Ultivon E100 Camera| Mini-Outdoor CCTV Camera For Smart Home

The ultivon E100 camera is best suited for any location. There are many cameras available with similar features, but this camera is special in its category. It captures high-resolution images, motion alert you, sends you notifications, helps you with 2-way audio, gives you PIR night vision powered visibility, etc.

Ultivon E100 is a 6000mAh rechargeable battery-supported device. It takes approx. 7 hours to fully recharge the battery. 


Ultivon E100 Camera 1

It is a small-sized CCTV that can be mounted and installed anywhere inside and outside your home and office. Its price is $54.99. You can easily hide it because of its size and use it as a hidden camera. When you consider this camera, its size, and features, you notice the relevance of the ultivon E100. 


Ultivon E100 Camera 2

What Are The Features To Look For In Any Camera For Smart Home?

Security is important, so is beauty. When you think of installing a security CCTV in your smart home, then camera features and design both get centre stage. Let’s analyze this.

Resolution- Always go for a high-resolution camera. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality you will find. When you find the footage and image dull, then this is the result of a low-resolution. If the resolution is 1080P HD or higher, then it is supposed to be high-resolution.

PIR Motion Detection- A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. For that purpose, an imaging IR sensor is required. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense the movement of people, animals, or other objects.

Easy Installation-  Thanks to its Ip65 weatherproof rating, you can install this camera outdoor, or using it indoors to monitor your children or pets, which can bring all-around protection to your home.

Two-Way Audio- Two-way audio makes you more powerful as you are in a position to pass instructions and guide or growl at a threat from a faraway place. It keeps you in the command.

Night-Vision- When darkness is around the device, then IR lights illuminate automatically to give us images. IR LEDs, array lights, spotlights, or floodlights are indispensable for any good CCTV.

Wireless Camera & Warranty Part- When the camera is wireless you can use it as a standalone CCTV. When it is wireless, then there is no web of wire around it, and easy to operate. You can easily make your device online without keeping the router close to it or wire connect it. Warranty tells you about the company support. It assures you from the company side to resolve a problem when they crop up.

Weatherproofing- A weatherproof CCTV is stronger and more useful against any weather condition.

Storage- Know how your CCTV records in memory. What about a cloud storage facility.


Ultivon E100 Camera 11

Advantages Of Ultivon 100E Camera

  • The size is small. You can fix it anywhere.
  • HD 1080P and PIR night vision
  • Motion detection & instant alert
  • 6000mAh rechargeable battery powered
  • Crystal two-way audio
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Video recording & playback (SD card)
  • Wireless & Two-Way Audio Equipped

Disadvantages Of Ultivon 100E

  • Ver sensitive for wifi signal strength
  • Only detects motion within 10M
  • Fully charge (6-8H) before using it

Unboxing Of Ultivon 100E Camera

  • 1 * Ultivon Security CCTV
  • 1 * Metal Bracket
  • 1 * Screws Sets
  • 1 * User Instruction
  • 1 * 1.2m USB Cable (No Charger)

Ultivon E100 Camera 7


It is a very sleek rectangular camera. The product dimension is 3.62 x 2.6 x 1.57 cubic inches. It weighs around 10.6 ounces.  Inside the CCTV, there is a PIR motion detection sensor and a two-way microphone. Two IR lights are studded at the front end to give light at night. There is a slot for an SD Card, a USB charging port, and a power switch on the backside of it. 2 Lithium-ion batteries give it power.


Ultivon E100 Camera 6


  • Installation- This security device outdoor is powered by a 6000 mAh rechargeable battery. It only required 3 screws to fix it, then connect 2.4G Wi-Fi to finish all installation.
  • PIR Motion Detection-  Ultivon wireless security camera supports human/animal/car detection(sensitivity Low-Medium-High) and sends an instant alert message to your phone to remind you. PIR can effectively help cut down unnecessary false alerts such as insects passing by.
  • Resolution & Night Vision- This bullet surveillance CCTV provides you with a high-definition 1080P image whatever day or night. Built-in 2 IR led will automatically turn on night vision mode when light is low, which helps you to monitor some hidden surveillance blind spots.
  • Two-Way Audio-  Our wifi CCTV built-in speaker and microphone can communicate with visitors, or warn thieves to leave; Its sharing function allows you and another 4 family members to monitor the same CCTV at the same time.

Ultivon E100 Camera 3

  • All Place Camera-  Thanks to its IP65 weatherproof rating, you can install it outdoor, or using it indoors to monitor your children or pets, which can bring all-around protection to your home.
  • Wifi- The camera must be in a place with a network to work, and 2.4G WiFi (NOT 5G) must be used to connect to the camera for the first time. It is recommended that the installation position of the CCTV and the router should not exceed 32FT (10M).
  • SD Card- This CCTV needs to insert an SD card(not included with the pack) in advance to store the recorded video. If you need an SD card, please reach out to us through the after-sales email. This camera is not cloud-enabled.

Ultivon E100 Camera 5

  • Warranty- No matter you encounter any problems during the 1-year warranty please reach out to us through the after-sales email as soon as possible.
  • Wireless- This wireless camera is battery-powered, and it only takes 3-5 mins to complete all installation. You just need to download the Adorcam app, then scan the QR code to complete the phone installation and settings.
  • Video Playback- You can watch the video stored anytime and anywhere by bullet camera, you can also export it to your computer for permanent storage and share it with your family; It’s recommended to use a good brand SD card like Kingston, SanDisk.

