troubleshoot IP camera

10 ways to troubleshoot IP camera setup

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ways to troubleshoot IP camera setup

If you are unable to troubleshoot IP camera then there are some basic steps that help you to troubleshoot IP camera. Follow these step one by one.

1. Check the Power connection

It is quite obvious but sometimes we miss a small thing so consider this point. Check the all power connection at least once. If the camera is non-POE, check the power supply or adaptor. Some IP camera has a LED light that indicates the power of camera but in some cases, we do not have an indicator so careful about the camera is powered up or not.

troubleshoot IP camera

2. Check Cabling

If Camera is powered up and still not responding then you should check the cable of the camera. Sometimes cable goes damage and we do not recognise it, so check the cable of the camera. You can use a multimeter to check the cable continuity of the cable.

3. Check LAN Connectors

If both previous steps are fine then you should check the LAN connectors of cable. You can use IP tool to check the connectors if you have. If you do not have a tool then you could check it manually too. Check colouring of the cable and punching too. Check both side LAN connectors.

4. Get the ping reply

If everything is fine then you should have to check the ping reply is coming from the camera or not. In order to get the reply from the camera, you should know the IP of the camera, to do this use the ‘ip search tool’. After knowing the IP of the camera, go to cmd(type CMD in windows search and hit enter) and type “Ping” followed by IP of the camera.

If the reply is coming from the camera’s IP then the connection has been made. If the reply is not coming then go to next step.

5. Confirm no IP conflict

If the reply is coming from the IP of the camera but the camera still not coming at the screen then make sure IP is not conflicting with other devices on the network.

6. Reboot the setup

If you think, everything is up to the mark but still camera is not showing on the screen then you could restart the whole setup at least once. Sometimes settings, made by you, not save properly and need a restart. So go to this step and restart the setup.

7. Check FIrewall of system

Firewall is the thing which prevents unauthorised access to resources. Sometimes we used routers and router’s firewall blocked the IP of the camera. In such case, you have to be sure that no firewall is preventing the camera’s IP

8. Confirm no MAC conflict

If two devices of same MAC address are installed on the same network, the network is unable to recognise device and cause of this both device have a fluctuating connection. So check the MAC of devices on the network.

9. Reset the camera

Now, it is time for a final step. Just find a reset button on the IP camera and press it for some time (read manual for resetting). After resetting, check all previous step once. It is a very common way to troubleshoot IP camera.

10. Call to Customer Care.

Do not frustrate just make a call to customer care to the manufacturer. If customer care of manufacturer is not available then you should contact to your dealer or distributor and ask him for your problem and also tell him what steps have you already taken.




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