Samsung DVR Software For PC Free Download Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Get to learn more about the Samsung DVR Software App free download here. Samsung is a leading CCTV camera brand in the global surveillance industry.

Samsung provides software to connect as well as operate the CCTV camera on a PC. Samsung DVR CMS Application is available for Windows and Mac OS. It is provided by the Samsung Company free of cost.

The installation process of the Samsung DVR App is illustrated for Windows. It is provided in detail to learn its configuration on a PC.

We have provided the installation procedure of the CCTV camera software to connect CCTV cameras on Windows as well as Mac OS user clients’ PC. The Samsung DVR Software for PC CMS app demonstration is given here.

Samsung DVR Software CMS App (Windows11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Here you can get the link to download Samsung DVR Software for free. The CMS Samsung is available for Windows as well as Mac OS,

Therefore download the software as per the specification of the operating system of the PC. Below is the link to download CMS Samsung Software on Windows and Mac PCs.

Samsung app logo
Samsung DVR Software Logo

After downloading the CMS Samsung DVR App, proceed to the next step of installation.

We have provided the downloaded file in a compressed form. So extract the download file using a file compression tool. Then follow the installation process as described and shown below with images.

Samsung DVR Software (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Get here the Samsung DVR CMS App for Windows OS and start installing the CMS on Windows OS.

Just click on the given link and the downloading will start of Samsung DVR Software on a Windows OS user client.

The CMS software is very helpful to connect and operate the CCTV camera on a PC.

Read the installation guidelines to install the Samsung DVR App.

Samsung DVR Software (Mac OS)

The company also provided free Samsung DVR Software to install on Mac PCs.

Here is the link to download the Samsung DVR Software. Press the download button and get the application file.

We have elaborated on the installation process of the Samsung DVR CMS in detail.

Read the installation guide carefully to install the CMS on Mac OS.

What is Samsung DVR Software APP?

Samsung has developed a CMS for connecting the CCTV cameras on PC. The CMS is known as Samsung DVR Software. It is free for Windows as well as Mac OS user clients to download.

Samsung DVR Software helps to connect as well as operate the CCTV camera on Windows and Mac PCs easily.

Features of Samsung DVR CMS App

Here we will see what functions are provided by the Samsung Software for Windows and Mac OS.

Generally, all the CMS have almost the same features with some extra options but here we are going to highlight those which are useful for the users.

The functions of this CMS are as follows.

  • Maintain multiple channel monitoring and playback with a max of 16 windows.
  • Assistance with real-time playback when previewing.
  • Playback supports quick, slow and by-frame modes.
  • Support local snapshots and recording.
  • Files are stored locally.
  • Provides PTZ control.
  • Support memory of the previous channel viewed last time.
  • Support colour setting and streaming parameters adjustment.
  • Support alarm push.
  • Provides the bidirectional talk.
  • “Smart Picture” function with zooms in/out function also.

Installation Process of The Samsung CMS on Windows OS

Now download the first Samsung DVR Software and extract the CMS software file using file extraction software to install it on Windows and Mac OS.

After extracting, open the CMS download file and right-click on the CMS installation file and select the option “Run as Administrator” to start the installation process.

1. Step – Launching the CMS

An installation wizard window will appear on the screen to start the installation, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

welcome page of the app
Start the installation process

The new screen shows the installation directory. By default, it is set for the C drive.

If you want that software install on the different directory then you have to click on the “Change” button as shown in the picture above or you may leave it as it is. Now click on the “Next” button.

select the destination location
Installation directory of CMS

Now the setup is ready for the installation. Just click on the “Install” button and then the installation process will begin.

install the app file
Begin the installation process

Wait for the installation process to complete. It may take some time so wait for that to finish it.

application files are installing
Installation progress of the CMS

Now the setup process is complete. Just click on the “Finish” button and your CMS is ready for running your CCTV cameras on your PC.

installation is complete
Finish the installation

STEP 2 # Login to the CMS for Windows

After finishing, the installation process, go to the START MENU and here you can find the folder named “Samsung” and the two sub-folders under this folder.

Now click on the “Smart Viewer“. After that, a login screen comes to you. Now you have to make a password for that you have to log in with the default username and password.

The default username and password for the software for PC is “ADMIN“.

login page of the app
Login screen

Now put your new password for the CMS. Confirm it and press the “Yes” button. Now log in with the new password in the software.

login to the app with the registered username and password
Set a new password

STEP 3 # Add your Samsung cameras to the application

After logging in to the software, the home screen of the CMS will appear, you have to find an option named Device and it appears on the top screen as shown in the screenshot above.

Click on that icon in order to add your CCTV device to the CMS.

device manager page of the Samsung Software
Device manager

Now on the screen, you may find an icon of add the device as shown in the image below.

Click on that icon and now you will find a popup screen for filling in your device details.

The second option for adding your device to the software is to click on the “Auto Icon”. this option is only for local devices.

If your DVR/NVR is running on the same network as your PC running.

add devices
Add devices to the CMS

Fill your device details into this window. Select your device model in the “Model Name“.

In the address type, you have chosen the same as your device is running on and in my case, I choose the “IP Address“.

Fill the IP address and the port the same as your device.

You can find the port number of your device in the network option on your DVR/NVR. ID and password must be the same as your device ID and password.

give device details
Enter device details

After filling in all the details, click on the Connection Test button first.

If the connection succeeds click on the “Register” button. If the connection does not succeed you have to check the address and the port number filling correctly or not.

You may select another “Address Type” if your device is not running on the IP address. Select as per your DVR/NVR address type.

mention the type of device
Address Type of device

Now your CCTV device has been added to the software. It is time to see your CCTV cameras on your computer.

STEP 4 # Live Monitoring on the CMS

Now you can find your device in the upper-left corner.

Select the device and click on the connect button as shown in the screenshot below.

get live view of the camera
Start live view of CCTV

After clicking on the connect button the connection process starts and your camera will appear on your computer screen.

watch cameras from anywhere
Live view of CCTV


Samsung DVR Software is a beneficial CMS application for operating as well as connecting CCTV cameras on Windows as well as Mac OS.

Samsung DVR Software installation and configuration are shown here for the Mac and Windows OS.

It is a multi-functional program that allows you to control and manage your existing CCTV camera setup.

The CMS for Windows discussed above is a tool that offers you many features and functions that are unique and extraordinary.

We hope the information provided related to the article is helpful to you.

To solve your queries, feel free to write to us in the comment section of the article.

Thank You.

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  1. HI, I have file extension .BU from samsung CCTV, how can i play the files that have been copied from samsung cctv? is there any software that I can play .BU files that supported.?

  2. Hi
    I have installed SmartViewer and when i open it , its asks for the ADMIN password, which your documentation says is also ADMIN. THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!!
    Please supply the correct password as i cannot even get past this opening screen????

    a video i found shows it opens another screen where you can set you own password. I don see this either.

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