15 Best CCTV Zoom Camera For Your Home and Offices

The Best CCTV Zoom Camera list is shared here to give you ideas about zooming cameras and their usage. 

The Best CCTV Zoom Camera is very handy for monitoring a sensitive location or spot. 

Security surveillance and round-the-clock monitoring have been an integral part of our security. We require detailed images and clear footage to track movements around our properties, business enterprises, and homes.

For seamless and clear-cut surveillance we require zoom cameras. They produce wider images. These detailed images give us clearer ideas about the happening around us.  

Some of the best CCTV zoom cameras are PTZVarifocal, and standalone. You will find them in the next section. 

What Is A Zoom CCTV Camera?

A zoom CCTV camera is a feature that shows images after magnifying the pixels in a certain area of that image. The other part of the image is cropped out. 

It is used in highly sensitive areas or to track any particular activity. The zooming in and out function allows us to check the location from different angles.  

When you stretch out an image that is beyond its capacity, you get blurry images. It’s because of the zooming in of pixels further and further. 

What Are the Types Of CCTV Zoom Cameras?

There are primarily two types of CCTV Zoom cameras. They are

1- Optical Zoom Camera

Optical zoom cameras are those devices whose focal lengths can be adjusted. They can zoom in and zoom out on any object as per the requirement.  

The benefit of optical zooming is that the image remains clear while zooming. They can’t get blurred. 

Mainly optical zooming cameras are used for long-distance monitoring. You can’t use optical zoom for checking the recording. 

2 – Digital Zoom Camera

Digital zoom cams work by narrowing down the angle to take a view. It crops out the outside areas. 

The main benefit of a digital Zoom cam is that you can also use it while playing the recording. 

Sometimes it happens that we get blurred images in digital zoom cams because it magnifies pixels.

Buying Guide For The Best CCTV Zoom Camera

If you must buy the best CCTV Camera with the best zoom features, the best CCTV Camera with the best zoom features, then the metrics are given below. Check your security surveillance camera on these counts.

  1. Camera Type: Decide whether you need a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera or a fixed camera. PTZ cameras offer the ability to remotely control the camera’s movement and zoom, while fixed cameras have a fixed field of view.
  2. Zoom Range: Determine what you want, and how much you have to cover. Then select the lens of the camera. Optical zoom cams are considered to be better than digital zoom cams. Check what is your requirement and purchase the device accordingly.
  3. Resolution: Higher-resolution cameras provide clearer and more detailed images. Look for cameras with at least 2MP and above. But if you require more detail, consider cameras with 2k and above cameras.
  4. Low Light Performance: If you need monitoring activities in low light conditions, choose a device with good low light performance. Look for cameras with features like wide dynamic range (WDR), infrared (IR) LEDs, or low-light specific technologies such as starlight sensors.
  5. Connectivity and Compatibility: Ensure that the camera you choose is compatible with your existing CCTV system or the software you plan to use. Check if it supports standard protocols like ONVIF or RTSP for easy integration.
  6. Power Source: Consider whether you want a camera that operates on AC power or one that can be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE cameras simplify installation by transmitting power and data over a single Ethernet cable.
  7. Weatherproofing: If you plan to install the camera outdoors, ensure it has adequate weatherproofing. Look for cameras with an IP65 (Ingress Protection) or higher rating to withstand various weather conditions.
  8. Storage and Recording: Determine how you want to store and access your footage. Some cameras have built-in storage, while others require external storage devices or cloud-based solutions. Consider your recording needs and choose accordingly.
  9. Additional Features: Look for additional features that may be important to your specific requirements, such as motion detection, remote viewing capabilities, two-way audio, or advanced analytics.
  10. Budget: Finally, set a budget for your CCTV camera purchase and consider the best options within your price range. Remember that higher-quality cameras with more advanced features tend to be more expensive.

The buying guide will help your selection.

