Download Free VSee Pro For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS

VSee Pro For Windows is a superb CMS Wizard application for monitoring CCTV cameras from remote places. Here in this article, we are going to give you a detailed analysis of this VSee app.

It is given here for Windows OS Mac OS and Android OS. We have also given here a complete step-by-step process to download the app, install the app, log in to the app, and add the device for monitoring in a guide form.    

The CMS Wizard given here has files in a compressed file format. You’ve got to de-compress them to induce them to load on your PC. After that, you’ll be able to install it on your pc.

Here, we’ve given the information regarding the “Vsee For PC Application”. The article tells you thoroughly that you just have to install it. It is possible to get them in three easy steps.

These steps are loading the app, installing the app, logging in to the app, and adding devices to it. You can use this application for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

We have given here a well-explained installation method for Windows. The method has been explained with screenshots of pictures for each step. By learning it, you may be ready to do it yourself for numerous other PCs. Go step by step, learn it, understand it, and do it. 

What Is A CMS Software & How Is It Helpful for Us?

A CMS is the acronym of a “Content Management System.” It can manage records and use multiple functions in a user-friendly way. It supports multiple users to contribute, design, modify and publish while not going for taking the services of a professional of this field. It is so easy to use. It has been developed that easily for users.

CMS Applications for CCTV are extremely handy as they provide the chance to attach several devices with the application. You can access many devices to observe from remote locations. You’ll be able to monitor your sites, watch live views, manage playbacks and take snaps from them. It means that you are in the command.

You can use these applications for PCs and smartphones. It can give more than 500 cameras views to your PC on a single screen. A CMS is such a potent Wizard.

What Is A VSee Pro For PC?

VSee Pro For Windows 10

This CMS Wizard is designed and developed by KEDACOM. Its headquarter is located in Suzhou, China (Headquarter). The app can add many gadgets on this single application from different remote spots. For that, we have to add these gadgets with their respective IPs. This application is a modern app with the latest features.

KEDACOM has a reputation for manufacturing advanced CCTV cameras, Software, Access systems, Gateways, and Network Storage. Its products are durable and available in many countries.   

Features Of VSee For Windows OS

This CMS Wizard App has varied qualities and attributes. It helps users in many ways. This application functions in the latest and most dominating method. These functions are vital to understanding.

When we recognize them, we use them. When we are short of understanding their features, we won’t be able to function the device properly. Following are its main functions.

  • VSee Pro For Windows 11It provides us with a live view with no time lag. The video is seamless and gives the best images
  • The application provides us with the chance to control PTZ devices from faraway areas. We can operate them from our remote location. We can pan it, tilt it, and zoom in on an object by using this VSee app.   
  • It gives us control over those added devices. We don’t need to go to those places where NVRs/DVRs are installed.   
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You’ll be able to see everything. The vision in the dark is splendid and enlightening. You’ll be able to view clean pictures in the darkness of night without any problem.
  • The app has this facility that it can record, playback, and take snaps from anywhere
  • It can distinguish sound. The two-way audio makes this app even a lot more powerful. The consumer can speak with someone on the other end wherever the cam is integrated. It can pass messages, and even save your property by giving you the option to scare away intruders and suspects.
  • This application is wise and intelligent. It sends push-up messages and alerts to the consumer
  • The resolution of the appliance is unbelievable. It provides stunning images.
  • The Sensors are supported by this CMS. With the assistance of those sensors, the CMS will observe suspicious activities through motion and audio.

Download Free VSee Pro For Windows OS

It is given here in a squeezed file format given to you free. You can un-squeeze it. For that, you have to load these files. Once you have obtained them, go for the installation. Here, we’ve done the complete installation process for you. It is easy. There are 3 phases in it.

You have to follow the following steps. Step-1 is the Installation part, step-2 is the Login part, and Step-3 is the Adding of the Device and monitoring part. We have given here this process to make users understand it in a better way.

Download Free VSee Pro For Mac OS 

The Wizard has not been given for Mac OS. But if still, you want to monitor the app on Macintosh PC, then you have to download Windows OS on Mac OS. There is another way to view this app on Mac PC. It is that you have to load Android OS over Mac OS with the help of ‘Bluestacks.’

Free Download The VSee Pro For PC App For Android OS

VSee Pro For Windows 9

It is given here for the Android OS. We have given you the link to get it. This application is available on the google play store. We’ve given here the link button for this app below. It is given here so that you can add the device and monitor devices. For that, you have to scan the QR Code.

After scanning it, follow the instructions suggested by the app and find the device on your screen.

Installation Process For VSee For Windows 

Here, you will get the whole installation method. The primary factor to try to do it is to open the icon. It is given in a squeezed file form. Un-squeeze it and load it on the PC for Windows. Now, we’ll install it on PC. It is done in three steps. Let’s take them one by one.

Step-1 Installation Of The VSee Pro For Windows

Here, in this first step, we will double-click the ‘set up file’ to install the application.

VSee Pro For Windows 1

The setup wizard will open and ask us to ‘Install’ the application. It will automatically take the by default path and folder. If you are convinced to install the app press ‘Install’.

It will begin to install. It is a short file. It takes a few seconds to load all the clients.

VSee Pro For Windows 2

It will notify us when the installation is over.

VSee Pro For Windows 3

Here, it has given the message of completing the installation. We will click the ‘Finish’ button and move to the next level.

Step-2 Log In The Application

To log in to the app, we will get the following window.

VSee Pro For Windows 4

Fill in these detail to log in to the device. By default, the Username and password is your email id. Put in the IP address of the device and its port number. You can create your password also. Choose one of your choices. Press the login button.

This way we have to log in to the device.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring cameras

When we log in to the app, we reach the homepage of the CMS application.

VSee Pro For Windows 6

On this homepage, if we want to view cameras, we have to add the device. Click the devices button to add them

VSee Pro For Windows 7

Fill in all the required fields and after that press the finish button.

VSee Pro For Windows 8

This way we monitor the cam on our Windows screen.


The VSee Pro application is a nice CMS Wizard to add multiple devices to it to monitor our various sites. It is available for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. You can find them in this article at length. The link is given separately for Windows OS and Mac OS. Click it to load for your PC.

This application is given here to make you understand it for monitoring. Please share your responses about it. Your advice is valuable to us.

Thank You.

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