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Wisenet Mobile For Windows is a CCTV CMS Software to watch CCTV cameras from remote locations. Here, in this post, we are giving you everything associated with this CMS Wizard. This application is exceptionally useful for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. 

With the assistance of this software application, we tend to monitor several devices at a time on one screen. The CMS Application is given in a link button form. The app is packed in a zipped file. You have got to unzip it to load on the computer.    

We have conjointly given here every detail associated with the installation of this computer application. We have given here step-by-step. No step has been skipped. The Wisenet application works wonders with our security and management.

It gives us the freedom to trace and track every movement. It keeps us vigilant that what’s happening on our property. 

What Is A CMS Wizard And What Are Its Benefits?

The CCTV CMS Wizard is an application that is designed to screen cameras on PCs. Its full form is Content Management System(CMS). A CMS can perform multiple functions. It can file information, edit it, store it, record it, and index it.

The CMS software is given in a zipped file folder. You have to decompress the file before going to download it and install it. 

Let’s suppose a case that you are the owner of 8 factories. Every factory is covered with a CCTV surveillance system. Thee are 8 cameras installed in each unit. Your office is in a different place. From your office, you want to monitor your 8 factories.

There are in total 64 cameras which you need to watch. It is possible by a CMS Application like Wisenet mobile app. It can show you more than 200 cameras through it. You can monitor them on a single display. You can access these cams from any remote location.  

What Is Wisenet mobile For PC Application?

Wisenet mobile For Windows 12

This application is designed and manufactured by Hanhwa Securities. It is a Korean company that was established in 1990. It has a track record of more than 32 years. The company produces the latest and most durable kind of CCTV cameras.

Its products are trustworthy and modern. It has its service centers at many places in the country. It is available in different parts of the globe. 

This application is an intelligent app. It gives us security and freedom. You can operate it from any remote location. Its speed is fast and gives live streaming 24*7.       

Features & Functions Of Wisenet Mobile For PC

This application has many gallant functions. Some outstanding ones are given here. These advantages and functions are necessary to know. When we know them, we can operate them optimally. Below are some of its main functions.

  • Wisenet mobile For Windows 13The application offers live views and it runs seamlessly
  • There is no delay in its relay and reception.
  • It gives continuous streaming. There is no breakup in the live streaming.
  • The app uses advanced data technology. It auto-corrects data in low-network areas
  • It has a high resolution. The image quality given by this application is sharp and bright. It offers us very clear pictures.
  • The application maintains two-way audio. 
  • The two-way audio supports the transference of a message to the person on the device side.
  • The two-way audio is, in addition, helpful in scaring away suspects and intruders. You can horrify an intruder or suspect by shouting at them 
  • The App supports “Sensors” Technology. These sensors function like a human mind. They can sense movements and sounds. 
  • When It detects any movement or sound, it sends message pop-ups to the user shopper. 
  • It alerts you against some suspicious activity. 
  • You can set pre-defined sensitive areas. It’ll save those zones from transgressors and suspects. 
  • It can preserve recording, assist you in showing the playbacks, take photos for you, and provides you full-fledged security.
  • This application helps you in attending the device from any far-flung location. 
  • You can operate a PTZ camera integrated at a faraway location with this app.

Download Wisenet Mobile For Windows

Here, you’ll get all the steps for this application to play on Windows OS. It is given in the form of a squeezed file. You’ve got to extract the information to load and install it on Windows. The installation is demonstrated here with diagrams. Any user can simply know it and learn it.   

The downloading and installation part is completed in three steps. The primary step is regarding the installation. The second step is regarding the login, and the third step is regarding device adding and installation.

Download Wisenet Mobile For Mac OS

Here, the company doesn’t give this CMS Application for Macintosh Computers. Therefore there’s no link given here. However, if you want to monitor cams on Mac PC then you have to undergo the following process.

Either you download Windows OS over Mac OS with the help of Bluestacks-like software or download Android OS over Mac OS with the help of Android Emulator. Both ways you can watch cameras on Mac PC.

Download Wisenet For Android OS

Wisenet mobile For Windows 11

To view cams on Android smartphones, you’ve to click the link given below. The app is additionally given on the google play store. The primary step is to load the app and install it. When the installation is done, you have to add the device to it.

For that, You have to scan the QR Code. Navigate the instructions given and you will be able to connect with the device.  

Install & Add the Wisenet Application For Windows OS

We have given here the complete guide to downloading and installing the App on Windows. Additionally, you will get the login of the device part and the addition of the camera with it to monitor the screen. 

Let’s begin the journey.

Step-1 Installation Of The App

To install the app, you have to double-click the set-up file. This page will open for you.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 1

The application greets you before the installation process. It also instructs you, to close all other windows before going for the installation. Press the next button.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 2

The license agreement is given here in this window. Read the agreement before going for loading it. If you are agreed with its terms and conditions, encircle the box and press the next button.

This window opens for the next stage.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 3

You have to choose here the installation of the file location and the folder in which you will keep this file. Select them and after that press the Install button. The moment you press it, it begins to install the application, Wizard.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 4

It takes a little time to load. When it is finished, it will notify you. This way you will come to know about it.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 5

Press the Finish button. This way the installation part is over. The content is loaded. We will move now to the next step. This step is about the logging in part.

Step-2 Log In The Application

To log in to the application, you have to double click the app icon. The following window opens.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 6B

Here, you have to create a password for the application. The username of the app is by default admin. You have to create the password.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 6

Fill in the username and the password. This way you will sign in.  Press the sign-in button.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 7

The Homepage of the application opens. This way we will log in to the CMS Software.

Step 3 is about adding devices and monitoring cameras.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Cameras

To add the app to the device, go to Device Management and press the add the device option. The following page opens.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 8

Fill in the name of the device, its IP address, port, user name, and password. After that press the Register button. The device will be added and you will begin your monitoring.

Wisenet mobile For Windows 9

This is the process of adding the camera and monitoring it.


Wisenet mobile For Windows is an application, that is discussed in this article. We have tried to give you here the download button to get this application. We have also shown here the complete installation part for Windows.

It will help you in learning the loading and installing of this software. The features are also described in detail.

If you find any difficulty in downloading, installing, or understanding this application, then please let us know. We will try to help you out.

Thank You.

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