Product NameRatingBest PerformanceZoom QualityResolutionPriceGet On Amazon 
xmartO 2K HD Dome3.6/5Auto-Tracking8X2K$89.00View
Zumimall Camera4.1/5Battery-powered4X Digital Zoom2K$49.99View
GW Security Camera3.9/5Varifocal Zoom16X Zoom4K: 8MP$169.00View
Reolink Bullet PoE Camera4.4/5AI Smart Camera16X Digital Zoom4K$82.50View
Arlo 4 Pro Camera4.0/5Color Night Vision16X Digital2K$103.85View
ACTi PoE Camera4.1/5Face Detection5X Zoom4MP$399.95View
Pinfocal Outdoor Camera4.1/5Wireless Battery Device12X Zoom2K$59.99View
Dzees Battery Camera4.4/5Smart AI Detection20X Zoom1080P$35.95View
Blurams PTZ Cam4.0/5Color Night Vision: 360-degree Coverage9X Electronic Zoom2K$48.91View
GeoVision Zoom WDR Camera4.2/5WDR Cam4.3X Zoom4MP$345.94View
Soliom 3G/4G LTE PTZ Solar Camera4.4/5Wireless PTZ20X Zoom1080P$124.13View
EmpireTech 4K AI Camera4.7/5Full-Colour Turret IP Camera20X Zooming8MP$229.99View
ZOSI WiFi IP Camera4.3/5Spotlight Camera12X Zoom2k: 3MP$34.99View
SUNBA Ceiling Mount PTZ Camera4.1/5Auto Tracking25X Optical Zoom1080P$499.99View
Eufy Solo E40 Camera4.2/5Wireless/ WiFi Outdoor5X Zooming2K$119.99View

15 Best CCTV Zoom Camera List

Here, you will get the best CCTV Zoom Camera. There are 15 cams included in the list. Their merits and demerits are also mentioned. The features and functions are further elaborated. Refer to them one by one and know their uniqueness.

The numbering is done for serial. They don’t represent the rank of the zoom CCTV Camera.

1- xmartO 2K Dome PTZ Wireless Security Camera

xmartO dome 2kcam 1

XmartO is a 2k device. It is a very useful camera for outdoors and indoors. The 2K resolution provides clean and the best images. You get a detailed view. The cam is strong and withstands all weather conditions.

The 8x digital zoom camera is powerful. You can see anything from a distance. The two-way audio and sensors are great. It detects motion and audio.

The WiFi device is a Standalone CCTV camera. It captures recording in the HDD and SD Card. The resolutions of the device are 8.26 x 6.3 x 5.9 inches and its weight is 1.81 pounds. The cam is available on Amazon at $89.00. 


  • A metal dome camera
  • Pan & tilt rotation control
  • Auto-tracking features. Can track dubious actions and people
  • Two-way audio. You can instruct employees
  • 8x digital zoom
  • WiFi camera
  • Alert signals and messages
  • Weatherproof
  • Cloud Storage is available along with SD Card
  • 4dBi WiFi Antenna
  • Night vision is very clean


  • SD card to purchase separately for the recording
  • Bigger in shape, not very suitable for indoors

Features & Functions

auto tracking 2

  • The 8x digital zoom camera is good for surveillance. You can bring any object nearer and monitor it.
  • The cam can be tilted and panned to cover the maximum distance. The panning and tilting coverage is 355 degrees and 90 degrees respectively
  • It has a two-way audio function. You can communicate with your family members and pass instructions to your employees
  • The auto-tracking facility proves the smartness of the sensors. It detects motion and audio. The user can set a sensitive zone. If any interloper enters it alarms the bell and sends alert messages
  • It captures images and makes short videos whenever it realizes suspicious things.
  • SD Card and Cloud Storage facility. It supports up to 256GB memory card.

2- ZUMIMALL 2K FHD Battery Powered Security Camera

Zumimall 2K Security Cam 1

This 4X digital zoom Zumimall cam is 2k indoor/ outdoor. You can install it in your home and outside. The resolution is 4MP 2k. It gives us clean images and footage.

The camera is battery-operated. There is no wiring required to operate the device.

The full HD camera is a gift for any home. It has a two-way audio feature that helps you send messages and make conversations. The smart sensors monitor audio and movement. It auto-tracks and alerts you sensing any threat.

The camera is available on Amazon. Its price tag is $49.99. The dimensions and weight are respectively 2.2 x 2.28 x 4.21 inches and 0.57 lbs.


