Download Free Secueye For Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS

Here we have provided the download of the Secueye for Windows OS user clients. The link is provided for the Windows OS user clients to help and assist them in linking the software with the CCTV camera on the application.

The app is available for free to install along with other information about the CMS clients to assist them in linking the surveillance security system.

Learn More In Detail About The Secueye Software

We have ensured to cover every vita information related to the software to help them in accessing the CCTV camera on their PC along with the download of the app for PC as well as smartphone user clients. We have also ensured to render other information about the application.

Secueye CMS Logo
Secueye CMS Logo

The article also provides the software’s installation procedure to help the clients in linking their CCTV cameras to the app. Read the complete article before proceeding to the installation of the app for a better understanding of the process.

What is Secueye CMS Software?

It is an app provided for accessing live video surveillance on the application without any difficulty. The software provides multiple functions and features for the clients to control and operate their CCTV camera setup without any difficulty. This is one of the best third-party app available in the market.

Information About The Features of The Secueye App

Get to learn more about the clients to connect and operate the CCTV camera without any difficulty. Learning the features and functions enables the user to control their devices with help of the command entered into the software. We have rendered this information for the benefit of our readers and clients to connect and operate the CCTV camera.

We have listed below the features and functions of the app with a detailed explanation for our readers and clients. The characteristics of the software are as follows:

  • Connect and access N2N IoT cloud service.
  • Provide live video in real-time for monitoring.
  • Add and connect multiple remote as well as the local device.
  • Provide local storage as well as cloud storage.
  • Get an alarm push notification.
  • Two-way communication facility.
  • PTZ control is present.

System Requirements Recommended For The PC & Smartphone

Learn more about the application to help them connect their surveillance camera setup to the suitable operating system and device that meets the software’s requirements. Without meeting the system requires the software will not run on any device. Therefore read the information provided below in the table for better understanding.

ParticularOperating SystemCPU Processor RequirementRAM NeededMemory
WindowsWindows 7, 8, 10 & 11Intel Core i5-7200U4 GB90 MB
AndroidAndroid 4.4Android Octacore3 GB43 MB

With the help of the table, the users can select the most appropriate operating system to install the application on the right operating system of PC as well as smartphone. Therefore read the information carefully before proceeding to the installation.

Download The Secueye CMS Software For Windows OS Free

Here we are glad to render the download link of the software. The software will provide a platform to connect and link the CCTV camera on the app without any technical knowledge being required. The download of the application is ready and provided below for the readers and user clients.

The app file is in compressed format, so extract the file with file compression software before starting the installation of the software. Also, read the installation guidelines provided below in the article for readers and user clients.

Install Secueye App for Android Smartphone

The company has not neglected mobile phone users as well. The organization has provided the app for installing and connecting CCTV cameras on smartphones. The application is available for free to install and link the security devices on the mobile phone.

With the help of the application link the CCTV cameras on the smartphone for keeping surveillance on the premises and loved ones. This app is available for free to download and install on the Android smartphone. Get the app now for accessing the CCTV cameras live on smartphones.

Is Application Available For Mac & iOS?

No, the software developer has not rendered any application for the Mac OS user clients. The Mac OS user must either install Windows on their macintosh PC or install an android emulator like Bluestacks to run the android app on the Mac PC to access the CCTV cameras live.

Unfortunately, the software is not available for the iOS operating system users and we are also unable to help the users to install any application on the iOS mobile phone. The user must either opt for Windows or Android to run the application for accessing the CCTV cameras live.

How To Install The Secueye For Windows OS?

As we have mentioned earlier, decompress the file and open the folder, and double-click the installation .exe file to start the installation wizard of the app. Now follow the instruction rendered below as follows:

Step 1 – Setup Wizard of the Application

The setup wizard will start on the screen, click the “Next” button to proceed.

Secueye setup wizard
Secueye setup wizard

Now select the drive to save the files of the software or leave it default and click on the “Next” button.

Select drive to store file
Select the drive to store file

Then select the option to create a desktop icon and press the “Next” button to proceed.

Create desktop icon
Create desktop icon

Now the software is ready for installation, click the “Install” button to start the process.

Secueye app ready to install
Secueye app ready to install

The process of installation is underway in progress, wait for the procedure to be complete successfully.

Process of installing for the app
Process of installing for the app

Then click on the “Finish” button to proceed.

Finish the installation of the Secueye CMS
Finish the installation of the Secueye CMS

Step 2 – Login on the Secueye CMS

Here the login window of the software will appear on the screen, enter the default username only to log in. Then click on the “Sign In” button.

Default Username  – “super”

Login with user ID
Login with a user ID

They provide firewall access to the software to run smoothly. Select all the options as illustrated below in the image and then click on the “Allow access” button.

Grant firewall access
Grant firewall access

The software will start on the PC and click on the “System” option and then the device manager to link the devices.

Proceed to device manager of the app
Proceed to the device manager of the app

Step 3 – Connect The CCTV Camera on PC

The device manager window will open on the screen, select the “Zone List” and then click on the “Add Area”. Then enter the zone name and click on the “OK”.

Create area zone for device
Create area zone for device

Now select the added area and then press the “Add Device” option and a dialogue box will open on the screen, enter the device credentials such as device name, IP address, port, username, etc. Then click on the “OK” button.

Add and link the cameras
Add and link the cameras

Live view of CCTV Camera on the PC

Go back to the home screen and double-click on the added device to get the live view on the app. We have provided a sample screenshot of the live view on the application.

Secueye For Windows
Live view of CCTV camera on Secueye For Windows OS


We have discussed the subject Download Free Secueye For Windows 8/10/11 OS for the user clients to learn more in detail about the software to connect and access the CCTV camera. The software is available for free to download and install on Windows and Android operating systems.

We have ensured to provide and cover every vital detail related to the application to help the readers and clients learn with an in-depth understanding of the functions and system requirements of the application.

Unfortunately, we are unable to help the macOS and iOS user clients as there is no software available for both the operating system. Mac OS users have only two alternatives i.e., install either Windows or android emulator. We have provided the installation guide for the Windows OS user clients as well.

We hope the article is helpful in the installation as well as connecting the CCTV cameras with the app. For further details and inquiry feel free to contact us via the comment section below of this article.

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  1. I suggest you add Instructions for setting the language.
    Something like….
    Using a text editor such as notepad, Edit line 13 of the SECUVISION > CONFIGMODULE.INI file and change the SOLUTION= entry to the filename (without the extension) of the language you wish to use so that line would be: Solution=English if you want to use the English language. The language files are in the folder ” SECUVISION > LANGUAGE” with file extension “.LANG”
    This should probably be near the very beginning of the section:
    How To Install The Secueye For Windows OS?

    and other OS’s, too?

    It would also be useful if users could also set the maximum size of the SECUVISION window. On my 4k monitor it is a bit overwhelming.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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