Install Ziicam For PC App on Windows 8/10/11 & MAC OS Free

This post provides you with the installation and configuration of the Ziicam For PC App. It also gives you an alternative App that works the same way as the Ziicom Software. Its name is HeimLink App. This Ziicam For PC CMS is a highly useful and effective monitoring application. This app is used to get CCTV Devices from remote locations. 

The Ziicam For PC App connects CCTV Devices and gives you live feed from anywhere. The download button is given for this application. Click the button to get the CMS software. The executable file is given in a compressed format. Decompress it to load on your Windows or Mac PCs.

The complete installation procedure is illustrated here in three distinct steps. The first step teaches you about how to install the CMS Application. The second step guides you for the login. The third step details the device addition.

These steps are assisted with narrations and images. You can easily comprehend the methodology. 

Some Information Regarding the Ziicam CMS 

The Ziicam For PC is mentioned here in full detail. It is the CCTV Software designed and offered by Hangzhou Denghong Technology Co. Ltd.

This company first designed and launched the app in 2023. Since then, it has been downloaded by more than 1 lakh users. 

This application has all the latest and top-rated features which saves us from threats and suspicious people.

Most of the reviews about the function of the app are favorable. Some of its key elements are it connects various CCTV cameras with it and gives you live monitoring. You get the live feed and enjoy remote access. Whether you are near or far from your people and property, you are always connected with them.

Features and Functions of Ziicam App 

The CMS Application has all the modern electronic security surveillance features. It protects you from dangers and keeps you connected with your locations. You are always vigilant. 

Some of its key useful features are mentioned here for better usage of the app.

  • You get live feeds of the data. There is no time lag between events happening and appearance on monitors
  • The live images and footage are in real-time. 
  • It allows you to watch playbacks from remote locations. You can check things and take images from your place.
  • It supports a cloud-server data storage facility.
  • You can handle CCTV Cameras and Recorders from far-flung areas. You can pan across, tilt up and down or zoom in and out your CCTV devices. You can change the settings from your place.
  • This app connects CCTV devices by scanning the QR code or adding the serial number/ IP address.
  • The advanced network feature is handy. It supports the flow of the data even in low network areas. 
  • The two-way audio feature is quite remarkable. You can talk two-way. You can speak and talk. 
  • This feature often helps in chasing away threats as you can raise alarm by sensing any doubtful activity.
  • It alerts users and sends notifications on their registered gadgets. You are always protected from intruders and suspects.
  • The alert zone feature safeguards sensitive areas from transgressors. If anyone enters those areas, it sends you alert signals thus safeguarding you.

These are some of the key characteristics of the Ziicam CMS App.

Download Ziicam For Windows CMS App to Monitor on Windows PC

The Ziicam For Windows App is given here in the download button. Click the download button and get the executable file to download and install this app on a Windows PC. When you press it, you get the “Exe files.” There is another app given as an alternative app. You can also install it and enjoy the remote monitoring.

The complete installation, login and monitoring functions are explained in three notable steps. The first step is the installation part. The second step mentions the login to the app part. The third step teaches you about device addition and remote monitoring

Get the button below.

Download Ziicam For Mac CMS to Monitor on a Macintosh PC

The company gives the Ziicom for Mac CMS App for Macintosh PCs. So we can directly download it from the link button. It is given below. There is another app given for Mac PCs. It is the alternative app for the Ziicam. Just click the link button and download and install the Ziicam or the alternative Application file.

The complete installation, login and camera addition process are demonstrated in the below paragraphs. They are assisted with images and descriptions. You can easily understand them.

Install Ziicam For Android App to Monitor on Smartphones

The Ziicam for Android App is given here on the Google Play Store. Click the link button given below and get it. Then you can go for the installation of the App. After that, the configuration part is easy to do. Follow the given prompts and instructions. They will guide you to configure it. 

Get the Android Software and install it for surveillance.

Install Ziicam for iPhone App on iOS Devices

The Ziicam for iPhone App is given here on the App Store. The below download button takes you to the App Store. Click the button to get the complete software. The features of the app alert users to threats. It is easy to install and operate. You connect cameras and NVRs/DVRs by scanning the QR code or by adding their serial numbers or IP addresses.

Install Ziicam for PC CMS, Login & Connect Devices for Monitoring on Windows OS

The software is shared in the below download button. It is easily demonstrated in three significant steps. These steps are the guidance for configuration and surveillance. Let’s begin with the step one.

Step 1- Install Ziicam for PC CMS on a Windows PC

When we open the executable file, we get this page. 

terms and conditions of the app

It is the terms and conditions page of the application. If you are satisfied with the policies, press the ‘Allow’ button to proceed.