  • The 4x digital zoom camera
  • The two-way audio
  • Smart sensors
  • Auto tracks people
  • 2k 3MP FHD cam
  • Siren Alarm
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Good night vision
  • 100 percent wire-free
  • SD card recording
  • WiFi supported


  • The device is not metallic. Though an outdoor device but not suitable for tough weather conditions
  • Doesn’t support 5GHz wifi frequency

Features & Functions

Zumimall 2K Cam features 2

  • This Zumimall camera is a 2K 3MP resolution camera. It is a battery-operated device. The battery works for more than 4 months.
  • The two-way audio makes conversation easier. The bidirectional talk allows you to pass instructions and instruct others.
  • The weatherproof cam IP type is IP66.
  • The 2k resolution cam gives the best images and night vision. You can recognize every activity in the darkness. Infrared lights produce clear vision.
  • Smart Sensors detect human and vehicle movements separately. It detects motion and audio.
  •  Supports SD card recording. You can also keep your data on the cloud server.

3- GW 8 MP 4K Varifocal PoE Security Camera

GW security cam Varifocal 8MP 1

GW Security is an 8MP camera. The resolution is 3840 x 2160. It is a heavy camera that can be installed indoors and outdoors. The PoE 4K cam is varifocal. The varifocal length is between 2.8mm and 12mm. 

You can adjust the focal length to view things near and far. The bidirectional talk option is fantastic. The user can communicate any message on the device side and listen to them. The sensors keep you secure by alerting you to any threat.

The cam is available on Amazon. The price of the product is $169.00 The dimensions of the cam are 4.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 inches and the weight of the camera is 1.10 lbs.


  • 4k 8MP resolution
  • Night vision clean
  • 24 pcs Infrared lights
  • Night vision 120 feet
  • FHD camera
  • Bidirectional talk facility
  • Sensors detect motion and audio
  • Varifocal zoom camera
  • The angle of view 20 degrees to 120 degrees


  • The size of the camera is big
  • No color night vision

Features & Functions

Best zooming features 2

  • 8 MP Dome GW security cam has a resolution of 3840×2160. It transmits a clean image. 
  • Ultra High Resolution 4K Video Footage. You can zoom the image and adjust the focal length as per the requirement.
  • The coverage angle is wide. You can adjust the focus on any object and watch it minutely. 
  • Built-in 2.8mm to 12mm Manual Zoom Varifocal Megapixel HD lens. It helps you to adjust the angle of view. The view angle is between 20 degrees and 120 degrees.
  • 8MP 2160p @ 15 FPS; 6MP 2048p @ 30 FPS; 2MP 1080p @ 30 FPS
  • The smart sensors sense motion and audio. It sends the user an alert message and raises alarm sensing any threat.
  • The bidirectional talk makes the device special. You can send any message or instruction to the person on the other side of the camera. 
  • It supports Universal Agreement and a P2P network platform.
  • Waterproof and vandal-proof with 
  • 24 IR LED, up to 120 ft IR Distance in the darkness

4- REOLINK 4K Outdoor Camera For Home Security

Reolink 4K Bullet Cam 1

Reolink is an outdoor camera. It is a high-resolution 4K device. The bullet IP camera supports PoE. The same ethernet cable flows data and power. The WiFi device can digitally zoom an object 16x times. The digitally zoomed images are clean.

The sensors are powerful. They can differentiate between humans, vehicles, and animals. The two-way audio helps transfer messages. You can also alert someone on the camera side by sensing any suspect.

The SD card supported cam record up to 256GB. The dimensions of the product are 9.92 x 8.07 x 4.52 inches and its width is 3.25 pounds. The Amazon platform has this Reolink Camera at the cost of $


  • 4K Ultra HD device
  • The Wide angle cam covers up to 110 degree
  • The Reolink cam can digitally zoom up to 16X
  • Sensors differentiate between humans, vehicles, and animals
  • The bidirectional talk facility
  • The remote access and the Reolink App are powerful
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof
  • Work with PoE switch
  • Metallic WiFi device


  • Service centers are not available everywhere
  • SD Card is not given with the camera

Features & Functions

Best AI Feature 2

  • This device can zoom an image digitally up to 16X times. You can see clear and detailed images 
  • The 4X resolution camera produces the best quality pictures and footage. The image quality is 4x clearer than 1080P.
  • It has smart sensors. They give alerts sensing any suspicious movement and sound. The powerful sensors send alert messages and alarms. 
  • The two-way audio is useful in making any conversation two-way.
  • The cam can differentiate between humans, vehicles, and animals.
  • You can record on the cloud server and SD Card. There is a slot for the SD card. The 256GB card supported cam
  • The cam is waterproof and vandal-proof.
  • It is a WiFi camera that can be easily installed.

5- Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight 2K Camera

Arlo pro 4 cam 1

Arlo Pro 4 is the latest device which is very famous. Its performance and durability are highly rated. The 2k lens emits great pictures. The night vision is clean. You can watch anything in the darkness. It produces color night vision.
This cam can zoom an image digitally up to 16X times. You get a clean image that magnifies pixels.
The sensors are sharp. They capture any dubious movement and motion. The user gets alert messages seeing anything suspicious.
The device costs $107.70 on Amazon. The dimensions are 3.15 x 131.89 x 92.52 inches and its weight is 11 ounces.


  • 2K resolution of the device

  • Spotlight studded. Produces color night vision camera

  • 2-way audio. Communicate bidirectional
  • Bullet device. Outdoor and indoor
  • Sensors detect motion and audio
  • WiFi device. Supports 2.4GHz
  • Remote access


  • Doesn’t support 5GHz Wifi frequency
  • The old-shaped camera design

Features & Functions

Arlo takes a closer look 2

  • The device reflects bigger and better images. It covers a wide range of up to 160-degree angles. The wider the angle the more the capturing zone
  • The image can be digitally zoomed by 16X. No blur in the image while zooming. 
  • The auto image correction feature gives even better pics. The device can capture in low light. The WDR and DNR technologies make the image detailing even deeper.
  • A spotlight illuminates the area with its splashing light. The spotlight automatically switches on sensing any movement.
  • The device captures images and makes 10-second videos and sends them to users whenever any dubious movement or sound is detected.
  • You can use this device outdoors and indoors.

6- ACTi A416 4MP 5X Zoom Bullet Camera with SLLS

ACTi 4MP bullet cam 1

This ACTi A416 is a strong zooming camera. It can zoom an image up to 5X times. The image quality doesn’t deteriorate because of zooming. The details of the image can be studied and even the minutest details can be captured.

The resolution of this ACTi camera is 4MP. These varifocal cam focal lengths can be adjusted between 2.7mm and 13.5mm. This cam gives us the field of view between 29 degrees and 104 degrees. 

It supports video compression H.265. There is a slot in the device for holding an SD card for recording the events. The cam is waterproof with IP68 certification and it is also a vandal-proof device.

The dimensions of the device are 4.1″x11.7″ and its weight is 3 pounds. The price of the device on Amazon is $399.95. 


  • The 4MP device
  • This cam is varifocal with focal lengths between 2.7mm and 13.5 mm
  • It captures areas between 29 degrees and 104 degrees
  • The device is waterproof and vandal-proof
  • Clear night vision
  • The 5X zooming lens
  • 3D DNR and WDR
  • The cam can detect your face. It can differentiate many faces
  • Sensors and 2-way audio make this cam special
  • WiFi device


  • It is a very heavy camera comparing other similar devices
  • Costly cam

Features & Functions

Camera Input-output 2

  • The 4MP varifocal camera has adjustable focal lengths between 3.5mm & 13.5mm. The zooming lens is up to 5X.
  • Video compression is H.265. The WDr is 150 dB. It gives detailed images in low light. 
  • The 4MP device’s night vision is clean. Effective pixels are 2688×1520
  • The horizontal viewing angle of the cam is between 29 and 104 degrees and the vertical viewing angle is between 17 degrees and 55 degrees.
  • The smart sensors capture anything suspicious. They detect motion and sound. When anything dubious surfaces they send alert messages and play alarms. 
  • They can detect faces. These sensors also differentiate between humans and vehicles.
  • A 2-way audio system is helpful. They transmit audio from both ends.
  • The waterproof IP68 and vandal-proof IK10 cam

7- Pinfocal 2K Wireless Spotlight Battery Powered Camera

Pinfocal Outdoor Camera 1

This Pinfocal CCTV zoom camera is a 2k resolution device. The device is mainly used outdoors though you can use it indoors also. The cam is battery-operated. There is no hassle of wire around the device. The battery is rechargeable. Once charged, you can use this device for 4 months. 

