro For Windows CMS is available here in the below download button. Click the button and get the files.

These files are given in a squeezed format. To get the executable file you have to decompress it. The complete installation process is illustrated here in three distinct stages.

The first step is for the download and the installation. The second step is here for the sign-in to the CMS guidance. The third and last step is for the device addition and monitoring.

The complete depiction is given in the next section. Read them carefully for comprehension.

Download O-KAM Pro For Mac CMS and monitor on Macintosh PC

This O-KAM Pro For Mac CMS is not given by the company. Still, if you want to watch these security cameras on your Macintosh PC, you can do it by downloading the BlueStacks App.

The installation to monitoring process is ditto same as illustrated in the section for Windows installation.

Install O-KAM Pro For PC, Log in & Add Devices for Monitoring on Windows PC

The complete installation login and the camera connection are demonstrated here. It is given here in three steps.

Let’s begin the process.

Step 1- Install the O-KAM Pro App on Windows OS

Decompress the executable file and this page will appear on the screen.

When we open the application file, this page appears.

Choose language of O-KAM

It is the first page of the software. Here, you have to select the language of the file. Select it and then press the ok button.

This page will appear on the screen. You have to select the folder and the path of the folder.

Choose Drive of O-KAM Installation

You have to make sure that the folder you have selected does not contain any other file. After that press the next button. A new window will appear on the screen.

This window shows that the application is ready to install. If you want to make any changes in the folder selection or the given path, you can make them here. If you are happy and satisfied with your selections, press the install button.

The files will begin to load on the selected folder.

Step of O-KAM

Press the Install button. The files will load on the Windows PC.

This page shows that the files are loading.

When the application files are loaded successfully, you will get the notification.

Complete Installation O-KAM

This page shows that the software has been installed successfully. This way step 1 is complete.

Now, we move to the second step. This step is about the login to the software.

Step 2- Sign in to the CMS

When we double-click the installed CMS App, we get this page. It is the login page. If we are using this software for the first time, we have to register the ‘Account and the Password.’

Register Username and password

Register them.

Here is an example of the registration procedure.

Create Password on O-KAM

After the registration process, press the ok button. It will send you a successful registration message.

Now open the log-in page.

O-KAM Username password

Log in with the account and password. Then press the login button.

This way we will be able to sign in to the CMS.

The step-2 is complete. Now we move to the third and last step.

This step is about the device addition for monitoring.

Step 3- Device Addition & Monitoring

After the login, we get this page. It is the homepage of the software.

O-KAM Add Camera

Here you get the option of adding cameras. If you want to add one camera then click that button or else click the button given for adding multiple cameras.

When you click it, this page appears.

Add the device. When all the devices are added, you view them on the monitor screen.

This page shows that the devices are connected and you can monitor them.

This is the process of connecting devices and cameras for surveillance from remote places.


The O-KAM For PC Files is given here in a download button form. The full installation process is demonstrated here step-by-step for Windows PC. You can easily comprehend every step. Images are mentioned for clarity.

Please share your opinion about the procedure and raise any issues if you have any regarding the installation or configuration of this O-KAM Software.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Download O-KAM Pro For PC App on Windows 8/10/11 & MAC”

  1. The installation and setup of the Android O-Kam Pro software was simple. The PC version…not so much. Tried to install it on the Win11 Laptop and the Win10 PC but would NOT connect to the camera. Is the Anti-virus (Win Defender, Malwarebytes) interfering? Do they need to be turned off for installation? The PC is running Nord VPN, the laptop is not running a VPN. Running Windows Subsystem for Android. How do I tell the Windows version which wifi to use? The Android version let me scan, choose my wifi, enter the password, and log in. NONE of that worked on the Windows version. HELP!!!

    1. It sounds like you’re encountering connectivity issues with the PC version of the O-Kam Pro software. Here’s a step-by-step troubleshooting guide:
      Antivirus: Try disabling Windows Defender and Malwarebytes temporarily to see if they’re causing the issue.
      VPN: Disconnect Nord VPN as it might be interfering with the connection.
      WSA: Ensure WSA is set to use the same network as your PC.
      WiFi: Manually select the correct WiFi network in Windows settings.
      Software: Double-check O-Kam Pro settings for WiFi configuration.
      Firewall: Allow O-Kam Pro through your firewall settings.
      Router: Check router settings to ensure no blocking of camera connections.
      Updates: Ensure both O-Kam Pro software and your PC’s OS are up to date.

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