This window gives the path and folder location of the app on your PC.

path and folder location

Give the download path and folder location. After that, press the install button.

The app will begin to install its contents on the Windows PC.

files are transferring

When the installation process is finished, you get a new window, declaring it.

App installation is complete

The application file is installed successfully. The step one is complete.

Now we move to the next step. It is for signing in to the app.

Step 2- Sign in to the CMS

Open the installed application file. You get this page.

It is the login page of the software. The Company has given the default ID and password.

If you want to create your Username and Password, you can do it. But first, you have to log in, and then only you can create your own ID and password.

login page of the Ziicam application

By default, the username and password are-

Username- admin

Password- (Blank- No Password)

This way you will sign in.

Step 3- Add Devices for Windows Surveillance

When we sign in, we get this page. It is the device addition page of the application.

interface of the software

Press the “+Add” option. It is for connecting the devices to the app.

When you open it, you get this page. Here, you have to give details of the device. Give information like, device name, IP address, device username and password.

IP address to connect the application

When you give details and press the finish button, it adds to the app. This way you will add multiple devices one by one.

Connected devices will appear on the screen.

watch live from remote areas

Access them and monitor them from any place. This way, you will install, logIn, and connect CCTV Cameras and NVRs/DVRs.

Install HeimLink App (Ziicam Alternative App), Login & Device Connect

The download button for the HeimLink App is given. Click it to open. When you open it, you get the executable file. It is in a compressed format. Decompress it to download and install.

Step 1- Install HeimLink CMS on Windows OS

When you install the app, you get the following page. It is the first page of the software. Here, you have to select the language.

select the language of the application

Select the language of the software and then press the next button.

This page surfaces. It is for the folder location and path selection.

give path and folder location of the software

Select the path and then press the next button. Another page will appear on the screen.

The window shows that the app is loading on the screen.

App installation in progress

After that, the app will install its contents on the PC.

This way we will install the app.

Step 2- Login to the CMS

When you open the app and allow the firewall settings to run the application for its complete features properly, we reach the next window.

Allow firewall to run the application

Here, we have to log in to the page.

The company has provided us with the default username and password.

login page of the HeimLink software

The default ID and password are-

Username- admin

Password- admin

When you log in, you get the following page.

Step 3- Connect Cameras to Monitor from Anywhere

After the sign-in, we get this page. It is for the device addition. We can add devices to monitor locations on computer screens.

Menu page of the application

Press the ‘Add button.

Add the device for remote surveillance

Here, give the device details like the IP address, device name, port device username and password.

Give the details of the device to connect it

Press the ok button. You will be able to add the device.

Go to the menu page and press the ‘Live View’ option.

Click the live option for viewing

The device will connect and appear on the screen. This way, you will connect different security surveillance devices.

get the live view from anywhere

Cameras will appear on the screen and you can monitor them from any remote location.


The Ziicam For PC App is demonstrated here. The complete installation process, sign-in process and device addition process are illustrated. The step-by-step procedure is assisted with images and descriptions. The best features of the software are given to get a proper understanding of its usage.

The download button for the application file along with an alternative app (HeimLink CMS) is shared. Click them to get them.

Kindly share your queries and suggestions in the comment section. Your comments and opinions are valuable to us. We will respond to your queries.

Thank You.

What is Ziicam PC CMS?

The Central Management System (CMS) is a system by which you get your security cameras on your PCs. The Ziicam CMS App is a security surveillance app that connects different CCTV devices and allows us to monitor from remote surveillance.

What operating systems does Ziicam PC CMS support?

The Ziicam supports Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also get this application for Android OS and iOS.

Can I use Ziicam PC CMS on a Mac?

Yes, it is given. There are alternative apps as well that work the same way. You can also take the help of Emulator Apps to watch on Mac PCs.

How do I install Ziicam PC CMS?

You can install the Ziicam PC CMS by visiting the Ziicamwebsite. The app is available online on other websites as well. You can download it from any trusted source. After that, press the install button and follow the suggestions. It is easy to install and operate.

Can I monitor multiple cameras simultaneously with Ziicam PC CMS?

Yes, why not? You can monitor multiple cameras on your screen at a time. The app supports to screen many cameras at a time.

Is Ziicam PC CMS free to use?

Yes, it is free to use. You can use it without purchasing this app.

Can I view recorded footage with Ziicam PC CMS?

Yes, you can view the recorded footage. The app gives you the freedom to watch playbacks from remote locations.

Does Ziicam PC CMS support motion detection?

Yes, it supports motion detection. You get alert signals and notifications. It saves you from threats and suspicious people.

Can I export footage from Ziicam PC CMS?

Yes, you can export footage from the Ziicam. There is an export option given in the process. Click it and it will guide you through.

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