This 12X digitally zoomed camera produces clear images. While zooming the image, there is no blur. The picture quality is good. The spotlight-studded device produces color night vision. The bidirectional talk feature and smart sensors make the device more secure.

Its dimensions are 6.1 x 4.88 x 3.9 inches and its weight is 14.1 ounces. The Pinfocal Zoom cam is available on Amazon with a price tag of $59.99.


  • 2K high-resolution cam
  • Spotlight-studded device
  • Color night vision. You can see far and clean in the darkness
  • 2-way audio. You can communicate and transfer messages
  • AI Detection. It senses movement and audio
  • 12X zoom.
  • Battery-operated device. The battery runs for months without any issue
  • WDR and DNR features supported
  • WiFi-supported camera
  • SD Card-supported recording. Supports 256GB card


  • Pinfocal Brand cam services are available online only
  • The product is not available in every country

Features & Functions

Superb Colour Night Vision 2

  • The 2K resolution cam produces crystal clear images. Every image portion is detailed. This cam is studded with the spotlight. You can see color night vision in the darkness of the night
  • The device captures clear images in a dark background because of the WDR function. 
  • The 12X zooming gives a clear image of the object. This cam is useful in focusing on the object and capturing the full detail.
  • This is a battery-operated cam. There is no need for laying cables. The WiFi, wireless cam is easy to install. 
  • You can install it outdoors and indoors.
  • There is an AI chip installed in the device. It triggers only when the device senses anything suspicious, thus saving you from false alerts.
  • The cam sends alert signals and rings alarms detecting any threat. 
  • It can differentiate between vehicles, animals, parcels and humans.
  • The two-way audio feature helps you communicate with the person on the camera side.
  • Cloud storage and SD card recording supported product.

8- Dzees Wireless Battery Powered WiFi Surveillance Camera

DZEES cam 1

Dzees is a battery-operated camera. The 1080P resolution of this cam gives clean images. The device has spotlights attached to it. It automatically switches on in the darkness and when it finds movements. The colour night vision camera shows clear images. Any activity or person is easily traceable.
This camera can zoom an image up to 20X and still maintains a good quality picture. You can zoom in and give the details of an image.
The sensors and audio of the device make it more special. This Dzees cam is available on Amazon with a price tag of $35.95. The weight and the dimensions of the cam are respectively 1.63 pounds and 6.2 x 6.6 x 0.7 inches.


  • 1080P resolution
  • 20X zoom still the image quality is intact
  • Battery-operated camera. Battery lasts for 3 to 6 months.
  • Spotlight studded in the device
  • Color night vision
  • SD Card and Cloud data supported
  • WiFi Surveillance
  • AI detection. Movement and sound covered
  • Waterproof with IP65 type
  • Easy to install


  • SD Card is not given with the pack, you have to separately purchase it
  • You have to separately delete every file of the recording. No bulk deletion feature

Features & Functions

Wirefree smart cam 2

  • Dzees smart camera has 1080P resolution. The image it produces is bright and clean. 
  • The 20X image zooming makes the image very near. The user can easily monitor and get every detail.
  • The sensors are used in the cam. They detect audio and movement. Whenever it realizes any suspicious activity, it sends alert messages and plays alarms. 
  • The cam differentiates between humans and non-humans.
  • The 2-way audio feature allows both-way talks. You can pass any message or instruction. 
  • This cam is run by rechargeable batteries. Once they are fully charged, they last for 4-6 months. 
  • The WiFi wireless device is easy to install. Any layman can hang or install it. 
  • IP65 ingress protection type allows the device to use outdoors. 
  • The SD Card recording supports up to 256GB memory card. 

9- blurams 3MP Dual-Lens Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

Blurams Cam 1

This camera is PTZ. The Blurams PTZ device can pan, tilt and zoom an object. This cam has a 3MP resolution which emits good-quality images. 

