TVT CMS Software Download for Free 2019 [Updated]

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Here, You get a free TVT CMS App. This TVT Application is available free for Windows 7/8/10/11 and for Mac OS too. This Software for TVT devices is offered by the TVT brand which is one of the best CCTV Camera brands in the world.

It is awesome software for Windows. With the help of the TVT CMS Software Download help, you can witness your CCTV camera on your PC or Laptop. TVT Software is easy to use and monitor. Click on the given connection and get your software download arrangement.

Get the TVT CMS For Free

The arrangement of the TVT software is likewise very simple. You need to simply download TVT software from the given connections and introduce it to your PC. After that put your DVR or NVR on a similar system as your PC is.

  1. TVT CMS for Windows 7/8/10 Ver3.4.6.81018 (After 2019 devices)
  2. TVT CMS for Windows 7/8/10 Ver3.4.5.81018 (Before 2019 devices)
  3. TVT CMS For MAC   v1.1.4

TVT CMS App Installation and Configuration


The TVT Software Download arrangement is shared in the above-given link. You can get it as per your requirement. Open the file explorer where it is downloaded.

Right-click on the setup file document and snap on the “Run as Administrator“. Presently the framework requests the entrance award at that point click “yes”. The establishment procedure will be begun and request the following. Run the software and complete the procedure.


After finishing the establishment of the TVT CMS software a symbol will show up on your work area screen named “NVMS-1000”. This is the alternate way of the product running on your PC.

Double tap on that symbol and now a screen will come requesting the enrollment. The enlistment procedure is just for your PC not for the DVR/NVR.

The client which is the register structure here is legitimate for your PC, not for your CCTV framework. Register a client for your TVT CMS download.


The registration window asks you for a “username” and the “password“. Just put it in the given boxes. Just put username and password only leaving the other detail blank. J

ust click on the “Save” button. Now the next screen will come up asking for the log-in details. Insert the username and the password into the given screen and log into the TVT CMS Application.

Login page of the app


Presently the following screen will take you to more choices. This screen is the control board of the product.

By this screen, you can control every one of the alternatives as indicated by your need. For this time click on “DEVICE”. The Screen is demonstrated as follows.

Homepage of the application file

Step 6

After clicking the “Device” option the screen is shown below.

Device addition Steps

This screen will guide you. You can add your device in two ways. One is quick add and another way is to add devices manually. Just select the option as per your need and add the device to the TVT software.

Simply, put all the data into the TVT CMS software and click on save. Presently your product is prepared for the live view on your PC. To see go to the control board and go to the “live view”.

Here you can discover your DVR/NVR name in the left sheet. Simply double tap on the name of your additional gadget and the camera will show you.

Monitor from anywhere

If you need to download TVT CMS for your mobile, at that point you can likewise download it for your Android telephone and Apple telephone too. The name of the application is Superlive Plus.

Download TVT CMS software for Android

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The TVT CMS Software Download App is shared here. The installation and configuration of the application file are illustrated in the post. The complete guidance is given here.

Kindly share your queries and suggestions in the comment section.

Thank You.

4 thoughts on “TVT CMS Software Download for Free 2019 [Updated]”

  1. descargué la aplicacion configueré en NVMS-1000, pero no me funciona en windows 10 con la DVR marca Logan LX841BN,será que estoy haciendo algo mal? porque en en celular si funciona!!

    1. Si la aplicación NVMS-1000 no está funcionando en tu computadora con Windows 10 para conectarla a tu DVR Logan LX841BN, hay varias posibles causas y soluciones que podrías considerar:

      Compatibilidad del software: Verifica que estés utilizando la versión más actualizada y compatible del software NVMS-1000. Algunas versiones más antiguas pueden no ser compatibles con Windows 10. Visita el sitio web del fabricante o proveedor de la aplicación para asegurarte de que estás utilizando la versión correcta para tu sistema operativo.

      Controladores o drivers: Asegúrate de tener instalados los controladores o drivers necesarios para la DVR Logan LX841BN en tu computadora. Los controladores correctos permitirán que la aplicación NVMS-1000 se comunique correctamente con la DVR. Consulta la documentación o el sitio web de Logan o el fabricante de la DVR para obtener los controladores adecuados y sigue las instrucciones de instalación.

      Configuración de red: Verifica que tu computadora esté conectada a la misma red que la DVR Logan LX841BN. Esto es importante para establecer la comunicación entre la aplicación y la DVR. Asegúrate de que tu computadora esté conectada a la red correcta y que no haya problemas de configuración de red, como cortafuegos o bloqueos de puertos.

      Configuración de la aplicación: Asegúrate de haber configurado correctamente la aplicación NVMS-1000 para conectarse a la DVR. Verifica que hayas ingresado la dirección IP correcta de la DVR y que los puertos de comunicación estén configurados adecuadamente. Consulta la documentación o el manual de la DVR y de la aplicación para obtener instrucciones detalladas sobre la configuración.

      Soporte técnico: Si has revisado todos los aspectos anteriores y aún no puedes hacer funcionar la aplicación NVMS-1000 en tu computadora, te recomendaría ponerse en contacto con el soporte técnico de Logan o del fabricante de la DVR. Ellos tendrán conocimientos específicos sobre la compatibilidad y configuración de su producto y podrán brindarte asistencia personalizada para solucionar el problema.

      Recuerda que la información que proporciono se basa en mi conocimiento hasta septiembre de 2021, y es posible que haya actualizaciones o cambios posteriores a esa fecha. Por lo tanto, siempre es recomendable consultar las fuentes oficiales o contactar directamente al soporte técnico para obtener la información más precisa y actualizada.

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