Download Free LTS Connect For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

LTS Connect For Windows is a powerful CMS Wizard. This CMS can connect many CCTV surveillance gadgets with it and show them to you in any distant location. In this article, we have covered the LTS application. 

It is a world-famous American organization in security surveillance. We have given here the download link for Windows and Android OS. The Wizard is not available for Mac OS. The setup file is in a compressed file format.

Download For PC Windows OS

Download For Android Smartphones

Before installation, you have to decompress it. The installation process for Windows OS is given in full detail. Every step is covered with diagrams. The process to log in to the CMS app and the addition of the device are also given with diagrams. It will help the user to understand the problem better.

Why CMS Wizard For CCTV Is So Demanding?

The CMS software for CCTV monitoring is so demanding because it empowers users to access their remote sites. The camera is installed at a place and you are all together at a different place. If you want to monitor the site then you have to take the help of the Wizard.

The application can record activities and playback the incidents. You can export the data to some other device and preserve them for later records. You can take snaps with its help. It saves your time and maximizes your protection.

It shows you activities from remote locations. Thus supervision becomes easier for you. The device can connect multiple gadgets at a time. You can monitor more than one site at a time. That too on a single CMS Wizard, on a single screen. 

What Is LTS Connect For PC Application?

LTS Connect For Windows 26It is software that is designed and marketed by LTS Industries. It is American incorporation. It deals in CCTV surveillance products and accessories. The company has many other electronic security products, like Access System, Doeebell, Video Doorphone, Biometrics, etc.

Apart from it, the organization has a long range of CCTV accessories. The warranty for its products is for 2 years. It has service centers all over the world. Its products are highly reliable and durable.  

The CMS App has many dominating features and attributes. It can allow the device to operate from anywhere. you can pass any message to a person near the device. The application triggers alarms and alerts you to sense any threat. It acts as a guard for you under all circumstances. 

Features & Functions Of LTS Software

This software has many dominating features. It serves as a master for our security. The advantages of the Wizard help us save time, effort, and money to expand further. The following are its main attributes.

  • LTS Connect For Windows 27It gives live streaming. There is no time lag
  • The video capturing and relaying time have almost no difference
  • The flow of data is continuous
  • It can connect more than 10 devices at a time.
  • It means you can monitor multiple devices
  • The software empowers you to operate these gadgets from your place
  • You can see the playback, check the recording, take snaps, instruct a person from a remote area
  • The cam can be zoomed in, panned, and tilted with the support of the app.
  • The software supports the two-way audio
  • The person on the device side can be instructed on the CMS function
  • The sensors are supported by the app
  • The software can alert you sensing any queer audio or motion
  • You can pre-set the app to get you alert messages for certain sensitive areas. When anyone enters there, the wizard alerts you
  • It has a high resolution resulting in clear images
  • The wizard auto-corrects data in the low networking areas for continuous relay of live video

Installation Of LTS Connect For Windows OS

For the installation of this application, the link button is given below. You have to click the button to get the app. The file is given in a compressed format. Decompress the file to install the app.

The installation process for Windows is given with images for proper understanding. The login method is also discussed and illustrated. You will also find, that the article discusses connecting the device. These all are given here. Begin with the installation of the software part and move along.

Download For PC Windows OS

Installation Of LTS Connect For Mac OS

This the LTS organization has not given the link for Apple PC. So we can’t connect the device to Macintosh PC. However, if we want to watch cameras from Mac PC then we have to load Windows OS or Android OS on Mac OS.

That is possible by loading the gaming app Bluestacks. You can go for any cross-platform app or Android emulator to load Windows or Android.

Installation Of LTS Connect For Android OS

LTS Connect For Windows 25

For Android OS, the download button of the app is given below. Click the button to get the application. You can get it from the google play store also. Install the Wizard. After that, you have to add the device.

To add the device you have to scan the QR Code. After the scanning of the device, the app will instruct some functions. Follow them and you will be able to add the device.

Download For Android Smartphones

Install The LTS Software & Monitor Cameras On Windows OS

To install decompress the setup file. Run it. Here, it is described in three steps. The first step is installation. The second step is dedicated to Log In and the third step is for Device addition & Monitoring. 

Step-1 Install The Software

In this step, firstly we go to extricate the setup file. After that, we open it. This window opens.

menu folder to select features to install 1

It is the menu folder of the app. It asks us to select the files we want to install in the folder. You have to select them. For that, you have to tick the boxes, you want to install. After that press the Install button. The next page opens for us.

features are installing 2

Features begin to load. It takes a few minutes to load the entire content. Once we are done with it, the app notifies us by floating the next page.

features are installed successfully 3

This page is telling that the app is installed. It also asks us permission if you want to launch the desktop icon or launch the client. If you want them then tick the respective boxes. After that press the finish button.

This way the installation process is over. We have installed the app and a desktop icon is also showing on the screen.

We will move to the next step. this step is about the login part.

Step-2 Log In The Software

To log in to the software, we have to double-click the icon of the installed app. This page appears on the screen.

login page to sign in 4

This page appears. We have to create a username and a password.

go for login now 5

You can select any username and password of your choice. Create them and after that press the login button. The next page will surface.

protect your password 6

It is asking you some basic questions. These are for password protection. When we forget the password or want to change it, we have to answer these questions again. If our answer matches them then only we can retrieve or change the password.

Capture homepage of the application 7

The homepage of the software appears. This way we log in to this application.

Our next step is to add a device for monitoring it.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

To monitor the device, open the homepage of the application. Go for the Device Management option and click it. The following page will appear.

add the device 8

It is about device addiction. Give a device name. Fill in the IP address of the gadget. Give the port name. Fill in the username and password. After that press the Add button. The device will be connected instantly.

The monitoring page appears. You will find that the cameras connected to that device appear on the screen. If you have to add more devices, follow the same rule again. You will add one device at a time.

This way we have installed the app logged it in and added the device to the monitor.


You have found here the analysis of the LTS App. This application is defined here. The links for Windows and Android are given here. We have learned to decompress the file and the installation process for Windows. The app has many remarkable features. They are explained too.

If you have any queries regarding this software or you find any difficulty in the installation or adding the device, please share your issues with us. We will love to share the solution with you.

Thank You.

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