This Blurams cam can zoom an object electronically 9X times. It can pan across almost 355 degrees and tilt up and down 110 degrees.

This wide-range device covers a lot of areas. The AI detection feature makes this device sensitive. It captures images & footage, and alerts users suspecting anything doubtful.

The device has dimensions of 8.5 x 7.6 x 4.7 inches and weight is 1.78 pounds. 

This cam is available on Amazon with a price tag of $48.91. 


  • 2K 3MP outdoor security camera
  • Dual lens cam
  • Wifi device with a frequency 2.4GHz
  • PTZ camera. Can pan, tilt and zoom
  • Electronically zoom an object up to 9X
  • 360-degree pan and 110-degree tilt
  • Smart Sensors.
  • Detects motion and audio
  • Two-way talk feature for communicating ideas
  • 3MP resolution gives good images
  • Spotlight and LEDs are attached
  • Color night vision
  • SD Card recording
  • Beautiful Smart PTZ cam


  • Non-metallic camera
  • Service centers are limited. You have to ship the product to its company address for any services

Features & Functions

Device Features 2

  • This blurams security camera is a PTZ device. It covers 360 degrees across and up & down 110 degrees. It can zoom in on any object up to 9X. 
  • 2K 3MP integrated lens capture clean images. The LEDs and spotlight give colour night vision. You can view colour images up to 15 meters. 
  • The image quality is so clean you can recognise faces and activities.
  • The 2-way audio is a useful feature. You can pass any idea or instruction to the person on the other side without any difficulty.
  • The sensors are sharp. They recognize suspicious movements and sounds. The user gets alert messages and signals. It also clicks snaps and shoots 10-second videos and sends them to users for alerting them.
  • SD card recording and Cloud server recording are supported. It supports a 128GB SD Card.

10- GeoVision 4MP 4.3X Zoom Low Lux WDR Camera

GeoVision cam 1

Geovision 4MP dome camera is a highly recommended device. You can use it specifically for low-light areas and focusing on zooming objects. 

It is a WDR camera. It absorbs background light and produces clear images. The device is waterproof and vandal-proof. It is a heavy cam. You can install it outdoors. Wifi supported camera has LEDs studded into it. 

This camera is used for covering large areas. Its dimensions are ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches and its weight is 2.55 pounds. The product is available on the Amazon store with a price tag of $345.94.


  • H.265 video compression
  • Vandal-proof and waterproof device
  • Motion sensor and auto tracks
  • 4.3X zoom cam
  • Wireless and WiFi-supported cam
  • Clean night vision
  • Low lux  WDR
  • Built-in SD Card slot


  • A very costly camera
  • No Colour night vision

Features & Functions

Night vision 2

  • It is an IK10 cam designed with vandal-proof resistance and IP67 IP type.
  • The 4MP cam is a good device. It is used indoors/outdoors and in big areas where we have to focus on any object.
  • The cam is a 4.3X zoom device. The image doesn’t blur while zooming in. This is the quality of the device.
  • IR cut filters and IR LEDs for day and night seamless performance.   
  • SD Card supported cam. The inbuilt slot for the SD Card is useful. 
  • WDR and DNR features. 3D noise reduction technique

11- SOLIOM 3G/4G LTE Cellular Solar Wireless Battery Powered Camera

Soliom Device 1

Soliom brand CCTV cam is the latest and trendy. Its design and shape are a model for other companies and devices.
This SOLIOM 3G/4G LTE Cellular device has a slot for SIM cards. This CCTV cam is mainly used outdoors.

It is a solar-powered camera. The solar plate gets charged and gives power to the device. The solar-charged battery worked for months without getting discharged.

It is a PTZ device that can be panned, tilted, and zoomed. The cam can pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 110 degrees. The cam can zoom any object 20X times. The resolution of the device is 1080P and the night vision is clean.

The dimensions of the device are 3 x 3 x 5 inches and their weight is 2.83 pounds. It is available on Amazon with a price tag of $115.27.