How To Install Ultivon 100E

This camera is very compact. You can mount it anywhere indoor or outdoor. It is easily fixed on the given screws. Its total power backup is on lithium-ion batteries, so you can readjust the location of the CCTV at will.


Ultivon E100 Camera 9


Ultivon E100 Camera 10

To install the app, first, you have to download the  Adorcam app on your device. Go for the QR code scanning and pair your device. You can connect the CCTV to the app through the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Voice prompts from the Adrocam app helps you to connect the camera easily. 


Ultivon E100 Camera 4

How Smart Home Users Rate It?

HMB describes his experience in the following way

  • I have a nice house, but for some reason, there aren’t any windows facing the street. I have been looking for a security device that would detect motion, work day and night, not need wires for power and connect to my cell phone.
  • The Ultivon Wireless Security CCTV does everything I was looking for and more. The set-up was extremely easy, the price was very reasonable and the battery life was extremely long. Everything was so easy that the toughest chore was to get my ladder and mount the unit above the garage door. That took three supplied screws and all five minutes. The instruction manual was easy to read and had graphics. Ultivon also has chat as well as email support. A 5-star product!

Jessie says that

  • This camera is great. Very easy to set up. Just follow the instructions. The security device will come partially charged. Make sure to charge it all the way first. The video that this CCTV show is crisp and clean. The Audio part of the CCTV is also a nice feature and works flawlessly. Great product!

Dan shares his experience

  • The camera mounts fast and comes off very easily for recharging. The battery has good longevity. Motion detection catches everything with no false detections. The picture and video are clear during the day and the night.

Perfect find it

  • I am not a techno person and to be truthful I had purchased another brand that was sent back because I could NOT get it to install into my iPhone. BUT the Ultivon is super user-friendly and SOOOO easy to install. Once you download the APP it TALKS you through the setup process. The only thing I suggest is that you allow the battery to charge first which took less than 30 minutes.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND the price is great and it looks very sturdy for my NY weather

Ultivon E100 Camera 8

Should I Buy This Camera?

This camera is very compact and easy to use. The lithium-ion batteries give you the freedom to install them anywhere and use them at will. Price is worth the product and it has all the features that any smart CCTV has. You have an added advantage because of its small size. This smart device goes along well with your smart home. You can consider it. You will never feel disappointed with its performance.


What do we look at in any security device ultimately, and the answer is- security, alertness, good picture image, easy installation, justified price, and smooth functioning. If we are happy with that parameter then this camera qualifies all of them pretty easily. You can always find a better version with 2x, 3x amount than it. But in the given range, it is worth value. It is good for your home. You will feel satisfied with the product. 

2 thoughts on “Ultivon E100 Camera| Mini-Outdoor CCTV Camera For Smart Home”

  1. No issue for the initial installation.
    But the camera could not be reconnected to wirelessly see the video after delete the camera name, since the Reset function (for reconnection) never works. Only a button for power, no Reset button. The Reset function as said never works!
    To Reset the camera the menu says:
    1)Press and power button twice and hear one tone.
    2) Indicator turns to flash slowly in red.
    The two steps never work! It seems something was missing after the word “Press”.
    In my case, I need to change to a new network. After delete the camera from the App , there is no way I can reconnect the camera to a new or the original network, since I can not do the reset. No matter how many times I power it on or off. I never have the red light flash slowly; it always flash quickly!
    To make things worse, no phone number available for any technical support!

    1. It sounds like you’re having trouble resetting your Ultivon E100 Camera for reconnection to a new network. If the steps you mentioned are not working as expected, here are a few additional troubleshooting steps you can try:

      1. Power Cycle the Camera: Before attempting a reset, try turning the camera off and unplugging it from the power source for a few minutes. Then, plug it back in and turn it on. Sometimes, this can help resolve connectivity issues.

      2. Check the User Manual: Carefully review the camera’s user manual or documentation that came with it. It’s possible that there are specific instructions or additional steps not mentioned in the menu that you need to follow for a successful reset.

      3. Use a Pin or Paperclip: Some cameras have a tiny reset button that can be accessed by inserting a pin or paperclip into a small hole. Look for such a button on the camera’s body and press and hold it for the specified duration (usually around 10 seconds) while the camera is powered on. This should trigger a reset.

      4. Contact Customer Support: If you’re still unable to reset the camera and reconnect it to your network, it’s essential to reach out to Ultivon customer support for assistance. While it can be frustrating when phone support isn’t available, try contacting them through email or their official website. They may be able to provide you with specific guidance or even a firmware update if needed.

      5. Factory Reset: If all else fails and you’re unable to reach customer support, you can consider a factory reset as a last resort. Be cautious, though, as this will erase all settings, including your Wi-Fi network information. The process for a factory reset can vary by camera model, so refer to the user manual for instructions on how to perform a factory reset.

      Remember that when you’re reconnecting the camera to a new network, you’ll need to enter your new Wi-Fi network credentials in the camera’s settings, so make sure you have that information handy.

      Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and if you’re unsure about any step, it’s best to contact their customer support for assistance to avoid any potential damage to the camera or loss of settings.

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