5 reason choose IP camera over HD camera

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Reason choose IP camera over HD camera?

Here, we are going to discuss some reason choose IP camera over HD camera. Nowadays, everyone knows about CCTV camera and everyone wants to install it on their premises. Then a question arises that which technology should choose. Some time requirements change according to the situation. Let’s take an example of two different premises, suppose one is election booth and another one is a street way. At election booth the need of quality of camera but on other hands, at the street way, need demands maximum number days of recording. So what kind of technology should be chosen, it depends on the situation but IP camera has so many benefits over HD CCTV camera.

reason choose ip camera over hd camera


Minimal Installation Cost

If you are going to install HD CCTV camera then you have to bear the 1.5x cost in comparison to IP camera installation. In HD camera setup each camera wire has to come at DVR end but in IP setup you can use network switch combine some wire into one and then you can save some wiring cost and some installation cost as well.


Low Maintenance Cost

If we want to have some good “reason choose IP camera over HD camera” then we cannot ignore the maintenance. IP camera required low maintenance cost as compared to HD CCTV setup. It has less number of wire and fewer installation accessories so overall maintenance cost decreased. In the installation of IP camera, LAN wire uses and LAN wire is more reliable than normal CCTV wire. If we see overall things then result comes that, at maintenance point of view IP camera wins some extra points.


Easy to expand the setup.

Lots of companies have a variable infrastructure. They are expanding their infra according to need. So it is quite obvious they also want security in the expanded area. In HD CCTV setup. It is very difficult to expand the setup because of HD Camera has wire length limit, beyond this limit installation is not possible. On the other hand, IP camera has no length boundation. You can increase as much as you want. So the expansion of infra is not an issue if you have an IP camera setup.


More reliability

In HD CCTV setup, there are so many extra accessories have been installed. So many connectors are there and sometimes these connectors are not proper punched and some problem arises. These problems are like video blur, no video etc. In IP camera setup LAN connector are used which is reliable, so chances of video loss are minimal. Some other factors also affect the reliability but always IP camera is more reliable.


Image Quality.

Sometimes ago, In CCTV industry there was only one option that is analogue CCTV camera and analogue DVR, at the end of analogue CCTV industry turned to HD CCTV camera. But now we have some more option like IP. IP CCTV camera has superb image quality in comparison to HD CCTV setup. Now, Some CCTV companies launch their IP camera with some extra feature like people counting, object verification etc.


So there are lots of benefits of IP camera as we discussed but as I mention at the beginning, needs and situation give us the better suggestion the reason choose IP camera over HD camera. But in general, IP has some extra advantage over HD CCTV camera.



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