PTZ wide angle cam 2

  • SOLIOM 3G/4G LTE Cam
  • Cellular Solar camera
  • Battery-operated device
  • A PTZ device
  • Can zoom up to 20X
  • 1080P resolution. Clean images
  • AI detection. Can auto-track people and activities
  • Spotlight studded
  • Colour night vision cam
  • Can view up to 23 meters in the darkness


  • No WiFi. But no issue, as it is supported by LTE SIM
  • The adapter for the solar plate is not given. It is chargeable.

Features & Functions

Soliom Solar Powered cam features 3

  • This 3g/4G LTE cellular camera works at any place. It is easy to install. 
  • The 1080P resolution device is good in quality. It has all the latest features.
  • The cam is ideal for the countryside, courtyard, backyard, field, and other open areas. 
  • It can zoom up to 20X. The panning is 355 degrees and the tilting is 110 degrees. 
  • The spotlight gives color night vision. 
  • The 10400mAh battery lasts for 5-6 months. The Solar powered this device can be installed on any surface
  • The two-way audio helps in making conversations. The smart sensors used in the device detect movement and sound. Any suspicious person or activity is checked. The device sends alert messages and raises alarms.
  • The waterproof camera is IP66 type. The SD card slot is inbuilt. You can record data on the cloud server as well.

12- EmpireTech 4K Full-Color Ultra Low Light 8MP Smart AI Camera

Empire Tech cam 4K 8MP 1

EmpireTech is a 4K camera. It is an ultra-low light 8MP device which has starlights studded into it. This cam is good for zooming any object. 

It can zoom up to 20x times an image. Since it is a turret cam, the lenses are fixed. You have to digitally zoom the image. 

The cam has two-way audio which helps in communicating 2-way. 

The sensors keep the security alert. It is a guard against all threats. This intelligent full-colour 8MP camera is tremendous.

Its dimensions are 4 x 4 x 4 inches and its weight is 2.09 pounds. The cam is available on Amazon. Its cost is 



  • 4k 8MP device
  • Clean images and colour night vision
  • Turret IP camera
  • 20X digital zoom
  • AI detection
  • 2-way audio
  • SD CArd recording
  • Ultra-low light cam


  • It is not a metallic device
  • A costly camera compared to other CCTV cams with similar features

Features & Functions

EmpiteTech features 2

  • 4k 8MP camera is a high-quality dome device. It captures images with spotless clarity
  • The low-light performance is superb. The WDR effect absorbs the background light
  • The night vision is colorful. You can recognize faces and activities in full darkness
  • The DNR effect reduces the noise and produces the best images.
  • The 20Xzoomingg facility gives you detailed images.
  • The 2-way audio feature helps in transferring messages. It also helps in alerting family members of any threat or yelling at the intruder to hush them away
  • The AI detection is a superb piece. It helps in alerting user of any impending threat. The motion and audio detection keep you in charge.
  • SD card recording.

13- ZOSI 2K WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

ZOSI Wireless cam 1

ZOSI is a spotlight CCTV camera. It is a 2K 3MP device. The image quality is good because of the high resolution of the device. The spotlight switches on automatically sensing any suspicious movement or sound. Thus it gives color night vision. 

It can zoom in up to 12X. The images don’t blur because of the good quality of the lens.

This camera connects to the 2.4GHz Wifi frequency and can be accessed from remote locations. The IP66-certified device is waterproof. The two-way audio helps make connections either way. 

The weight of the ZOSI bullet camera is 1.48 pounds and its dimensions are 7 x 7 x 3 inches. It is available on Amazon with a price tag of $34.99.


clear night vision 2

  • 2K 3MP CCTV Bullet Camera
  • The device  can be zoomed up to 12X
  • Spotlight and LEDs studded
  • Color night vision
  • Sensors detect audio and movement
  • Two-way audio helps communicate to the person on the camera side
  • SD Card recording and Cloud-based recording
  • Cloud storage possible
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • WiFi cam with 2.4GHz frequency support


  • SD card is not given with the camera
  • ZOSI service centers are primarily online. Shipping the faulty product and getting it back takes many days

Features & Functions

Flexible storage option 3

  • 2K 3MPresolution camera. The high resolution provides clean images.
  • Upto 12X zoom. You can magnify anything up to 12 times.
  • Advanced human detection technology. The AI device sense shape and face. It can also differentiate between humans and animals.
  • It auto-tracks any suspicious movement. It also raises an alarm and pushes an alert message detecting anything dubious.
  • 12 pieces of bright light illuminate the darkness
  • With the help of ZOSthe I Smart App, you can access your devices from remote areas
  • The two-way audio is clean and crisp. The voice is clear. You can pass any information
  • IP 66 weatherproof device.
  • SD card storage and Cloud Storage support. SD card is supportable up to 128GB.

