Free V380 Camera Software Download For PC (Windows and MAC)

V380 Camera Software Download for PC: Here, You can free download V380 camera software for PC windows 7/8/10 and for Mac as well. V380 is the software provided by the V380 company. This is the company that is famous for making WIFI-based cameras.

Note: This is the same software that can be used for V380 Pro For PC App.

There are so many stand-alone cameras of this company available in the market. The camera is generally running on your android or MAC device. But if you want to see your camera on your PC then here you can get the v380 Pro camera software download for PC.

V380 Camera Software Download for PC

In order to run V380 on your PC, you have to download the setup file of the V380 camera software download for PC. After downloading, you have to install it. This file is in zip format so you have to extract the file using Winrar software. After extracting the software, double-click on the extracted file. Setup will begin the installing process. Just complete it. Do not forget to choose the language otherwise, it is in the chines language.

Download V380 Camera Software for PC

Click on the given below link in order to download the setup file of V380 camera software for PC.

Download V380 App for PC

For MAC you have to use the APP store for download v380 camera software download for PC.

Configuration of V380 Pro camera software download for PC

STEP 1 # Registration

After installation, you will get a shortcut icon on your screen. Double click on that and the software will run on your PC. Now click on “Try without an account”. You can also register an account if want. Just click on “Register” and make an account using your Email. After that log in with the same account.


v380 camera software download for PC

STEP 2 # Adding the Device in V380 Software

In this step, we are going to add the camera to the device. To do this click on the Add button on the software screen which is present in the left-bottom corner. Just click on that button then you will get two options. The first one is “Add by LAN searching” and the second one is “Add Manually“. In is V380 Pro camera software download for PC may choose one option as per your desire.

v380 camera software download for PC

Option 1 # Add by Lan search.

If you choose V380 camera software downloads for PC. You will get the next screen saying “make sure your camera and your computer are connected to the same router” this means if your camera and your PC using the same local network otherwise you have to choose the second option. For this option click on the search button present in the right-upper corner of your screen.

v380 camera software download for PC

After the search, you can see the device information on your screen of V380 camera software download for PC. Just click on that device and add that device.

Option 2# Add Manually

Choose this option when you are using the internet and are not on the same local network. For this option, you need to have the device ID of the camera. The device ID is present on the camera sticker like the screen below.

v380 camera software download for PC

When you get the device ID, move to the software and enter the information into the V380 camera software download for PC.

v380 camera software download for PC

Now fill in all the information and click on the “Add manually” button. Then you can see your camera on the main screen on your v380 camera software download for PC.

Bonus Step # change the language of v380 camera software for PC

If you have the language of the v380 software is not English then you can change it as described on the screen below.

v380 for windows change language

v380 for windows change language

V380 camera software for PC

v380 for windows change language


Now you will get “v380 camera software download for PC” in the English language and you are able to use the software as the description above.

So this is all about “V380 Camera Software Download for PC”. If you have any type of query or suggestions regarding the CCTV camera then feel free to contact us by commenting on the below comment box.

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66 thoughts on “Free V380 Camera Software Download For PC (Windows and MAC)”

  1. hi, i am able to watch live on my mobile. while i cant watch any thing on laptop. however i can control the camera like moving the camera.

  2. Hi:

    Trying to use v380 software on my pc bit cannot identify device number as my barcode doesnt seem to have one,i used one on another 380 camera and that worked fine,any ideas.#


    Can esnd barcode if required

  3. i hv install this mutiple times but facing same issue alway ,i hear the voice but live streaming doesnot work

      • Hi:

        Thanks for reply.

        Used v380 on another camera that broke ok,but when I got this new one the barcode on camera doesnt give me device number so wont register with software.
        Emailed for help but not one reply.

        Any help appreciated


  4. Had the same problem, no device number or barcode on the camera. Connected to my router using a network cable, went into my router to check for connected devices. The camera was displayed, and under device name, it gave me the manufacturer device number. Pain in the arse, but an easy workaround.

  5. Does v380 app only support V380 cameras? I have 3 CCTVs on V380 but want to add a doorbell camera. Cant find a V380 one so will one from another manufacturer work?

    • So connect your camera with mobile app first, in mobile it is synchronise or connect by using voice command. Once it is connected take all the required information and then connect on PC.

  6. I have 2 cameras. One is fixed lens (not rotatable) and the other has a moving lens. In the software, it detects both but I can only view video from the fixed one. I have plugged in the ethernet connection (Cat 6 connection to router) on the moving camera. How can i see it on my PC?

  7. Hello!
    I would have used another (V380) instead of a broken camera (V380), but there is no live image under V380 (Win7, 10). Device details are displayed.
    The old one worked well.
    What could be the problem?

  8. Automatically close desktop view , need to restart program & start every camera in computer recording. why dont software works continuously.

  9. Hi,

    i already installed V380 for Windows and working on 16 cctv/device live streaming. But it’s doesnt normaly working, because after 20minute v380 close by it self at the times. I try open and set on 16 cctv and close by it self again. Please your advice. Thank you

  10. Installed v38 for pc. It can detect the cameras and the ID is showing but there is no video. Camera and pc is of different network. I can still view it on my mobile phone

  11. Hi,

    we have 2 old V380 Cameras and it works perfect with the PC Software. SerialNumber 2XXXX
    Now we needed another one which has an SerialNumber Starting with 5XXXX
    The new one can connect to mobile phone and Wifi but it cant connect to the PC Software… i get connection failed every time. Any suggestions?

    • I have the same problem as Dieter says for the V380 camera ID 5xxxx and above. It works with mobile phone but not with PC software version even with the same router. The PC application can detect the camera ID and can be added to the device list (green point status) but when to play the video the “Connect failed” always appear. Same thing happen with HD V380 (1080
      pixel) camera

          • I have exactly the same problem you describe. Serial number 5XXX…. Brand new camera, downloaded latest version of software directly from V380. Camera and PC are both connected to same router by ethernet cables so PC sees it just fine. I can view image on a Wifi tablet but constantly says “connect failed” on PC. I am guessing this is a fault of the Win10 PC software and obviously no update has been released as I just downloaded the latest one (17 April 2023). Tried reinstalling, resetting camera, restarting computer, etc… Nothing works. Might try alternative software mentioned by somebody else instead.

  12. Problem with only Desktop App. (Work fine on Android, with same device ID cameras)
    – Adding Manually: Successful
    – Tried both with email Login and without
    – ID shown on left panel, but LiveStream failed (never-ending circling sign)

    Reinstallation &Reconfiguration already tried.
    Any suggestion. Thank you.

  13. Nothing is working out from last 2 years.. new models which are out from last 2 years, it wont work on desktop application.. it can only work on iOS as well as android version, also many times both the iOS as well as android version got updated.. and the windows app is same as before and the manufacture is least bothered about windows application..


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