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Here we are giving TRENDnet view For Windows OS for dear users. You have installed a CCTV system in your factory and you want to monitor that from your office. Your office is several miles away from your factory. You want to watch it on your PC.

How will you view it? In such situations, you require a CMS wizard system. It allows you to monitor CCTV cameras easily from remote locations. If you have installed more than one device in the factory, then still you can connect them with your CMS. It supports many devices simultaneously.

If DVRs/NVRs are from different companies, still the CMS software supports them. It makes the cover and viewing easier for your computers.

It is available for Windows OS, and for Mac OS you have to load Windows. In this article, you will find the detailed steps for downloading and installing the software. The download button links are given. You have to click the link and upload the software on your PC.

The article also gives you download links for Android OS and for iPhone/iPad OS, for that you have to take the services of Bluestacks.

Trendnet view for windows 12What Is A CMS Software?

CMS(Content Management System) is software that makes one or multiple devices connected on a Windows OS or Mac OS system. With the help of this software, you are ready to connect many DVRs or NVRs to your PC.

Whether the system is Windows OS-based or Mac OS-based, the CMS is available for both separately. You have to load it on your PC and make it run. When the CMS is installed, it will ask for login. After logging in, you have to Add the devices with the help of their respective IPs. Cameras will come on display.

What is TRENDnet View software?

The Trendnet view software is for Windows OS devices. The TRENDnet company is a leading manufacturer and dealer in the surveillance security market. Its reputation in the CCTV security market is high. The warranty coverage and services are top class. 

Here, this article is written to give you the link for the CMS. You have to get the link by clicking the download button. It will load in a compressed format on your PC. You have to decompress it to install it on your computers.

Features Of The TRENDnet View Software

The features are very user-friendly. When you use them, you find them easy to learn and operate. Following are the functions.

  • The CMS supports every video format. It makes the function of the device easier. Whether your DVR/NVR is H.264 or H.265 versions, doesn’t make any problem. It supports both versions.
  • You can add multiple devices to your software. It supports them. Suppose you have installed three different devices at three different locations. There is no issue. You can connect these devices to your software to view them from a single PC. There are 96 or 128, or even more, cams that can be watched on a single display.
  • You can see live images, playbacks, fast-forward videos, etc. with this app.
  • You can cut and preserve a recorded portion, click an image, etc. through it.
  • It supports motion and sensors. It means it sends you alarms, or notifications whenever it realizes any suspicious thing.
  • Two-way audio is another very prominent feature, this software app supports. You can send any message to the person who is on the device side. This function empowers you to scare away an intruder or raise an alarm to drive away any suspect from your property.
  • You can operate the PTZ camera with the help of the app. You can operate it on the left side, right side to pan across, or you can tilt the cam up, or down to view a wider angle coverage. You can zoom in or zoom out by sitting at your remote location. 
  • It supports multi-screening. It means that it can simultaneously be operated on many PCs at a time. Suppose you miss any important activity, but when many people are watching live, then chances are high that, no incident will be missed.
  • You can set the function to auto-track a person or any activity. You can also pre-set the positions. It is very useful for security purposes.

Download TRENDnet View CMS For Windows OS 

Here, you will get the download link for your Windows OS. You have to click the link and load the file in a folder. It will be uploaded in a compressed file. You have to decompress it. Then you have to install it on the PC. Details to install it on your computer for Windows OS is given here, step by step. That will guide you. Load here by clicking the button.

Download TRENDnet CMS For Mac OS

It has not been given directly for the Mac OS. But if you want to use it on Mac OS then install Windows OS on Mac OS and then install it. For that you to load it by double-clicking the button given for Mac OS. It will be loaded on your PC. Run it and install it to get access to your surveillance system. After the installation, it will ask you for a login. Make a unique user ID. and Password. Add the device by filling in the device IP address, port, user id, and password, and connect with your system. Click the button for more.

Download The TRENDnet View For Android OS

Android users can get the link for their smartphones. It is easy to operate. Get the link by clicking the button for Android OS. Install the “TRENDNET IP VIEW APP” on your mobile and add the device.

When you add the device, it will ask you for QR Code scanning. Scan it and follow the instructions. Add the device’s IP address, port, user id, and password. You will be able to find the device on your smartphone device.

Download The TRENDnet View For iPad/iPhone OS

If you want to use the App for iPad/iPhone then you have to download the Android emulator known as “Bluestacks”. Then install it to monitor. The system is at a remote location and you want to access it from anywhere. For that, you have to install the app and add the device. Once the device is added, you are ready to monitor cameras.

How To Install The TRENDnet View App For Windows OS?

If you want to install the app then you have to load the file, then decompress it. Click the setup application and then it will begin to open for you.

Step 1- Installing The CMS On Windows OS

The moment you click the file to install the app asks you to select the language.

Trendnet view for windows 1

You press next for the next step.

Trendnet view for windows 2

It will ask permission for you to load. You have to accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box and then pressing the next button.

Trendnet view for windows 3

Now, it will ask you to select the location on your computer, where you want to load the file. It will automatically take the C-drive. You can otherwise choose your preferred location also. Press next to reach the next level.

Trendnet view for windows 4

If you want to load other components of the software on the PC, then tick them or else untick them and after that click the next button.

Trendnet view for windows 5

The programme will begin to install on your PC. You will have to wait for it. It may take several minutes to complete the process.

Trendnet view for windows 6

It will appear on the screen that the installation is finished. Press the finish button.

Step 2- Log In To The CMS

Here, in this step, you will have to log in and reach the home page of the CMS wizard.

Trendnet view for windows 11

Here you have to put in the user name and password. The default username and password are both “admin”.

After that press login. The moment you put the username and password and press login the homepage of the CMS will come on your display.

Trendnet view for windows 7

Tep 3- Adding The Device And Monitoring The Camera

Now you have to add the device. For that, you have to click the add device option and fill in the details.

Trendnet view for windows 8

Here, you have to put in, username, password, domain name of the device, and press the save button. The system will come on the display screen.

Trendnet view for windows 9


The security surveillance system installed at a place can be easily monitored from a remote location with the help of a PC. It is made possible through this TRENDnet View For Windows CMS Wizard. It is for making security easier. The TRENDnet organization is renowned for its stable services and commitments. You will enjoy their products and services. This software is the cherry on the cake. You can always connect to their support system if you find any difficulty in their products and services.

You can always contact us through emails, or comments. We are there at your service. Waiting for your responses regarding the article. Please share your views.

Thank You.

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