14- SUNBA Ceiling Mount Bundle, 1080p Auto Tracking Starlight 25x Optical Zoom IP PoE+ PTZ Camera


SUNBA is a precious brand. It is an exceptional company dealing in PTZ cameras. It was instituted in 2014, and since then it has been doing great services in security surveillance products.

This SUNBA PTZ camera is specialized in providing 25X zoom images. The 1080P resolution cam can pan, tilt and zoom. 

The starlight studded camera gives color night vision. The optical zoom IP PoE device is weatherproof. It is a strong cam. 

It can rotate around 360 degrees and tilt up to 110 degrees. 

The Smart sensor, a two-way audio device is available on Amazon with a price value of $499.99.


  • 1080P auto-track high-resolution ion device
  • It is an IP PoE cam
  • The device is PTZ. It can pan, tilt and zoom
  • Built-in microphone
  • Spotlight and infrared light with color night vision
  • AI sensors detect audio and movement
  • WiFi supported and a Wireless cam
  • SD CArd and Cloud-based recording supported
  • 25X zooming
  • RTMP for broadcasting


  • Heavy camera. Can’t be installed on all surfaces
  • This cam is pretty costly

Features & Functions

Best Zooming Style 2

  • The 25x optical zoom lens zooms in on objects in proportion to distance.
  • This PTZ camera can pan across 360 degrees and tilt up & down 110 degrees
  • The smart sensors detect motion and sound. They auto-track movement. Sensing any threat they send you alert messages and signals
  • The bi-directional talk facility allows you to send voice messages.
  • The weatherproof device can be installed at any place
  • The data can be stored on the SD card or the Cloud storage

15- Eufy security Solo Cam 2K Outdoor Security Camera

Eufy cam outdoor 1.

Eufy Camera is a brand of Eufy Securities. It is a specialist organization dealing in CCTV surveillance. Eufy Solocam E40 is a successful outdoor camera that can be zoomed up to 5X times. 

The outdoor camera is run with a solar panel. Only a few hours of sunlight keeps the cam functional round the clock. 

The 2k resolution cam provides clean images. The WDR and DNR techniques give detailed images. You can recognize every angle. 

The IP65 weatherproof device is suitable for any location. The fields of view of the product are 130 degrees horizontal and vertical. 

The Amazon platform price of the product is $119.99.


Local storage 2

  • The 2k resolution cam
  • Color night vision
  • The field of view is 130 degrees
  • Motion & Audio Detection
  • Auto tracking
  • Weatherproof device
  • WiFi cam
  • Solar-powered device
  • Battery lasts for 4-6 months once fully charged
  • 5X zooming
  • 2-way audio
  • SD Card recording. Supports up to 128GB


  • The device is not vandal-proof. Very often breaks in unfriendly weather conditions

Features & Functions

eufy security zone 3

  • 2K resolution cam gives pellucid images. The user can track every activity. The night vision is pellucid. Provides you with color night vision.
  • The Smart AI cam detects any threat. It senses suspicious motion and audio. It also pushes alert messages and alarm signals to users.
  • Solar panel camera gives the u seamless function of the device. The battery gets charged and lasts up to 4 to 6 months.
  • The weatherproof cam is extremely user-friendly installation and setup process is easy.
  • It is a wireless and WiFi camera. It can be zoomed up to 5X times.


The 15 best CCTV zoom camera list is described here. There advantages, disadvantages, and features are analyzed. The zoom quality of each device is tested and represented.

The resolution of the cam and its night vision is mementionedPlease read every camera and its features for better understanding.

Suggest us your valuable suggestions in the comment box. Your opinion does matter to us. We will hit back to you.

Thank You.

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