How To Configure Dahua DVR Remotely (Mobile View)

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We will talk about how to configure the dahua DVR remotely (mobile view). If want to know more about DAHUA DVR click the link above.

Nowadays everyone wants to keep their eyes on their shops, offices, malls, buildings etc, either they are present there or not. The easiest way to make that wish come true is to watch everything on mobile. We will talk about how to configure the dahua DVR.

Then the question is arises but how to see on mobile your CCTV footage.

To see CCTV footage on you must have INTERNET /WIFI then you can easily see footage on mobile.

Here, I am going to show you, How to configure dahua DVR remotely using P2P. Before we start, connect your DVR to the internet cable. Here we are going to use P2P technology so do not need to configure the router. 

dahua online dvr

Just put internet cable and allow some function of DVR and done. Your DVR now can view on mobile or computer. So let’s start.

For Android User:

  • First of all, download the App (DMSS) from the google play store.
  • Open the app and register on it, there are some steps like choosing your “country or area” so you prefer your country and area of your residential.
  • You can download the app by clicking on the download above in the first step.

For iPhone/IOS Users:

  • Download the app (iDMSS) from the app store.
  • Open the app and register the same as android.
  • You can download the app by clicking on download on 1st step

How To Configure Dahua DVR

Login into the DVR and find the Network setting, to find the network setting follow the steps.

  • Click right on the screen to the mouse and go to the main menu. 
  • Here you will see the network in the setting tab then choose the network
  • On the left-hand, there is a corner TCP/IP tab click on it.
Dahua online dvr
  • Choose “DHCP” on the mode tab and click “save” bottom of the screen right side.
  • Then go back to the network tab again you will see all the fields fill up like IP address etc
  • Then go to the P2P tab the last tab on the left side.
  • Check the enable tab to choose online from offline mode 

Now you have to use the app which I told you to download.

Dahua 1

The Above Steps Are In Detail: 

Go to the network setting and enable the DHCP option and apply the settings.

Then go to the P2P setting and enable it. Wait until the status becomes online.

Now go to your mobile and download GDMSS for dahua. After installing this, open the app and select the CAMERA you reach the main menu then click the left upper corner as shown below.

How to configure dahua DVR

Find the option ‘Device Manager and select it. then tap the + (plus) icon top of the right corner.

How to configure dahua DVR

Select the wired device.

How to configure dahua DVR

Now go for P2P.

How to configure dahua DVR

Scan the given QR code from DVR or you can put the given serial number manually. Once you have to enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD that you initially set at the time of installing DVR.

How to configure dahua DVR

Now you can see a live preview of all devices from anywhere using your smartphone online and control it remotely.

Now if click right of a top corner here is another option, you have a list of different and additional system you can view them from there select LM and select start and you can change the view also by default there are only 4 devices you can change up to 10 devices on the screen at a time or the number of devices/camera connected to your DVR. 



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